Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2014

<Volume: 43, Issue: 8>

37 Article(s)

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Research Article

A Method of Sparse Optical Grooming with the Smallest Cost and Largest Degree

Huan-lin LIU, Yi-fan XU, Qiang FANG, and Yong CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 806001 (2014)

Fuzzy Variable Structure Multiple-model Tracking for Airborne Laser Communication System

Yang CAO, Jian RONG, Hong-min ZHANG, Pei-rong WANG, ming BAO, and Jin GUO

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 806002 (2014)

Polarization Ytterbium-doped Fiber Laser Based on 45° Tilted Fiber Grating

Sheng-gui FU, Xiao-juan LIU, Gong-xiang WEI, Li-ping GUO, and Xiao-lu GE

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 806003 (2014)

Cost-Efficient Approach Based on Connection Availability for Planning of Survivable Long-Reach Passive Optical Network

Ye-jun LIU, Lei GUO, Yin-peng YU, Bing LI, Pei-pei JIANG, and Cui-qin DAI

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 806004 (2014)

Polarization Control in Long-distance Distributed Sensing System Based on STM32 Genetic Algorithm

Hai-feng LIU, Jun-hao TAO, Ning ZHANG, Bo LIU, and Hu WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 806005 (2014)

Phase Demodulation of Single Closed Interferogram Based on Fourier Transform

Jian-cheng XU and Zhao CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 810001 (2014)

Based on Texture Feature and Extend Morphological Profile Fusion for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Zeng-mao WANG, Bo DU, Liang-pei ZHANG, and Le-fei ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 810002 (2014)

Real-time Compressive Tracking Method Based on Phase Congruency

Lei ZHANG, Yan-jie WANG, and Shu-wen HE

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 810003 (2014)

Near Infrared Scene Simulation Based on Reflectance of Typical Target

Le JIANG, Ting-zhu BAI, Yan DING, and Qiang ZHOU

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 810004 (2014)

Inverse Modeling of Mirror Surface Figure Based on Finite Element Contact Analysis

Yong-ming LIU, Jun XIE, Wei TIAN, Yong-xin SUI, and Zhen-yu LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 812001 (2014)

Alignment of the Space Optics Using Discrete Light Source

Xiaoming Zhang, Hongbin Chen, Jihong Wang, Bo Qi, and Jianliang Shi

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 812002 (2014)

The Statistical Properties of Dynamic Speckle Produced by Rotating Rough Target

Zhi-qiang YANG, Zhen-sen WU, Geng ZHANG, and Lei GONG

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 812003 (2014)

The Surface Characteristics of Diamond Wire Sawn Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers and Their Acidic Texturization

Xiao-mei LIU, Miao LI, Wen-hao CHEN, and Lang ZHOU

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 816001 (2014)

The First-Principles Study of Electronic and Optical Properties of Co-Cr Co-doped Rutile TiO2

Zhi-huai YANG, Yun-peng ZHANG, Cui-ping KANG, Rong ZHANG, and Mei-guang ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 816002 (2014)

Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of Orthorhombic P-doped Ca2Si Calculated by the First-principles

Wei-fu CEN, Yin-ye YANG, Meng-hui FAN, and Shu-qin SHAO

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 816003 (2014)

The Antibacterial Research of CdTe Quantum Dots Modified the Polysulfone Hollow Fiber Membranes

Meng-na SUN, Liu-song NI, Lei HE, Chen ZHANG, Huan ZHANG, Shi-chao XU, Jun-fu WEI, Bing WANG, Ji-mei ZHANG, and Zhao DAI

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 816004 (2014)

Effect of Chirp Coefficient on Pulse Splitting and Spectral Properties of Femtosecond Pulse

Zhen-dong WANG, Xiao-mei WU, Ting-ting LIU, Jian-ling MA, and Jing XIAO

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 819001 (2014)

The Transformation from Electromagnetically Induced Transparency to Lasing Without Population Inversion Based on Spontaneously Generated Coherence

Xiao-li LI, Xu-dong MENG, Yan-hua WU, Ya-xuan SHANG, and Lian-shui ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 819002 (2014)

Nonlinear Propagation for Stacked Pulses by Cross-phase Modulation

Wen-long WANG, Chao TAN, and Xi-quan FU

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 819003 (2014)

Focusing Analysis on Optical System of Three Line Array Stereoscopic Mapping Camera

Hong WANG and Tie-yin TIAN

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 822001 (2014)

Micro-optics Beam Expander Technology for Infrared Jamming Simulator

Zhi-bin REN, Chi MA, Chuan-guang JIN, and Huan-yi ZHAO

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 822002 (2014)

Design of LED Collimator for Uniform Illumination with Double Freeform Surfaces

Xiang-xiang MENG, Wei-qi LIU, Rui FENG, Zhong-lun WEI, Min ZHOU, and Jian-ming YANG

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 822003 (2014)

Study on Uniformity of LED Array Illumination Distribution on Target Plane

Jia-wen WANG, Zhou-ping SU, Zhi-jun YUAN, and Yi-qing ZHU

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 822004 (2014)

Design of Ultra Wide-angle Digital Universal Projection Lens

Wei-shan LI, Chen CHEN, Tao SONG, Yu ZHANG, and Xiao-chan LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 822005 (2014)

Design of Multi-Parameter Tunable Bragg Waveguide Grating Filter

Ai-ling ZHANG and Yu-xiang LI

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 823001 (2014)

Research on Shared Anode Used for the Large Area Array MCP Detector

Juan SONG, Bao-sheng ZHAO, Li-zhi SHENG, Zhe LIU, Jin-fei DAI, Yong-an LIU, and Yan-nan ZHOU

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 823002 (2014)

Effects of Electrostatic-Discharge on GaN-Based High Voltage Light-Emitting Diode

Yu HAN, Wei-ling GUO, Xing FAN, Xin YU, and Jun-xue BAI

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 823003 (2014)

The Transducer Sensitivity of Racetrack Optical Micro-ring Resonator with Feedback

Tian-rong BU, Yao CHEN, Peng-cheng HE, Ling-yu WAN, and Yu-li DING

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 823005 (2014)

Lensless Ghost Imaging Experiments in Three Different Configurations

Yu-lang XUE, Ren-gang WAN, Fei FENG, Yin-ping YAO, and Tong-yi ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 823006 (2014)

Controllable Time Evolution of Coherence of an Atom Bit inside Cavity by Manipulating the Atom Bit Outside Cavity

Bing-ju ZHOU, Zhao-hui PENG, and Xiao-juan LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 827002 (2014)

Multistable Optical Response of a Ladder-type Atom-assisted Optomechanical System

Ming HAN, Kai-hui GU, Yi-mou LIU, Yan ZHANG, and Cui-li CUI

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 827003 (2014)

Fabrication of Multifunction Anti-oil Antireflection Coatings

Xiu-hua FU, Guan-qi WU, Dong-mei LIU, Yang KOU, and Fang HAN

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 831001 (2014)

The Reflection Properties of Multilayer Anti-counterfeiting Optical films for Vertical-polarized Wave

An-ling WANG, Fu-ping LIU, Xiao-feng ZHU, and Chang-chun YANG

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 831002 (2014)

The Diagnosis of Rayleigh Defect Particle Position by Light Scattering Character on the Optical Surface

Lei GONG, Zhen-sen WU, and Yong-qiang PAN

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 831003 (2014)

Transient Absorption Spectra of Aggregated LHC II in Broypsis Corticulans

Jun-fang HE, Chang-jun ZHU, Xiao-xia ZHAO, and Yuan-yuan LI

Vol. 43, Issue 8, 832001 (2014)