Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2011

<Volume: 40, Issue: 12>

28 Article(s)

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Research Article

Miniature Telecentric Confocal Laser Scanning Endomicroscopy

Li-hui DU, Li-qiang WANG, Tian-ling YANG, Zu-kang LU, and Hui-long DUAN

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1767 (2011)

A Single-track Absolute Angular Encoder Using the Linear Detector

Ying-hao TAN, Bo YUAN, and Zi-bo MENG

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1771 (2011)

Algorithm and Realization for Optical De-rotation High-precision Position Control System

Xin-sheng GUO, Ren-kui ZHOU, Ming-dong TAN, Hai-li LEI, and Jie FENG

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1776 (2011)

Stress-free Thermally Stabilized Curve-shape Arrayed Waveguide Grating Packaging

Wen-min WANG, Wen LIU, and Qiong-hui SONG

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1780 (2011)

Fabrication and Characterization of K-Na Ion Exchange Single Mode Planar Waveguides

Qing LU, Hong-yun XIA, and Jie ZHENG

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1785 (2011)

Modeling of N×N Optical Switch Based on Two-demionsional Multi-mode Interference Effects

Xin-wei YE, Wei-dong MA, Xiao-dong HUANG, and Jian-yi ZHAO

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1789 (2011)

Fabrication and Investigation of Optical Waveguide in LiNbO3 by Femtosecond Laser

Chen Luo, Li Zhu, and Zigang Zhou

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1799 (2011)

Preparation and Control for Periodic Quantum Echo of Atom Bit via Two-mode Light Field Intensity-dependent Coupling Multiphoton Channel

Bing-ju ZHOU, Xiao-juan LIU, Ming-wei LIU, Yan-hui WANG, Zhao-hui PENG, Chun-lei JIANG, and Yi-man LIU

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1803 (2011)

Arbitrarily-orientated Fan Filter and Its Application in Direction Detection of Images

Li-li LIANG, Shi-huo YE, and Guang-ming SHI

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1815 (2011)

Scene Segmentation of Hazy Image Using Polarization Measurements

Shuai FANG, Ming ZHOU, Yang CAO, Qing-shan XU, Peng-fei WU, and Hao WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1820 (2011)

Maximum Likelihood Estimation Image Denoising Using Non-local Principle Component Analysis

Xi WU, Ji-liu ZHOU, and Jian-xin HE

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1827 (2011)

Eror Analysis and Precision Validation of Inverse Perspective Mapping Formulae

Yu CAO, Ying FENG, Bing LEI, Yun-tao YANG, and Li-shuang ZHAO

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1833 (2011)

New Method for Signal Processing of Displacement Interferometer

Xin-cai ZHAO, Yun-feng WU, Liang FANG, and Yu-lin WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1839 (2011)

Fabrication of Large-area Gold Nanowires Grating

Xiang LI, Zhao-guang PANG, and Xin-ping ZHANG

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1850 (2011)

Optical Design of Short Focal Digital Projection Lens

Chen CHEN, Wei-shan LI, Yu ZHANG, and Xiao-chan LIU

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1855 (2011)

Numerical and Simulation Study on Silver Nanoparticles Composite Metamaterials

Rong-zhong YUE, Miao FENG, and Hong-bing ZHAN

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1860 (2011)

A Method for Getting the Best Fitting Spheric Surface Parameters for Aspheric Surface Point Diffraction Measurement

Jun-sheng LI, Qi FAN, Wei-dong MO, Bai-yu YANG, Ming-de FENG, and Hong-ya CHEN

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1865 (2011)

An Intelligent Temperature Compensating Circuit for Distributed Optical Fiber Raman Temperature Sensor

Xiang-dong YU, Zai-xuan ZHANG, Hai-zhong ZHU, Shang-zhong JIN, Hong-lin LIU, and Jian-feng WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1870 (2011)

Fiber Bragg Grating Settlement Sensors

Lei DU, Yuan GONG, Yu WU, Yun-jiang RAO, and Tian ZHAO

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1878 (2011)

Experimental Research of Refractive-Index Sensing Properties Based on Thin-core Fiber Modal Interferometer

Hao-wei WU, Chao-fu YING, Bao-jin PENG, Fei XU, and Ya-hui ZHAO

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1881 (2011)

High-precision Multi-frequency Modulation Laser Range Finding Algorithm

Gui-ying LI, Lei CHEN, and Yu CHEN

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1888 (2011)

Probe of Common-path Optical Coherence Tomography

Zhong-wei WU, Yao CHENG, and Xiao-han SUN

Vol. 40, Issue 12, 1899 (2011)