Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2013

<Volume: 42, Issue: 7>

23 Article(s)

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Research Article

Dual-blue Wavelength Light-emitting Diodes Based on Varied GaN Barrier Thickness

Zheng-kai LI, Qi-rong YAN, Chang-de LUO, Han-zhang XIAO, and Yong ZHANG

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 757 (2013)

Non-visual Effects of Flat Panel Display with Light Emitting Diode Backlight on Human

Li-yan SONG, Jun-kai LI, and Tong-sheng MOU

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 768 (2013)

Design of High Efficiency Grating Coupler for Vertical Coupling

Hua WU, Xia GUO, and Ming-fu HAN

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 777 (2013)

Condenser Inside Spherical Solar Cell

Yi XU, Zhao-li SONG, Zheng XU, Cong GUAN, Guo-song LIU, and Yi JIANG

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 782 (2013)

Responsivity Variation with Temperature of Uncooled Mid-infrared HgCdTe Photoconductive Detector

Guo-bin FENG, Jian-min ZHANG, Peng-ling YANG, Qun-shu WANG, and Yu-ying AN

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 787 (2013)

Travelling Wave Deflecting Characteristics of Streak-tube

Hao LI, Jin-shou TIAN, Yan LI, Chao WANG, Wen-long WEN, Jun-feng WANG, and Xing-chao WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 792 (2013)

Next Generation of Space Wireless Communication Technology Based on X-ray

Bao-sheng ZHAO, Chuan-xing WU, Li-zhi SHENG, and Yong-an LIU

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 801 (2013)

Investigation on Evaluation Theory of Fiber Bragg Grating Tensile Fatigue Property

Yue-jie SHU, Wei-min CHEN, Peng ZHANG, Hao LIU, Wei ZHANG, and Xian-ming LIU

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 805 (2013)

Calculation of Pseudo-brewster Angle for Substrate and Thin Film-substrate System

Hua-song LIU, Yu-gang JIANG, Li-shuan WANG, Cheng-hui JIANG, and Yi-qin JI

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 817 (2013)

Influence of Detector Sampling Frequency to Optics Diffraction Frequency Ratio on Aviation Image

Shuai DING, Hai-peng KUANG, De-jiang WANG, Zheng-ping XU, and Ya-lin DING

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 828 (2013)

Image Metric Analysis of Laser Jamming Effect Based on Wavelet Energy and Spot Size

Yun-long WU, Li SHAO, Kai ZHANG, Feng LI, and Xiao-quan SUN

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 832 (2013)

An Infrared Target Detection Algorithm Based on Knowledge Model

Juan SU, Luo YANG, and Jun LU

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 839 (2013)

Space Target Dual-band IR Imaging Thermometry

Ying-qi LIU

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 845 (2013)

Interactive Rendering for Realistic Face via Three-layer Material Model

Meng-zhao YANG, Kuan-quan WANG, and Wang-meng ZUO

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 857 (2013)

A No-reference Assessment Model for Video Quality Based on Movement Activity

Chun-yan YU, Li-li WU, Guo-long CHEN, and Wei-hong ZHENG

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 864 (2013)

An Improved Method of Image Fast Defogging

Chun-ying PANG, Xiao-qiang JI, Li-na SUN, and Xiao-long LANG

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 872 (2013)

Multigrid Algorithm Based on Transport of Intensity Equation

Hong LIU, Shao-jie TAO, Hong CHENG, and Jiang-lin HUANG

Vol. 42, Issue 7, 878 (2013)