Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2015

<Volume: 44, Issue: 10>

28 Article(s)

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Research Article

Properties of Plastic Optical Fibers in Crack Monitoring

Teng-fei BAO, Jin-lei ZHAO, and Dan QI

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1006001 (2015)

All-fiber Interferometric Sensors for Simultaneous Measurement of Dual Parameters

Ye CAO, Chen ZHAO, and Zheng-rong TONG

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1006002 (2015)

Preparation and Properties of Low-loss Core-cladding Structure Ge-Te-Se Fiber Based on the Extrusion Technology

Fang-xing LIAO, Xun-si WANG, Qiu-hua NIE, Qing-de ZHU, Ci CHENG, Li-hong SUN, Shuo LIU, Zhang-hao PAN, Pei-quan ZHANG, Pei-qing ZHANG, Zi-jun LIU, Shi-xun DAI, Tie-feng XU, and Guang-ming TAO

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1006003 (2015)

Distributed Temperature Sensor with Brillouin Optical Correlation Reflectometry Based on White Gaussian Noise Modulation

Jing CHAI, Ming-jiang ZHANG, Yi LIU, Yong-ning ZHANG, Hui LIU, and Yun-ting LI

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1006004 (2015)

Influence of the Environmental Temperature on the Service Life of Fiber Bragg Gratings

Heng-yi XU, Xiao-hua LEI, Wei ZHANG, Wei-min CHEN, Yi QI, Jing-fei LI, and Xian-ming LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1006005 (2015)

Correct the Measurement Error of Distributed Raman Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System

Rui YANG, Xiao-yan LI, and Xiang GAO

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1006006 (2015)

Analysis and Optimization of Pump Performance of ROPA System with Channel Associated Structure Using the 2nd-order Pump

Jian XU, Li-yan HUANG, Jie-kui YU, Yi HU, Xiao-tie JIA, and Xue-yi LEI

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1006007 (2015)

Error Analysis of Binocular Stereo Vision System Applied in Small Scale Measurement

Bao-li LU, Yu-liang LIU, and Liang SUN

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1011001 (2015)

An Improved Fast N-FINDR Endmember Extraction Algorithm

Chun-hui ZHAO and Yun-ting GUO

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1011002 (2015)

Influence on Patterns Quality of Multi-beam Interference Lithography Caused by the Deviations of Incidence Azimuth Angle and Intensity of Light

Li-na MA, Jin ZHANG, Shi-lei JIANG, Guo-bin SUN, Guo-feng YANG, Ling-xia HANG, Qian MI, and Wei JI

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1011003 (2015)

Research on Possible Effects of Atmospheric Optical Characteristics on Laser Propagation in Arid Area

Wei-yu L, Ke-e YUAN, Shun-xing HU, and Jian-guo WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1014001 (2015)

Research of Yb-doped All Fibre Lasers

Xue-xia ZHANG, Ting-wu GE, Qi-rui TAN, Chen-chen LIU, and Zhi-yong WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1014002 (2015)

Method of Accurate Correction on Inner Filter Effects in Fluorescence Quenching Analysis

Xiang-dong CHEN, Zi-jun YUAN, Feng GAO, and Wei-qing GAO

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1017001 (2015)

Optimization of Single Molecules Axial Location Precision in 3D Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy

Shi-chao ZHANG, Si-min LI, Guang YANG, Hui LI, and Da-xi XIONG

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1017003 (2015)

Analysis of Geometrical Qualities and Functionalities of Pupil-filters Used for Super-resolution Imaging

Luo-lan L, Xiang-chao ZHANG, and Min XU

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1022001 (2015)

Development of a Multi-focusing Artificial Compound Eye With Decreasing Focal Length

Jia-sai LUO, Yong-cai GUO, and Xin WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1022002 (2015)

Design of Ultra-thin Direct-down LED Panel with Tapered Optical Elements Based on Taguchi Method

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Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1022003 (2015)

Design of Optical System for Multifunctional Solar Simulator

Gao-fei SUN, Guo-yu ZHANG, Shi LIU, Ling-yun WANG, and Yu-jun GAO

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1023001 (2015)

Long-term Stability Improvement in an Optoelectronic Oscillator Based on a Feedback Control Loop

Feng-xin REN, Tao JIN, Hao CHI, Guo-chuan TONG, and Jun-chao ZHENG

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1023003 (2015)

Study of Prism Surface Plasmons Resonance Sensor Based on Double Dielectric Layers

Zhi-bin WANG and Huan-huan HAN

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1024001 (2015)

Optimization Spectrum of White Light Emitting Diodes Based on Correlated Color Temperature and Luminous Flux

Ma-lian HUANG, Huan-ting CHEN, Xiao-fang ZHOU, Jia-yi CAI, Jin-rong ZHOU, and Zhong-quan HE

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1030001 (2015)

Simulation of Spectral Response Function based on Huygens Point Spread Function

Zhen-yu GAO, Wei FANG, Bao-qi SONG, Ming JIANG, and Yu-peng WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1030002 (2015)

Investigation into the Design and Diffraction Efficiency of Shifted Dual Transmission Grating

Bao-qing WANG, Chuan-ke WANG, Tao YI, Ting-shuai LI, Jin LI, Xiao-li ZHU, Chang-qing XIE, Shen-ye LIU, Shao-en JIANG, and Yong-kun DING

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1030003 (2015)

Interaction between Ebastine and Bovine Serum Albumin by Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Cong-wen LU, Xiu-feng LAN, Lin ZHANG, and Xia1 CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 10, 1030004 (2015)