Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2013

<Volume: 42, Issue: 5>

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Propagation of BesselGaussian Beam with Optical Vortices in Turbulent Atmosphere

Haiyan WANG, Chuanlin CHEN, Jialei DU, and Xiaowen BI

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 505 (2013)

Spin Hall Effect of the Reflected and Transmitted Vector Light Beam Between the Interfaces

Tao DUAN, Xiaoping XIE, Jie DUAN, Fengchen QIAN, and Shaohui YAN

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 511 (2013)

Femtosecond Laser Multibeam Interference Lithography Antireflective Microstructure on Silicon Surface

Fengtao HE, Qiang ZHOU, Wenzheng YANG, Xuewen LONG, Jing BAI, and Guanghua CHENG

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 515 (2013)

All Fiberized Supercontinuum Laser Source Based on “Figure of Eight” Cavity Modelocked Yb Fiber Laser

Kai QIAN, Kaihua WEI, Tao CHEN, Peipei JIANG, Shuangshuang CAI, Bo WU, and Yonghang SHEN

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 521 (2013)

Fabrication and Laser Performance of Yb/P/Al Codoped Doubleclad Fibers

Gaofeng FENG, Junyong YANG, Weimin LU, Xiliang GE, Wei LIU, Tao CHEN, Peipei JIANG, and Yonghang SHEN

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 526 (2013)

Modulation of Chirped Ultrashort Pulse in Dense and Resonant Medium

Bin LI, Xiangyang YU, Guojie CHEN, and Weicheng CHEN

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 531 (2013)

Diffraction Radiation of Subwavelength Metallic Grating

Ping ZHANG, Liang DONG, Yaxin ZHANG, and Jun ZHOU

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 537 (2013)

Analysis and Simulation of Link Power and Commincation Performance in Spaceground Optical Communication

Lintao YU, Lu SONG, Chen HAN, and Dechun ZHOU

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 543 (2013)

Preparation and Characterization of Thin Flexible Image Fiber by Using Acidleaching Method

Dechun ZHOU, Yuan CUI, and Fengxia YU

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 548 (2013)

Fabrication of Yb3+/Al3+ Codoped Largemodearea Photonic Crystal Fiber Based on Powder Sintering Technology

Jiantao LIU, Guiyao ZHOU, and Changming XIA

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 552 (2013)

Preparation and Performance Testing of Metallic Biologic Particles

Dujuan SUN, Yihua HU, Youlin GU, Yong WANG, and Le LI

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 555 (2013)

Guide Modes in Threedimensional Topological Insulator Waveguide Induced by Magnetic Fields

Yi XU, Ying HE, and Yanfang YANG

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 564 (2013)

Preparation and Characteristic of Secondprinting Type Carbon Nanotube Cathode for Triode Field Emission Display

Yukui LI, Fengge WANG, Fanguang ZENG, and Wenke LU

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 570 (2013)

A Uband Lefthanded Metamaterial Based on Twolayered SRR Structure

Qiang YI, Fukun ZHOU, and Xingfang LUO

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 576 (2013)

Discrimination of Adulterated Milk Using NPLSDA Combined with Twodimensional Correlation Nearinfrared Spectroscopy

Renjie YANG, Rong LIU, Kexin XU, and Yanrong YANG

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 580 (2013)

Spectrophotometer for Biochemical Analyzer Based on Automatic Adjustment of CCD Integration Time

Zhong REN, Guodong LIU, and Zhen HUANG

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 586 (2013)

Nondestructive Detection of Firmness of Hami Melon by Hyperspectral Imaging Technique

Fengxia LI, Benxue MA, Qinghai HE, Chen Lv, Bao WANG, and Hao TIAN

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 592 (2013)

Synthesizing Algorithm for LED Standard Solar Spectrum Lamp

Yiwen ZHANG, Lin XU, and Song WAN

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 596 (2013)

A Method for Evaluate the Effects of Compression to Image Feature Extraction

Yu WANG, Xiuce YANG, and Chenzhao LI

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 601 (2013)

Auto Focusing Algorithm Based on Largest Gray Gradient Summation

Laixian ZHANG, Huayan SUN, Huichao GUO, and Youchen FAN

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 605 (2013)

Dispersion Characteristics of Total Reflection Tunnel in 1D Photonic Crystal

Qineng LIU and Qin LIU

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 611 (2013)

Scheme of Twoway Quantum Teleportation and Security

Youfeng YANG and Zhiqing YE

Vol. 42, Issue 5, 619 (2013)

Effect of the Stark Shift on Atom Entanglement in a Two Identity Atoms TavisCummings Model

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Vol. 42, Issue 5, 627 (2013)