Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2015

<Volume: 44, Issue: 1>

32 Article(s)

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Ionized Donor Bound Exciton States in Strained Wurtzite ZnO/MgxZn1-xO Disk-shaped Quantum Dots

Dong-mei ZHENG and Zong-chi WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 116001 (2015)

Texture for Diamond Wire Sawn Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers by a Vapor Etching Method

Xiao-mei LIU, Wen-hao CHEN, Miao LI, and Lang ZHOU

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 116002 (2015)

Two Temperature-dependent Energy Transfers in CdTe Nanocrystal Films

Zheng-rong XIA and Rong-qing LI

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 116003 (2015)

Luminescence Properties of Oxyfluoride Tellurite Glasses Doped with Dy3+ Ions and Tb3+ Ions

Qian WANG, Wei-huan ZHANG, Shao-ye OUYANG, Bin YANG, Yue-pin ZHANG, and Hai-ping XIA

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 116004 (2015)


Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Carbazole-Benzothiazole Derivatives Doped Polyimide Films

Qiu-yan SONG, Gen-xiang CHEN, Ming-gen ZHAO, and Tong LI

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 119001 (2015)

Characteristics of Transmission for the Solitons String Based on Simpson Algorithm of Modified Symmetric Split-Step Fourier Method

Jian-ping WEI, Xing-fang JIANG, Jun WANG, Xiang-min KONG, and Bin TANG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 119002 (2015)


Artificial Bee Swarm Algorithm in the Application of Photovoltaic Cell Five-parameter Double-diode Model

Xian-zhong JIAN, Kai WEI, and Qiang GUO

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 125001 (2015)

The Research of Balance Detector for High-speed Coherence Optical Communications

Yong-hong DAI, Yong AI, Wei XIAO, Hao-tian ZHOU, and Xin SHAN

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 125002 (2015)

Detection Performance for Laser Radars that Use Geiger-mode APD in Atmosphere Background

Bi-da SU, Jing-feng WANG, Xue-song MA, Hai-yang ZHANG, Hao HUA, and Su-hui YANG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 125003 (2015)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Analysis of Coupling Characteristics of Dual-core PhotonicCrystal Fibers Based on Tellurite Glass

Shi-liang GUO, Chun-hai HU, Hui HUANG, Xiao-peng SHA, and Zhi-quan LI

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 106001 (2015)

Distributed Raman Temperature Measurement System Based on Multi-mode Fiber

Hai-peng ZHU and Zhong-xie JIN

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 106002 (2015)

Estimation and Compensation of Sampling Clock Frequency Offset in Coherent Optical OFDM Systems with a Pilot-aided Method

Bao LI, Jian-jun YU, Jing HE, Ming CHEN, and Lin CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 106003 (2015)

Signal Processing of Intrusion Monitoring Based on φ-OTDR

Yin ZHENG, Fa-jie DUAN, Qin-chang TU, and Bo WEI

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 106004 (2015)

Dispersion and Loss Control of High Birefringence Photonic Crystal Fiber with CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots Film

Yan GENG, He-lin WANG, and Zhong-shi CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 106006 (2015)


Light Optical System Design with Wide Spectral Band, Large Field of View for Deep Space Exploration

Qing-yu MENG, Ji-hong DONG, Hong-feng QU, Wei WANG, and Zhi-rui CAO

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 122001 (2015)

Design of Double Freeform-surface Lens with Large View Angle for Uniform Illumination of the Near-field

Wen-ping YAN, Zhen-ning GUO, Jie-ben LIN, Ru-ting GAN, and Mu-chuan LIN

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 122002 (2015)


Modulation Parameters Influence and Optimal Selection of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

Zhi-rong ZHANG, Peng-shuai SUN, Hua XIA, Tao PANG, Bian WU, Xiao-juan CUI, Yu WANG, and Feng-zhong DONG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 114002 (2015)

Improvement of the Spectral Characteristics of 980nm Semiconductor Laser

Shao-juan CHEN, Yi LI, Wen-rui YUAN, Jian-kun CHEN, Hong-zhu ZHENG, Ru-long HAO, Yao SUN, Jia-yin TANG, Fei LIU, Xiao-hua WANG, Bao-ying FANG, Guo-xiang TONG, and Han1 XIAO

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 114003 (2015)


Characteristics of a Y-fed Coupler Electro-optic Switch Using Two-section Push-pull Poled Waveguides

Zhu-bo LI, Xiao-liang HUANG, Cui-ting LI, and Chuan-tao ZHENG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 113001 (2015)

Analysis of Sharpness Fano Resonance Line Based on Eye-like Resonator

Xiao-wei LOU, Jin-jiang CUI, Ning-ning DONG, Jian-gen XU, Hui-ming TAN, and Fan WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 113002 (2015)

Physical Optics

Effects of the Aperture on Polarization Properties of Polarized Gaussian Schell-model Beam

Jun LIU, Xing CAO, Ming GAO, Hong LV, and Lei GONG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 126001 (2015)

Analysis of Waveguide Discontinuities with Anisotropic Dielectric by Semi-analytical Spectral Element Method

Hong-wei YANG, Gai-ye WANG, and Cui-ying HUANG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 126002 (2015)

Focusing Properties of Symmetric Broken Azimuthally Polarized Beams Modulated by Non-uniform Spiral Phases

Gao-feng XIE, Peng LI, Sheng LIU, and Jian-lin ZHAO

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 126003 (2015)

Degree of Diffraction for Monochromatic Light Beams

Jie WU, Shuang-yan YANG, and Chun-fang LI

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 126004 (2015)


Dynamic Characteristic of the Wavefront Aberrations in Human Eye

Wei QUAN, Bo-yu GAO, Wei-chen WANG, and Bao-hua BAI

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 117001 (2015)

Redundancy of Fenna-Matthews-Olson for Energy Harvesting

Xuan LENG and Xian-ting LIANG

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 117002 (2015)


Large Aperture Telescope Mirror Figure Evaluation with Power Spectral Density

Qi-chang AN, Jing-xu ZHANG, Fei YANG, li-min ZHANG, and Xiang-yi LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 112001 (2015)

Gas Concentration Detection Method Based on Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Technology

Yong-ping LIU, Xia WANG, Shuai-shuai LI, and Ling HU

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 112002 (2015)

Research on Remote Fluorescent Temperature Measurement System

Wei SONG, Dong-jian LI, Wei XIE, Wen-song ZHANG, and Xiao-kuo KOU

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 112003 (2015)

Interferometric Rayleigh Scattering Velocimetry Using a Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Li CHEN, Fu-rong YANG, Tie SU, Wei-yi BAO, Xin-hua QI, and Shuang CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 1, 112004 (2015)