Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2014

<Volume: 43, Issue: 5>

37 Article(s)

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Research Article

Design on Indoor Hardware-in-loop Simulation System for Terminal Sensitivity Projectile

Wei YUAN, Jian-qi ZHANG, and Dong-yang ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 504001 (2014)

Simulation Study of Spiral Photon Sieves in Phase-contrast Imaging

Jian YU, Jun LI, Tao YI, Shen-ye LIU, Sha-li XIAO, Zhi-wen YANG, Shou-bei LI, Li CHEN, Ke-li DENG, and Jian-hua ZHENG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 504002 (2014)

Improvement of Time Response Characteristics of Direct Coupling-enhanced Digital Camera Static Imaging

Xue-mei WANG, Feng-mei CAO, and Zhi-gang CUI

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 504003 (2014)

Temperature Distributed Sensing Technique for the Local-area of the Surface Based on Fiber Bragg Gratings

You-long YU, Hang XUE, Yan-xiao WANG, and Ying-ying DUAN

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 506001 (2014)

Analysis of the Impact of FRFT Combined with PAPR Reducing Algorithm in CO-OFDM System

Zheng-rong TONG, Chang LIU, Ye CAO, and Wei-hua ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 506002 (2014)

A Laser Detection Method of Micro-defects for Optical Fibers

Rong WANG, Zhen-hua LI, Bao-min BIAN, Cheng-lin LIU, and Yun-jing JI

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 506004 (2014)

Flat-top Pulse Generation with Pulsewidth Tunable Based on Polarization Controller in Fiber Laser

Jin-hua CHEN, Xiao-hui FANG, Zhi-qun DING, and Hong-Xia ZHAO

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 506006 (2014)

Effects of Multiple Disturbances on the Location Precision of Fiber-Optic Distributed Disturbance Sensor

Chun-xi ZHANG, Qin LI, Li-jing LI, Chuan-sheng LI, and Xiang ZHONG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 506007 (2014)

A Method for Spectrum Extraction of 3D Object with Object Points

Xian-zhong JIAN, Hai ZHOU, Xin YANG, Le-xin HOU, and Qiang GUO

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 509001 (2014)

Multi-plane Holographic Projection Using Programmable Fresnel Phase Lenses

Chuan SHEN, Kai-feng LIU, Cheng ZHANG, Hong CHENG, and Sui WEI

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 509002 (2014)

Iterative Feedback Algorithm for Phase-only Fresnel Hologram and Display Using Liquid Crystal on Silicon

Kai-feng LIU, Chuan SHEN, Cheng ZHANG, and Sui WEI

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 509003 (2014)

Bandwidth-adaptive Mean Shift Infrared Target Tracking Algorithm

Shou-feng WANG and Jun-qi BAI

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 510003 (2014)

Method of Underwater Polarization Image Fusion Based on Hierarchical and Multi-scale Transform

Hui-bin WANG, Yan LIAO, Jie SHEN, and Xin WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 510004 (2014)

Image Processing Algorithm Study of Large FOV Compound Eye Structure

A-xiu CAO, Li-fang SHI, Rui-ying SHI, Qi-ling DENG, and Chun-lei DU

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 510005 (2014)

Analysis of Viewing Zone and Simulation of the Crosstalk Based on Multi-view Autostereoscopic Display

Chun-ping HOU, Guo XU, and Li-li SHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 512001 (2014)

Measurement of 3D Pose of Objects Based on Weak Perspective Model

Ru-jin ZHAO, En-Hai LIU, Wen-Ming ZHANG, and Lian-jun ZHAO

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 512002 (2014)

Error Analysis of Monocular Visual Position Measurement Based on Coplanar Feature Points

Ju HUO, Jia-shan CUI, and Wei-xing WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 512003 (2014)

Monte-Carlo Simulation for the Infrared Radiation Attenuation by Water Fogs and the Analysis for Transmission Field

Shuo ZHANG, Jin-yun PU, Dong-zhen LI, and Chang-ming WU

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 512004 (2014)

Design and Implementation of Integrated Diagnostic Beam Fast Automatic Alignment System

Zheng-zhou WANG, Wei WANG, Bing-liang HU, Wei WANG, Shi-Kang CAO, and Dong-jian LI

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 512005 (2014)

Binarization Methods of Sinusoidal Grating in 3D Measurement Base on Defocused Fringe Projection

Peng GAO, Yong LI, Yan-shuai TU, and Jian WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 512006 (2014)

Small-scale Self-focusing of Finite Energy Airy Beam

Wen-long YU, Li-fu ZHANG, Chao TAN, and Xi-quan FU

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 519001 (2014)

Third-order Nonlinear Optical Properties of PbSe/PVA Composite film

Hai-jun ZENG, Miao ZHENG, Jun-he HAN, and Yu-zong GU

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 519002 (2014)

New Hybrid Light Trapping Structure in Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells

Yan-peng SHI, Xiao-dong WANG, Wen LIU, Tian-shu YANG, and Fu-hua YANG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 523001 (2014)

Research on Coupled Resonator Induced Transparency in Fourth-order Microring Resonator

Dan-feng CUI, Cheng-feng XIE, Yao-ying LIU, Yan-na LI, Li-ping WEI, Yong-hua WANG, Jun LIU, and Chen-yang XUE

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 523002 (2014)

Luminous Performance of Remote Phosphor White LED

Hua XIAO, Yi-jun LV, Li-hong ZHU, Yang-xia WANG, Guo-long CHEN, Yu-lin GAO, Si-qi LIN, and Yun-xin XU

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 523003 (2014)

Study of Cloud Background Suppression for Oil Spill Detection from Hyperspectral Data

De-lian LIU, ZHAO-hui LI, and Jian-qi ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 530002 (2014)

Fabrication of Four Wavelengths Cavity Surface Film Based on Nd∶YVO4 Crystal

Xiu-hua FU, Fang HAN, Jing ZHANG, Yang KOU, and Yong-gang PAN

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 531001 (2014)

Growth Process Parameters of BaTiO3 Crystal Thin Film in PLD Method

Jing ZHANG, Xiu-hua FU, Fei YANG, Bin YANG, and De-gui SUN

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 531002 (2014)

Long Lived Photoexcitation in RR-P3HT and PCBM Blended Films

Chun-fang SHA

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 531003 (2014)

Calibration of Stiffness of Optical Tweezers in Three Dimensions with Power Spectral Density Method

Yan-sheng LIANG, Bao-li YAO, Ming LEI, Xiang-hua YU, Shao-hui YAN, Yan-long YANG, Dan DAN, Peng GAO, Jun-wei MIN, and Tong YE

Vol. 43, Issue 5, 535001 (2014)