Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2013

<Volume: 42, Issue: 3>

25 Article(s)

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Research Article

Thermal Effect of Laser Medium with Rough Surface Heat Conduction

Tian-hong LIAN, Shi-yu WANG, Bing-bin LI, De-fang CAI, and Zhen GUO

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 253 (2013)

Illumination Uniformity of Near Infrared Illuminator

Ying-shun WANG, Jie LIAN, Shang GAO, Xiao WANG, and Zhao-zong SUN

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 258 (2013)

Parameter Extraction of Rate Equations for Buried Tunnel Junction Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Lasers

Jin-hua PENG, Dong-sheng WU, Quan XU, and Lan-lan PING

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 262 (2013)

Hybrid Diffractive-refractive 60° Field of View Eyepiece with Three-layer Diffractive Optical Element

Ya-hui ZHAO, Chang-jiang FAN, Chao-fu YING, and Jian-cheng XU

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 266 (2013)

Developed on the Near-infrared Weak Optical Signal Detection Lens

Shui-sheng ZENG, Min WANG, Ya-li LIU, and Ming-qiang LAN

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 278 (2013)

Modelling and Approximation of Gaussian-like Removal Function in Dual-rotor Polishing Technology of Optics Elements

Hua-nan CHEN, Jun-lin WANG, Xian-ling LI, and Shao-zhi WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 282 (2013)

High Evenness and Low Glare LED Lamp Light Distribution Design and Simulation Analysis

Ming-qiang LAN, Min WANG, and Xue-mei CHEN

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 288 (2013)

Error Analysis of InP Arrayed Waveguide Grating

Pan PAN, Jun-ming AN, Liang-liang WANG, Li-yao ZHANG, Yue WANG, and Xiong-wei HU

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 293 (2013)

Special Asymmetric Low Loss 1×5 Optical Power Splitter

Liang-liang WANG, Jun-ming AN, Yuan-da WU, Yue WANG, Jia-shun ZHANG, Xiao-guang ZHANG, Pan PAN, Li-yao ZHANG, Xiong-wei HU, and De-gang ZHAO

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 298 (2013)

Minimum Center-to-center Separation of Two Dielectric Waveguides

Ming-yan WANG, Yi-ling SUN, and Xu-lin ZHANG

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 303 (2013)

Temperature Sensing Characteristics of All-fiber Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Based on Bitaper-LPFG-Bitaper Structure

Qi ZHANG, Jun ZHOU, Jin-ping CHEN, and Xiao-ling TAN

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 307 (2013)

Broadband LED for Optical Displacement Sensor with Wavelength Sensitive Detector

Donghui Wang, Lin Liu, Chao Zhang, Yan Bao, Xin Guo, and Shengli Wu

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 311 (2013)

Analysis of Tolerance of Tilting Mirror and Experiment in Novel Fourier Transform Spectrometer

Bo LIU, Yong ZHU, Jian-jun CHEN, Wei WEI, Jie ZHANG, and Ning WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 315 (2013)

Discriminant Manifold Learning Approach for Hyperspectral Image Dimension Reduction

Bo DU, Le-fei ZHANG, Liang-pei ZHANG, and Wen-bin HU

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 320 (2013)

Investigation on Collection Performances of Plasma Signal for Pulverized Particle Coal Flow in Different Optical Collection

Shi-he CHEN, Ji-dong LU, Zi-ming ZHONG, Feng-ping PAN, Gang PAN, Xi ZHANG, Shun-chun YAO, Jia LUO, and Jun LI

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 326 (2013)

Color Difference of Computer Generated Rainbow Hologram Based on Numerical Reconstruction

Xin YANG, Yong LI, Hui WANG, and Qiong WU

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 331 (2013)

Reentry Optics Extended Group-target′s Multi-mode Detecting and Tracking

Huo-ping LIU, Qin-zhang WU, Ming-gen JI, and Tao LEI

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 336 (2013)

Recognition Technology of Hybrid-distortion Target in Cluttered Background

Ji-yang SHANG, Yu ZHANG, Qi-bo ZHANG, and Wen-sheng WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 342 (2013)

An Iterative Algorithm for Kinoform Computation of 3D Object

Chuang PEI, Xiao-yu JIANG, Jia WANG, and Peng-wei ZHANG

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 348 (2013)

Gun Code Binary Image Algorithm Based on Wavelet Packet and Niblack Method

Sen SHEN, Ai-hua LI, Liang YAO, and Zhi-ming MA

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 354 (2013)

Faraday Anomalous Dispersion Optical Filter at the 87Rb D1 Line

Yang LIU, Xi-zhang YAN, Xiao-xiao WANG, and Zhi-hui KANG

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 359 (2013)

Non-Markovian Spontaneous Emission Research Based on One-sided Fourier Transformation

Jing-feng LIU and Ling-yan LI

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 363 (2013)

Characteristics of Complex Scattering for a Medium Sphere in Rainfall in GHz Wave Band

Ying-le LI, Jin LI, Ming-jun WANG, and Qun-feng DONG

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 368 (2013)

2D Optical Imaging of Magnetic Field for Permanent Magnets by Faraday Effect

Shu-hui LI, Xiao-jun LI, and Hui-shuang GUO

Vol. 42, Issue 3, 373 (2013)