Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2013

<Volume: 42, Issue: 2>

25 Article(s)

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Research Article

Cooperative Energy Transfer in Eu2+-Yb3+ Codoped Phosphate Glasses

Bo XU, Bin YANG, Yue-pin ZHANG, Jin-hao WANG, and Hai-ping XIA

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 127 (2013)

High Frequency Electrical Parameter Extraction for Photodetectors Based on Coplanar Waveguide Microstrips

Guang-hui XU, Guang-yue CHAI, Chang-tong HUANG, Li-ming HE, Jian XU, Shi-dong LIAO, and Dan-hua FENG

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 132 (2013)

Influence of Oblique Beams on Matching Accuracy of Correcting Filter

Shi-zhi GAO, Shang-zhong JIN, and Kun YUAN

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 135 (2013)

Highly Efficient Organic Light-emitting Devices Achieved by p-type Doped Hole Injection Layer

Yu CHEN, Peng WANG, Run-da GUO, Shou-zhen YUE, Yi ZHAO, and Shi-yong LIU

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 139 (2013)

Highly Efficient Tandem P-i-N White Organic Light Emitting Diode Based on a New Charge General Layer

Jin WANG, Xin-ming XIAO, Bing ZHANG, Wen-long JIANG, Gui-ying DING, and Wen-fa XIE

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 144 (2013)

Characteristics of Fluorescence Spectrum of Multi-alkali Photocathode of FOP Window

Xiao-feng LI, Qiang LU, and Qian GUO

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 150 (2013)

First-principles Study on Electronic and Optical Properties of ZnO/GaN-Core/Shell Heterostructures

Mu-sheng WU, Wen YUAN, Gang LIU, Yan WANG, and Zhi-qing YE

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 156 (2013)

Structural Phase Transition, Electronic Structures and Optical Properties of GaN

Jian-hua LI, Yuan-shun CUI, and Gui-bin CHEN

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 161 (2013)

Photonic Crystal Three-wavelength Power Splitter Based on Directional Coupling

Lei LI, Gui-qiang LIU, Yuan-hao CHEN, and Fa-lin TANG

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 167 (2013)

Effect of Changing Surface Structure of Photonic Crystals on Image

Shuang TIAN and Yuan-wei TONG

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 171 (2013)

Tunable Negative Refraction Photonic Crystals Filled with Liquid Crystals

Ming-wei YANG, Jun XIAO, and Rui LI

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 176 (2013)

Optimal Design of Narrowband Filter in Oblique Incidence Based on Genetic Arithmetic

Kan YU, Jian-feng LIAO, Xiao-dan ZHANG, Jia-qi BAO, and Juan-juan YIN

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 181 (2013)

Simulation of Strain Distribution of GaAs Nanoparticles with Growth in Different Environment

Zi-xiong JIANG, Qiu-long ZHANG, and Cai-lei YUAN

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 186 (2013)

Synthesis and Photochromic Performance of a Hyperbranched Azo Polyurethane

Zong-cai FENG, Xiu-mei SONG, Shu-yi JIANG, and Xiang-lan HUANG

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 191 (2013)

Tunable Plasmonic Properties of Gold Hollow-core Semi-shell Nanofilms

Xing-fang ZHANG and Xin YAN

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 196 (2013)

Photon Double-slit Diffraction with Quantum Theory Approach

Li-yun YAN, Hong LI, Xiao-jing LIU, Jing WANG, Si-qi ZHANG, Kun-peng WU, Chun-hong LI, Xiang-yao WU, and Yi-qing GUO

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 200 (2013)

An Optimal Frame Size Algorithm for Quantum Signaling Based on the Fidelity

Yin-chao GAO and Min NIE

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 205 (2013)

A Novel Method for Subsurface Damage Measurement of Optical Components

Ai-ling TIAN, Hui-ting WANG, Juan-juan DANG, and Chun-hui WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 214 (2013)

Research on Quality Analysis and Measurement of Stereoscopic Display

Li-li SHEN, Jing ZHANG, Ke-feng FAN, and Bei-bei FU

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 219 (2013)

Measurement and Analysis of Aircraft LRCS in Outfield Test

Ting-wu YANG, Xiao-dong ZENG, and Hao WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 224 (2013)

Infrared Small Target Fast Detection Based on Local Saliency

Song XUE and Guang-liang HAN

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 228 (2013)

Two-Dimensional Arimoto Entropy Linear-type Threshold Segmentation Method

Hong ZHANG and Jiu-lun FAN

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 234 (2013)

Multiple Resolution Bilateral Filter for Infrared Clutter Suppression

Jing-guo ZONG, Han-lin QIN, De-lian LIU, Sheng-chun YUAN, and Xiao-ming ZHAO

Vol. 42, Issue 2, 241 (2013)