Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2012

<Volume: 41, Issue: 4>

24 Article(s)

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Research Article

Measurement of Aspherical Surfaces by Laser Tracker

Xiao-kun WANG

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 379 (2012)

Calculation of Stack Gas Flow Velocity Based on Optical Scintillation and Analysis of Path-weighting Function

Yang YANG, Feng-zhong DONG, Zhi-bo NI, Tao PANG, Bian WU, Zhi-rong ZHANG, Zong-yong ZENG, and Yu WANG

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 384 (2012)

Terahertz Surface Plasmon Polaritons on Metal Surfaces Corrugated by Shallowly Dielectric-filled Grooves

Yang-yang ZHANG, Fang-ming ZHU, Lin-fang SHEN, and Zhen GAO

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 389 (2012)

Square Aperture Spherical Microlens Array for Infrared Focal Plane

Yan-jun SUN, Yan-bing LENG, Zhe CHEN, and Lian-he DONG

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 399 (2012)

Properties of Rayleigh Backscattering in Optical Fiber with Arbitrary Input Optical Pulses

Duo YI, Zhi WANG, Chong-qing WU, Lan-lan LIU, and Chao-nan PAN

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 404 (2012)

A Linear Correcting Algorithm for Improving Space Resolution of Distributed Optical Fiber Raman Temperature Measurement System

Feng NING, Yong ZHU, Hai-jun CUI, Xiao-qin LI, and Zhong-xie JIN

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 408 (2012)

Spectrum Characteristics Analysis of the Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating

Qi-biao OU, Bai-shun SU, Qing-ke ZENG, Zi-xiong QIN, and Chuan-qi LI

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 414 (2012)

Design for Fresnel Reflectors of Uniform Light LED Tubes Based on Ellipse Flow-line Methods with Equipartition and Foci Map

Hang ZHANG, Ye-mei HE, Dong LI, Xue LIANG, and Jin-hua YAN

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 421 (2012)

Surface Modes of Two-dimensional Photonic Crystal Based on Plane Wave Expansion Method

Qing CAI, Chang-qing HUANG, Pei LIANG, and Qian-min DONG

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 430 (2012)

Band Structure of 1-D Photonic Crystal for Oblique Incident Electromagnetic Wave Packet

Jie GAO, Li-min FANG, Hua-gang LI, and Zhi-jie MAI

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 436 (2012)

A Novel Quality Evaluation Method for False Color Fused Image Based on Human Visual System

Zhen-yue CHEN, Xia WANG, Xiao-feng ZOU, and Wei-qi JIN

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 451 (2012)

Digital In-line Holography for Schistosoma Cercariae Detection

Feng-peng WANG, Yi-bao LI, Ying-mao XIE, Xiao-lin FAN, and Jin-shui GUO

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 466 (2012)

A White Balance Method for Digital Microscope

Jiang-long DOU, Yan LIU, Peng LIU, and Fei-hong YU

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 472 (2012)

Wigner Function of Mesoscopic Circuit by Virtue of the Thermo Tield Dynamics

Xiao-yan ZHANG and Ji-suo WANG

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 493 (2012)

Controlled by a Third Party to Realize Quantum Secure Dialogue

Xin ZOU and Zhi-qing YE

Vol. 41, Issue 4, 501 (2012)