Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2013

<Volume: 42, Issue: 8>

21 Article(s)

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Research Article

An Anomaly Detection Method for Hyperspectral Imagery in Kernel Feature Space Based on Robust Analysis

Ruia ZHAO, Bob DU, and Liangpeia ZHANG

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 883 (2013)

A Correction Algorithm on Reducing Energy Excursion Phenomenon

Zhengjie WANG, Yunfei DU, Bingliang HU, Lei LIU, Liang KONG, Peng YAN, and Qijing WU

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 891 (2013)

Analysis and Simulation of Effect of Spectral Line Bending on Computational Imaging Spectrometry

Lulu QIAN, Bin XIANGLI, Qunbo Lv, and Min HUANG

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 897 (2013)

A New Kind of Hadamard Transform Spectrometer

Boshi DANG, Hua LIU, Xiaoduo WANG, Jialin XU, and Zhenwu LU

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 902 (2013)

Compressive Sampling Spectral Modulated Technique

Lang SUN, Bingliang HU, Shuang WANG, Pen YAN, Yutao FENG, and Nian SUN

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 912 (2013)

Three Dimensional Edge Surfaces Tracked from Noisy Industrial CT Slice Images

Yu MA, Yanning ZHANG, and Lisheng WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 916 (2013)

Design of Positive Parallax Production by the Improved Parallel 3D Stereo Display System

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 924 (2013)

Spectrum Fusion Oriented Routing and Spectrum Allocation Algorithm and Spectrum Defragmentation Algorithm

Weiguo JU, Shanguo HUANG, Zhenzhen XU, Bingli GUO, Yongli ZHAO, Jie ZHANG, and Wanyi GU

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 929 (2013)

Global Optimization Algorithm of Subaperture Stitching Weight Coefficients

Ailing TIAN, Shixia WU, Bingcai LIU, and Peifei ZHANG

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 943 (2013)

A Machine Vision Illumination System Based on Simultaneous Multiple Surfaces Design

Rui CHEN, Songyuan CEN, and Shangzhong JIN

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 956 (2013)

Design of GiresTournois Mirrors Used for the Dispersion Compensation in Femtosecond Lasers

Chunyan LIAO, Junjun QIN, Jianda SHAO, Guanghua CHENG, Zhengxiu FAN, and Manli HU

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 967 (2013)

Graphenebased 2μm Tm3+doped Fiber Passively Qswitched Laser

Diao LI, Man JIANG, Mei QI, Xinliang ZHENG, Zhaoyu REN, Zhipei SUN, Yishan WANG, and Jintao BAI

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 978 (2013)

Parameter Measurement Research of Optical Transmitter in New Laser Fuze

Jing XIE, HaiQing CHEN, ZuoJun TAN, DeJia HOU, and XianFeng WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 983 (2013)

Design on Device for Remote Realtime Monitoring Measuring the Burst Point Time

Bingting ZHA, He ZHANG, Xiangjing ZHANG, and Yayun TAN

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 988 (2013)

Monitoring Technology of Paint Drying Process Based on Laser Speckle

Fengpeng WANG, Liang LI, Zhen YIN, Jinshui GUO, and Mingsheng ZHEN

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 993 (2013)

Automatic Recognition Technology of Partial Masked Target

Hua MIAO, Yu CHEN, Yulong SONG, and Wensheng WANG

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 997 (2013)

Online Paper Defect Identification Based on Fuzzy Fusion of RBFNN

Qiang ZHOU, Yannan YANG, Yong LIU, and Wei TANG

Vol. 42, Issue 8, 1002 (2013)