Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2013

<Volume: 42, Issue: 6>

23 Article(s)

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Research Article

Design of Silicon-on-insulator Ultra-small Micro-ring Resonator Microwave Photonics Phase Shifter

Wei WANG, Li-jun YANG, Wei WU, Qi FENG, Chen-xu BAI, Shi-juan FENG, and Zhen WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 631 (2013)

Fabrication of Integral Type Cold Cathode with Carbon Nanotube for Improving the Electrical Contact and Adhesion Performance

Yu-kui LI, Feng-ge WANG, Xing-hui LIU, Wen-ke LU, and Fan-guang ZENG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 637 (2013)

Optical Properties Comparison of Two Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes with Different Growth Techniques

Yan-hong YUAN, Lei KE, and Dang-qiang YANG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 645 (2013)

Diffusion Processing and Its Matching Property of Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells Through Reactive Ion Etching Texturing

Wei-jiang DOU, Ying-xiong QIN, Xiao-bao JU, Kai LI, and Ting XU

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 649 (2013)

Media Access Control Protocol Design in OFDM-PON

Yao-jun QIAO, Fu-ling DING, and Yue-feng JI

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 654 (2013)

Parallel Traffic Migration of Restoration in PCE-based Optical Networks

Yin ZHANG, Jian-guo LU, Shan-guo HUANG, Xin LI, Min ZHANG, Yong-li ZHAO, Jie ZHANG, and Wan-yi GU

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 661 (2013)

Bayesian Classifier Based Service-aware Mechanism in 10G-EPON for Smart Power Grid

Hui-feng BAI, Ming-wei LI, and Dong-shan WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 668 (2013)

Characteristics for the Soliton Based on Nonlinear Schrdinger Equation

Jian-ping WEI, Jun WANG, Xing-fang JIANG, and Bin TANG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 674 (2013)

Spectroscopic Properties of Ytterbium-doped TeO2-Al2O3-Cs2O Glass

Li-quan YANG, Kuai-sheng ZOU, Xiao YUAN, Bao-xing XIONG, Zhong-xue QIN, Xiang ZHANG, and Gui-ju ZHANG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 679 (2013)

Design and Analysis of a Kind of Novel Left-handed Metamaterial

Qiang YI, Fu-kun ZHOU, and Xing-fang LUO

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 688 (2013)

Theoretical Study of Structure and Infrared Vibration Spectra about AlBn(n=2~9) Clusters

Wei ZHANG, Wen-zhou CHEN, Xiao-dong ZHANG, and Zhen-Yi JIANG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 692 (2013)

Application of Stokes Vector Method on the Full-Fiber Current Sensor

Ai-xian HUANG, Hao ZHANG, Yi-shen QIU, Ning WANG, Gao-ming LI, Shu-ming CHEN, and Lei SONG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 699 (2013)

Sub-microstructures′ Influences on Cell′s Scattering Prosperities

Du-juan SUN, Yi-hua HU, Yong WANG, Le LI, and Lei LI

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 710 (2013)

Effects of Different Light Intensity and Light Quality on Adventitious Buds Induction and Growth of Clematis‘nelly moser’

Ling-ling XU, Duo-duo DING, Gui-rong TAO, Yue-fang DANG, and Bin GUO

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 715 (2013)

Differential Phase Encoding Scheme for the Polarization State of Quantum Signaling and Simulation

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 721 (2013)

Quantum Memory with CRIB in an Asymmetric Optical Cavity

Wei GAO, Ming-feng WANG, and Yi-zhuang ZHENG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 727 (2013)

Second Order Total Generalized Variation for Image Zooming

Yu-lian WU, Xiang-chu FENG, and Dong-huan JIANG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 732 (2013)

A Fast Calibration Method of Camera Response Function for High Dynamic Range Image

Hua-meng FANG, Ben-shun YI, Liang-cai GAN, Chuang WEN, and Tai-qi HUANG

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 737 (2013)

Auto-exposure Algorithm for Scenes with High Dynamic Range Based on Image Entropy

Zuo-ting YANG, Ping RUAN, and Bo ZHAI

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 742 (2013)

Application of Near Infrared Techniques in Paper Moisture Parameter Measurement

Dian-hong YU, Lin LI, and Kai ZHAO

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 747 (2013)

A Method of Automatic Surface Mounted Device Resistor Defect Detection

Ping HE, Ji-quan WEN, and Ming-xuan ZHAO

Vol. 42, Issue 6, 751 (2013)