Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2014

<Volume: 43, Issue: 11>

27 Article(s)

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Field Emission of Graphene-angle

Xiao-li WANG, Kai-ge PANG, Wei-hua LIU, Xin LI, Kang TIAN, Yan-nan YIN, and Juan ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1116001 (2014)

Luminescence Property in Novel Y3+/Dy3+ Co-doped Bi2ZnB2O7 Phosphors by Assembled Optimal Design

Lin-lin SHI, Jia-shi SUN, Zi-hui ZHAI, Xiang-ping LI, Jin-su ZHANG, and Bao-jiu CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1116002 (2014)

Restoring Casimir Force between Doped Silicon Slab and Metamaterials

Kai-kun NIU, Xue-wei LI, Jun-long ZHANG, Jing SHEN, Zhi-xiang HUANG, and Xian-liang WU

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1116003 (2014)

The Vibration Spectroscopy and Structures Stability of LinC cluster

Fang LIU, Zhen-Yi JIANG, and Chen-Jun ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1116004 (2014)

Research of Nonlinear Absorption Effect of Pulse Laser Irradiation for GaAs

Hai-jiao ZHOU, Wen-jun SUN, and Zhong-yang LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1116005 (2014)

Vapor Etching Method for Diamond Wire Sawn Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers

Xiao-mei LIU, Wen-hao CHEN, Miao LI, and Lang ZHOU

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1116006 (2014)


Design and Realization of Harmonic Signal Orthogonal Lock-in Amplifier Used in Infrared Gas Detection

Bing ZHAI, Qi-xin HE, Jian-qiang HUANG, Chuan-tao ZHENG, and Yi-ding WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1125001 (2014)


Structure and Alignment of Field Stitching Compound Eye Optical Imaging System

Tian-yuan GAO, Zheng-chao DONG, Yu ZHAO, and Zhi-ying LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1122001 (2014)

Optical Design for Off-axis All-reflective Schmidt System

Cun-dong LEI, Lie-hua ZHEN, and Ying2 CHE

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1122002 (2014)

Modeling and Simulation of Space Object Optical Scattering Characteristics Using TracePro

Cheng-ming SUN, Fei ZHAO, and Ze ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1122003 (2014)

The Theoretical Analysis and Simulation Research of Segmented Telescope Image Systems

Zhou LIAO, Chao LIU, Qi QIU, and Yu-dong ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1122004 (2014)

Design of Optical System for the High-collimating Solar Simulator with One Solar Constant

Shi LIU, Guo-yu ZHANG, Gao-fei SUN, Guo-ming WANG, Ling-yun WANG, and Yu-jun GAO

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1122005 (2014)

Design of Freeform Surface Based on the Genetic Algorithm

Deng-gao LI, Song-feng YIN, Yong-shun LING, Hua YANG, Zhen XIE, and Hui-feng TAO

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1122006 (2014)


Study on Backscattering Characteristics of Laser Ranging System in the Rain

Jing GUO, He ZHANG, and Xue-jian ZHAO

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1114002 (2014)

Femtosecond Laser Double Pulse Autocorrelation Measurements and Research of Fitting Method

Zhen-xin XU, Xiao-ping YANG, Wei LIU, Yong YANG, Zhong-hong MA, Xu-na SUN, and Hong-chen ZHAI

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1114003 (2014)

Image Processing

Auto Focusing Method for Fundus Camera

Jian CHEN, Shao-hua ZHENG, Lin PAN, and Lun YU

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1110001 (2014)

Two-step Phase-shifting Algorithm by the Use of Half Angle of Phase

Bao-shun LI, Qing-qing CAI, Ya-ping BAO, and Yi-feng LI

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1110002 (2014)

A Fast Image Defogging Algorithm Based on Edge-maximum Filter

Lu CHEN, Hong-jie HE, and Fan CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1110003 (2014)


Near-field Trapping High and Low Refractive Index Particles with a Binary Phase Fresnel Zone Plate

Yan ZHAO, Yao-ju ZHANG, and Yan ZHU

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1105001 (2014)

Research of the Immersion Grating Diffraction Pattern

Qian TANG, Yue-hong QIU, Bao-chang ZHAO, and Li-wu CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1105002 (2014)


A Kind of Phase Modulation Laser Doppler Shift Measuring Method

Yan-chen QU, Jun DU, Wei-jiang ZHAO, Li-jie GENG, Chuang LIU, Rui-liang ZHANG, and Zhen-lei CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1112001 (2014)

Alignment in Lithography with Single Circular Fringe Pattern Phase Unwrapping

Feng XU and Song HU

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1112002 (2014)

Research on Combined Precision Angle Measurement Theory of Optical Rotation Platform

Hui YUAN, Zhao-hui LIU, Dong-sheng LIANG, Fu-cheng LIU, and Qiang DONG

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1112003 (2014)

Three-dimensional Shape Measurement System based on Auto-synchronous Scanners with Line Structured-light

Sheng-jun XIONG, Fei ZHAO, Heng ZHAO, and Lei AO

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1112004 (2014)

Celestial Positioning Method and Observation Analysis for Space Object

Mei-ying LIU, Hu WANG, De-sheng WEN, Xiao-qiang RAN, Hui ZHAO, and Shao-dong YANG

Vol. 43, Issue 11, 1112005 (2014)