Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2014

<Volume: 43, Issue: 9>

41 Article(s)

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Research Article

The Effects of Atmospheric Turbulence on the Orbital Angular Momentum-multiplexed System

Li ZOU, Sheng-mei ZHAO, and Le WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 901001 (2014)

Analysis of Haze-fog Events Based on Laser Ceilometer

Ling-bing BU, Jing YUAN, Ai-zhen GAO, Yong LEI, Wei GUO, Hai-yang GAO, and Xing-you HUANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 901002 (2014)

Research on Nonsmooth H∞ Control for the Adaptive Optics System

Xin ZHAO and Cai-wen MA

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 901003 (2014)

Propagation Dynamics and Vortex Trajectory of an Airy Vortex Beam in Gradient-index Media

Ke CHENG, Ji-shen XIA, and Xian-qiong ZHONG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 905002 (2014)

MOPA Structured 1 120 nm Yb-doped All Fiber Amplifier

Xiao-juan LIU, Sheng-gui FU, Li-ping GUO, Ke-zhen HAN, and Bo-jun ZHOU

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 906001 (2014)

Sensing Properties of Nickel Electroplating Protected Fiber Bragg Grating Based on Stress Analysis

Jian-feng XIE, Ying WANG, Zhao MO, Yong-song LIU, and Ren-xian ZENG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 906002 (2014)

Investigation of a Liquid-core Photonic Crystal Fiber with High Birefringence

Ling-hong JIANG, Yi ZHENG, Kai ZHENG, and Ji-ying PENG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 906003 (2014)

Investigation of FBG Voltage Sensor Based on Joule Heat

Lin MI, De-xing YANG, Ya-jun JIANG, Mei-rong WANG, Yu-ning GUO, and Jun-rong QU

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 906005 (2014)

Measurement of Saturation Point of Aqueous Solution Based on Long Period Michelson Interferometer

Bin ZHANG, Hao-tian ZHU, Ru-shuang HE, Wei-dong TAO, Xue-feng PAN, and Jian-feng DONG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 906006 (2014)

Spectrum of Dual-wavelength Phase Shift FBG and Its Application in Fiber Sensing

Xiang ZHU and Yuan-hong YANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 906007 (2014)

Design and Optimize of All-fiber Mode Converter

Ju LU, Ming-yang CHEN, and Yong-kang ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 906008 (2014)

Airplane Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Image Based on Sparse-Representation

Yu-dong LIN, Hong-jie HE, Zhong-ke YIN, and Fan CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 910001 (2014)

Image Information Encryption by Compressed Sensing and Optical Theory

Pei LU, Xiao-yong LIU, Xi LU, Min TIAN, and Hai-bin CAO

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 910002 (2014)

Image Denoising Based on Seperable Total Variation Model

Liao-lin HU, Bin WANG, Rui-yang XUE, and Ya-ping WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 910003 (2014)

Recognition Technology of Large-Scale Hybrid-Distortion Target

Bing REN, Jun MA, Lan LAN, and Wen-sheng WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 910004 (2014)

Interference Characteristics of Vortex Beams and Its Application in Deformation Measurement

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 912001 (2014)

Simultaneous Measurement of the Degree of Polarization and Spatial Analysis of Depolarization Based on a Rochon Prism

Yun-han LUO, Fang WANG, Jing-hua GE, Zhe CHEN, Jie-yuan TANG, Jian-hui YU, Hui-hui LU, Jun ZHANG, Hong-huan LIU, and Zhan SUI

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 912002 (2014)

Extracting Moiré Fringe Deviation with Tunnel-exploring Algorithm

Tao SUN and Yi-zhong SONG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 912004 (2014)

High-precision Phase-shift Laser Range Finder System Based on Laser Beat-frequency

Cheng-hao JIANG, Jin-hua YANG, Li-juan ZHANG, and Xiao-kun WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 912006 (2014)

The Surface Flaws Inspection of Optical Components Based on the Fringe Reflection

Wen-chuan ZHAO, Xian-yun ZHONG, and Bin LIU

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 912007 (2014)

Non-threshold Windowed Fourier Filter Algorithm

Xing-long LI, Feng LI, Ran ZHAO, and Ping SUN

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 912008 (2014)

Study of Scattering Characters of Coated Non-spherical Aerosols Particles and its Effects on the Laser Signals Propagation

Hua LI, Yan-bin WANG, Qian-jin ZOU, Feng-jie QI, Min WANG, and Cheng-gong HUANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 914001 (2014)

2D Calculation of Heating Process and Crater Shape for Ultrashort Lasers Ablation Silicon Films

Fang-yuan JIN, Bo CHEN, Shu-lin E, and Hai-feng WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 914002 (2014)

Influences of Laser Pulse Energy on Physical Characteristics of Laser-induced Aluminum Alloy Plasma

Pei-chao ZHENG, Hong-di LIU, Jin-mei WANG, Bin YU, Rui YANG, Bin ZHANG, and Xiao-meng WANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 914003 (2014)

Stabilizing the Optical Parametric Oscillator Cavity by Fringe-locking Technique in Preparation of Squeezed State of Light

Wen-yan QU, Jia-zheng SONG, Fei FENG, Yu-lang XUE, and Tong-yi ZHANG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 914004 (2014)

The Preparation of Graphene Based Broadband Saturable Absorber and Its Application in Laser

Xiang XU, Man JIANG, Diao LI, Hao-wei CHEN, Mei QI, Jing-hang ZHANG, Zhao-yu REN, and Jin-tao BAI

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 914005 (2014)

The Design of Reflective Scanning Device for Drilling the Inverted Cone Micro-hole with Femtosecond Laser Pulses

Hua-long ZHAO, Ren-kui ZHOU, Wei ZHAO, Xiao-jun YANG, Ming LI, and Hai-ni JIA

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 914006 (2014)

Mode Properties of Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide with an Metal Nano-rib

Cong WANG, Gen-zhu WU, Pei ZHOU, Meng ZHANG, and Da-ru CHEN

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 916001 (2014)

Preparation and Characterization of Fe3O4@SiO2@CdTe Fluorescent Magnetic Microspheres

Li-song ZHANG, Gong-zheng WANG, Run-Yang MO, Ming YE, and Xiao-Meng LI

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 916002 (2014)

Multiple-valued Characteristic Research of Nonlinear One-dimensional Photonic Crystal Reflection Spectrum

Rong-jun ZHANG, Juan ZHANG, and Rui-shen XIA

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 923001 (2014)

A MIM Surface Plasmon T-splitter Based on a Stub Structure

Ya-lan JIANG, Ji-cheng WANG, Yue-ke WANG, Hong-jiao LIU, Cheng LIU, and Shu-mei GAO

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 923002 (2014)

A Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Fresnel Zone Plate

Ru-shuang HE, Bin ZHANG, Zhen-yu WANG, Wei-dong TAO, Xue-fen PAN, and Jian-feng DONG

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 923003 (2014)

Controlled Quantum Information Sharing of An Arbitrary One-particle State via Cluster State

Yan-ping LI, Tian-yin WANG, and Bao-yin YIN

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 927002 (2014)

Slag Quantitative Analysis Based on PLS Model by Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscpy

Xing-long CHEN, Feng-zhong DONG, Jing-ge WANG, Zhi-bo NI, Wen-gan HE, Hong-bo FU, and Jun XU

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 930002 (2014)

Influence of Protein and Carbohydrate in Maize Leaf by Infection of Maize Southern Rust Using FTIR

You-ming SHI, Dong-yu LI, Gang LIU, and Shi-lai YI

Vol. 43, Issue 9, 930003 (2014)