Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2012

<Volume: 41, Issue: 6>

24 Article(s)

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Research Article

Design of CualFOV Athermal Optical System for Infrared Dualcolor

Yongdan JIA, Yuegang FU, Zhiying LIU, and Zhijian WANG

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 638 (2012)

Selecting the Optimal Integral Grade for TDI CCD in Remote Sensing Cameras

Hengyi L, Yang LIU, and Xucheng XUE

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 642 (2012)

Opticalpath Optimization Design of Compound Axis and APT Study of Airborne Laser Communication

Chunlei L, Shoufeng TONG, and Yansong SONG

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 649 (2012)

Offaxis Projection System Based on Three Reflectors with Zernike Polynomial Surfaces and Even Aspheric Surfaces

Wenjun SUN, Liping ZHAO, Jingnan SUN, Juan LI, Mengyang LI, and Hongwu ZHI

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 654 (2012)

Preconditioning Experiment Research of Microchannel Plate Photon Counting Imaging Detector

Qiliang NI, Shaofang BU, Shijie LIU, Lingping HE, and Hongji ZHANG

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 658 (2012)

Photosensitive Polymers Used in LEDs Planar Phosphor Coating

Kun DING, Haibo RAO, and Jirong SONG

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 664 (2012)

Characteristics of Magnetic Sensitivity of Zerolock Laser Gyro

Yaohui CAO, Zonghu HAN, Linfeng CHEN, and Xin FU

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 668 (2012)

Research on the High Resolution Trace Gas Detection Based on the Differencefrequency Midinfrared Spectrometer

Dong CHEN, Bokun ZHANG, Xie HU, Wenqing LIU, and Yujun ZHANG

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 678 (2012)

Influence of Hemoglobin on Noninvasive Optical Bilirubin Sensing

Jingying JIANG, Qiliang GONG, and Kexin XU

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 684 (2012)

Spectral Properties of Thylakoid Solutions of Spinach and Suzhou Green

Liping LU, Caiqin HAN, Liangshu WEI, Xiaosen LUO, and Xiaowu NI

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 689 (2012)

Fabrication of CuO Films and the Study of Its Photovoltaic Properties

Junshan ZHANG, Linxiao GUO, Fei GAO, Xiaojing LIU, Meizhou SONG, and Ning LI

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 700 (2012)

Optical Properties of Cudoped Ga2O3 Thin Films

Jinliang YAN and Yinnü ZHAO

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 704 (2012)

KGW External Resonator High Power 579 nm Raman Yellow Laser

Chenjie JIN, Lifei LI, Zhaoyu REN, Jintao BAI, Yang BAI, and Qingli HE

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 708 (2012)

Thermal and Dynamics Damage in Combustion Chamber Case under High Power Laser

Jijun LUO, Jun XU, Suxia HOU, Zhenwu ZENG, Yunfang ZHAO, and Bo YUAN

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 713 (2012)

Investigation of GeGeSe2In2Se3AgI Chalcogenide Glasses

Yonghui WANG, Fen CHEN, Guoxiang WANG, Xiang SHEN, Yaxun ZHOU, Jun LI, and Shixun DAI

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 718 (2012)

Preparation and Optical Properties of Polysiloxane Microspheres/PMMA Light Scattering Materials

Huaqing TANG, Zhenfang TANG, Tingting ZHAO, Wanli LI, and Qin YE

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 723 (2012)

Preparation and Properties of the ZnO Nanocombs

Aihua WANG, Linxia L, Haizhen SONG, Jinfan SONG, Tmurbagan BAO, and Cheng LU

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 728 (2012)

Extraction of Phaseshifting Value Based on Random Phase Modulation in Digital Holography

Qiong GONG, Yi QIN, Maofen MA, and Xiaodong L

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 732 (2012)

Extraction of Particle Axial Position From Inline Digital Holograms Based on HilbertHuang Transform

Xiaojuan ZHAO, Yuting CEN, Chujun ZHENG, and Peng HAN

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 737 (2012)

Realization of Biconjugate Gradient Stabilized Decoding Algorithm of Wavefront Coding System Based on the TMS320DM642

Yuanming SUI, Peng LIU, Qinxiao LIU, Lei ZHANG, Feihong YU, and Yangping CHEN

Vol. 41, Issue 6, 744 (2012)