Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2011

<Volume: 40, Issue: 8>

31 Article(s)

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Research Article

Effects of Integrating Sphere Non-neutrality on Output Spectrum

Li-gen LU, Bao-zhou ZHANG, and Jun-yuan ZHANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1127 (2011)

UVE-LLE Classification of Apple Mealiness Based on Hyperspectral Scattering Image

Bo-jin WANG, Min HUANG, Qi-bing ZHU, and Shuang WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1132 (2011)

Novel Compact Low Refractive Index Contrast Silica-on-Silicon AWG

Wen-min WANG, Wen LIU, and Wei-dong MA

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1137 (2011)

Tunable Filters Based on SOI Microring-resonator

Shuai LI, Yuan-da WU, Xiao-jie YIN, Jun-ming AN, Jian-guang LI, Hong-jie WANG, and Xiong-wei HU

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1143 (2011)

Non-reciprocity of Collinear Acousto-optic Tunable Filter

Lei HUO, Xiao-dong ZENG, Zhe-jun FENG, Chang-qing CAO, and Bin LI

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1149 (2011)

Analysis of Pulse Trapping Characteristic in Highly Birefringent Photonic Crystal Fiber

Xiao-juan ZHANG, Jian-lin ZHAO, and Liang FANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1154 (2011)

Frequency Up- and Down-conversions in Two-mode Cavity

Bin LI, Xun-li FENG, and Zhi-ming ZHANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1161 (2011)

Research on High Power Laser Induced Diffraction Ring in 5CB Liquid Crystal

Xiang-jie ZHAO, Da-yong ZHANG, Hai-feng WANG, Yong-quan LUO, and Fei LUO

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1166 (2011)

Optical Feedback Interferometry Based on Phase-freezing Technology

Hui-lan LIU, Xiao-qing ZHANG, Wen-juan CAO, and Jun-jie WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1172 (2011)

Design of Gires-Tournois Mirrors Used for Dispersion Compensation in Cr∶LiSAF Laser

Chun-yan LIAO, Zheng-xiu FAN, and Jian-da SHAO

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1177 (2011)

Experimental Study on Self-phase Modulation in Hundred-picosecond Pulse Amplification

Li-ping CHANG, Wei FAN, and Shu-qin GUO

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1181 (2011)

Compensation for Axes Shifting during Detection of Roller Shape by CCD

Yuan GUO and Yu-tian WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1186 (2011)

Interferogram Processing Method of Optical Surfaces


Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1191 (2011)

Diagnosis of Electron Density by Polarized X-ray Lines for Al Laser-produced Plasmas

Hong-jian WANG, Sha-li XIAO, and Jun SHI

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1196 (2011)

Optimization of Long-period Fiber Grating for Refractive-index Sensor

Qing-li JIN, Xiao-hong HUANG, Li-fen YAN, Zhen-guo WANG, and Yao-ju ZHANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1201 (2011)

Light Intensity Distribution of Fiber-coupled Laser Beam and Analysis of Impact Factors

Lin LIN, Bing-bin LI, Zhen GUO, Shi-yu WANG, Hai-qiang LIU, De-fang CAI, and Tian-hong LIAN

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1205 (2011)

Analysis of Speckle Reduction by the Vibrating Fiber

Li-juan WANG, Yi-shen QIU, Huai-xi CHEN, and Gao-ming LI

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1211 (2011)

Comparision Research of Er:YAG Laser Pulses Ablation of Urinary Calculus and Gall-Stone

Tao LV, Qing XIAO, and Zheng-jia LI

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1215 (2011)

Image Fire Detection Based on Color Model and Sparse Representation

Zong-fang MA, Yong-mei CHENG, Quan PAN, and Hui-qin WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1220 (2011)

Stereo Visual Localization Based on Generalized Orthogonal Iterative Algorithm

Yun-xi XU, Yun-liang JIANG, and Fang CHEN

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1225 (2011)

Application of Maximum Average Correlation Height Filter Algorithm in Distorted Target Recognition

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1231 (2011)

Entanglement Concentration of Entangled Coherent States

Xin-hua CAI, Guang-han PENG, and Nao-sheng QIAO

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1244 (2011)

Quantum Secret Sharing Scheme with N-ordered Entangled Photon pairs

Su-zhen YUAN, Zhi-fu SUN, and Jun-long TIAN

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1248 (2011)

Growth and Field Emission Properties of Globe-like Diamond Microcrystalline-aggregate

Jin-hai GAO, Zhen LI, Wu-Qin ZHANG, and Bin-lin ZHANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1253 (2011)

Photoluminescent Properties in Zinc Oxide Samples with Network Surface Microstructure

Ma-hua WANG and Guang-ping ZHU

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1257 (2011)

Tolerance Analysis of Stitching System Based on Equivalent Nodal Point

Zhi-ying LIU, Yu-long SONG, Yue-gang FU, and Tian-yuan GAO

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1261 (2011)

Design of Light Weight Small Wide-angle Projection Lens

Chen CHEN, Xiao-chan LIU, Wei-shan LI, Yu ZHANG, and Hong-jun LIU

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1266 (2011)

Design of Outdoor Concentration Test System

Hui-fu ZHAO, Hua LIU, Qiang SUN, Lei JING, Ying LIU, Yao WANG, and Zhen-wu LU

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1270 (2011)

Phase Conjugation Properties and Holographic Associative Storage of Zn∶Mn∶Fe∶LiNbO3 Crystals

Chun-lei ZHANG, Chao XU, Ye-xia FAN, Xue-song LENG, Lei XU, Gui-zhen FANG, Cheng-xiang GUAN, and Yu-heng XU

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1276 (2011)

A Method for Accurate Phase Shift in Two-step Phase-shifting Digital Holography

Yi QIN, Qiong GONG, and Xing-qiang YANG

Vol. 40, Issue 8, 1282 (2011)