Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2014

<Volume: 43, Issue: 12>

31 Article(s)

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Investigation of Photonic Band Gaps of Two-dimensional Photonic Crystals Based on Lattice Configurations

Yan-hong LUO, Huan-yu ZHAO, and Gong-ping LI

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1231001 (2014)

Optical Assembly of Silica Spheres Dispersed in Magnetic Fluids

Hai-dong DENG, Hai LI, Zi-zheng GUO, and Xiao-hong YANG

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1231002 (2014)

Determination of the Flexoelectric Coefficient in Liquid Crystal Using Fully-leaky Optical Guided Wave Technique

Gui-li ZHENG, Hui ZHANG, Wen-jiang YE, Zhi-dong ZHANG, Hong-wei SONG, and Li XUAN

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1231003 (2014)


Study and Fabrication of the Dual Band-pass in Grain Screening System

Xiu-hua FU, Song-lin HE, Xing-ming JIA, Dong-mei LIU, Jing ZHANG, and Shuang LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1216001 (2014)

Effect of Ca-doping on the Formation and Electrical Property of CuCrO2 Films

Bing HU, Ya-hui CHUAI, Yang FU, Ya-dan LI, Hong-zhi SHENG, Hong ZHANG, Yue YANG, and Yi-ding WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1216002 (2014)

The Preparation of TiO2/Eu3+,Y3+ Down-conversion Film and Its Application in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Ming-qi NIE, Zhi-qiang HU, Lin-an ZHANG, Yi-ying QIN, Gui-shan LIU, and Hong-shun HAO

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1216003 (2014)

Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Research of Numerical Simulation and Comparison of Experiment from Differential Image Motion Monitor

Hua-lin CHEN, Chong PEI, Xiang-yan YUAN, and Xiang-qun CUI

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1201001 (2014)

Optimized Calculation of Solar Spatial Position with the Rayleigh Atmosphere Polarization Pattern

Fei WANG, Jun TANG, Jian-bin REN, Chen-guang WANG, Long-hai LEI, and Jun LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1201002 (2014)

Design and Simulation of the Adaptive Optics System Based on Mixed H2/H Control

Xin ZHAO and Cai-wen MA

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1201003 (2014)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Active Spontaneous Emission of EDF Pumped by Arbitrary Waveform Pulse

Lan-lan LIU, Wei YANG, Chong-qing WU, and Fu WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1206001 (2014)

Simultaneous Calibration Method for Strain and Temperature of Distributed Sensing Optical Fibers

An-qianga Lv, Yong-qiana LI, Jingb LI, and Yonga CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1206002 (2014)

Optical Device

The Research on Measuring the Extinction Ratio of Polarizing Prism Accurately

Chong HAO, Yi-ming WU, Wei-guo LU, Mao-sen XIAO, and Chun-yan LI

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1223001 (2014)

Design and Optimization of Beam-splitting Polarizing Filter Based on Two-dimensional Photonics Crystal

Chen-ge WANG, Cai-ni ZHANG, Kan CHEN, Teng-chao HUANG, xiao-wu SHU, and Cheng LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1223002 (2014)

Structural Design and Optimization of Absorption of Thin Film Solar Cells Based on Grating Structure

Hao-ke GENG, Xiao-hong SUN, Xu ZHANG, Jian LIANG, and Wen LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1223003 (2014)


Reaserch on Loss of Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Based on Virtual Prototype

Min-rui ZHANG, Zheng-quan HE, Bao-wen HU, De-peng KONG, Xin-chao DU, Jin-shou TIAN, and Yu-lin LI

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1222001 (2014)

Optical System Design of Near Infrared Spectroscopy Based on Polarized Interference

Zheng-mao XIE, Li-min GAO, and Jun-hua HE

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1222003 (2014)


Detection of the Elements Mn and Ni in a Steel Sample by Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Jin-zhong CHEN, Rui-ling MA, Jing WANG, Xu LI, and Yin WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1214001 (2014)

High-Q Optical Ring Resonator Gyro Angular Rate Sensor

Shu-bin YAN, Pan-long AN, Yong-qiu ZHENG, Xiao-feng LI, Rui-juan ZHAO, Cheng-fei ZHANG, Chen-yang XUE, and Jun LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1214002 (2014)

Time-domain Properties of Ultrashort Pulse Laser Diffracted by Transmitting Volume Bragg Gratings

Biao QIU, Xiang ZHANG, Jian-sheng FENG, Fan GAO, Shang WU, Gui-ju ZHANG, Kuai-sheng ZOU, and Xiao YUAN

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1214003 (2014)

Dynamics of Growth and Nucleation for Si Nano-crystal Grains Prepared by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Electric Field

Ze-chao DENG, Zi-qiang HU, Xue-cheng DING, Li-zhi CHU, Ai-li QIN, Guang-sheng FU, and Ying-long WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1214004 (2014)


De-noising of X-ray Pulsar Signal Based on Wavelet-Fisz Transformation

Xiu-ping LIU, Jun-feng JING, Hai-feng SUN, and Li-li HAN

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1204001 (2014)

Feature Quantitative and Simulation Analysis of Low-Light-Level TV Imaging Under Highlight Disturbance at Different Locations

Bing-tao GUO, Xiao-rui WANG, Wei-guo JING, Xiao-bing WANG, and Yu-jiao CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1204002 (2014)

High Dectection Efficiency Low Noise Large Format Neutron Sensitive Microchannel Plate

Jing-sheng PAN, Jian-ning SUN, Xiao-ming HAN, Rong ZHANG, Sai-ling SUN, Yi-gang YANG, Yang TIAN, Ge JIN, Zheng-jun ZHANG, Ai-fei SHAO, and De-tan SU

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1204003 (2014)

Infrared Radiation Calibration Based on Infrared Calibration Stars

Li-mei YIN, Jun-chi LIU, Jian-li WANG, Zhen-duo ZHANG, Hong-zhuang LI, Qing-yun YANG, Chao ZHOU, and Hao-jing WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1204004 (2014)


Moment Acquisition Algorithm of a Projectile Passing Through a Trapezoidal Screen

Hui TIAN, Jin-ping NI, and Ming-xing JIAO

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1212001 (2014)

Two Dimensional Modulation Transfer Function and Its Application in Wavefront Aberration Detection

Ji-qiang KANG, Xue-min CHENG, and Qun HAO

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1212003 (2014)

The Surface Error Analysis of Theodolite Primary Mirror Considering Contact Boundary Condition

Jun XIE, Li-hua CAO, Guang-yu HAN, Jian QIAO, Yong-ming LIU, and Zhen-yu LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 12, 1212004 (2014)