Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2015

<Volume: 44, Issue: 12>

26 Article(s)

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Research Article

Calibration of Mirror Reflectivity for Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy

Jun DUAN, Min QIN, Xue LU, Lan-lan SHEN, Wu FANG, Pin-hua XIE, and Wen-qing LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1201001 (2015)

Polarization Properties of Gaussian Schell-Model Beams Propagating through Ocean Turbulence

Qin-wei ZHANG, Wen-dong LI, Yong-jian GU, Ming-wei JIN, and Cheng XUE

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1201002 (2015)

Wavelet Packet Transform for PAPR Reduction Performance in CO-OFDM System

Zheng-rong TONG, Zun-li GUO, Ye CAO, and Wei-hua ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1206001 (2015)

Magnetic Field Sensing Based on Magnetic-fluid-clad No-core Single-mode No-core Fiber Structure

Shengli Pu, Jiali Tang, Zhiheng Liu, and Longfeng Luo

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1206002 (2015)

Research on the Axial Magnetic Characteristic in a Polarization Maintaining Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Cai-ni ZHANG, Meng-fang YANG, Yu-xiang ZHAO, Deng-wei ZHANG, Xiao-wu SHU, and Cheng LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1206003 (2015)

Quadrature Demodulation in a Laser-interception System Based on Acousto-optic Frequency Shifting

Ning HE, Tai-qin FENG, and Xin LIAO

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1206004 (2015)

Design of Spectroradiometer Incidence System Based on Lightcone Coupling

Li-yan YANG, Guo-yu ZHANG, Ru ZHENG, Zhen-zhen BIAN, Feng ZHENG, and Bing HU

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1206005 (2015)

Quantitative Evaluation of Jamming Effect on Spectral Imaging Based on Spectral Similarity Measure

Wei GAO, Yi-fan SUN, Peng SUN, and Dong-ni DANG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1211001 (2015)

Wavefront Gradient Deviation Evaluation Methods

Shu-mei SONG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1211002 (2015)

Reducing the Error Caused by Dynamic Background in the Imaging System Based on Compressed Sensing

Jia-yan ZHUANG, Wei-ji HE, Qian CHEN, and Wei-yi FENG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1211003 (2015)

Method for Electron Density Diagnostics Based on Coded Source Imaging

Guo-dong LI, Jian-lun YANG, and Fa-xin CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1211004 (2015)

Using the Equivalent Stress to Analyze the Effect of Temperature Change on Surface Accuracy of the Bonded Mirror

Wen-jie LI, Shao-xin WANG, Quan-quan MU, Chen-liang YANG, Zao-liang CAO, and Li XUAN

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1212001 (2015)

Partition Algorithm for Extended Targets in Optical Sensor Using Sparse Reconstruction

Xue-ying WANG, Tie-bing WANG, Hui ZHANG, Jun LI, and Wei AN

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1212002 (2015)

Calibration Method for Line Structured-light Parameters Based on Homography Matrix

Lei HONG, Qi-liang TIAN, and Bao-jian JI

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1212003 (2015)

Development of Driver for Room-temperature Continuous Mid-infrared Quantum Cascade Laser

Li FU, Jing-min DANG, Chun-zhuang MIAO, Chen CHEN, Chuan-tao ZHENG, and Yi-ding WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1213001 (2015)

Mode Characteristics Analysis of Embedded-type Dual Microdisk Resonators

Yu-ren CHEN, Zhuo-ran WANG, Guo-hui YUAN, and Pei-pei REN

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1213002 (2015)

Ultra-Compact Coupling Modulation Based High Speed Electro-optic Modulator with Rectangular Ring Resonator

Shuang WANG, Ke LIU, and Cheng-long ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1213003 (2015)

Mode Field Analysis Method of the Planar Optical Waveguides Based on an Integral Equation

Xiao-huan LIU and Bing-xin LI

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1213004 (2015)

Power Measurement of Ultra-fast Pulse Digital Holography Pump-probe System

Wen-yan YUE, Xiao-ping YANG, and Yong YANG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1214001 (2015)

Analysis on Effect of Separated Amplifier Structure Parameter on Thermal Effect

De-ping ZHANG, Chao WU, Hui-cai SHI, Rong-zhu ZHANG, and Nian-chun SUN

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1214002 (2015)

Fabrication of Multi-structure 2D Photonic Quasicrystals by Using Single-prism Common-path Interferometry

Xiao-hong SUN, Wen-yan LIU, Shuai WANG, Wen-yang LI, and Wei LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1216001 (2015)

Fabrication and Characterization of Passive Microsphere Resonators Based on Ge28Sb12Se60 Chalcogenide Glass

Xing-di ZHANG, Yue-hao WU, Bo JIANG, Wei ZHANG, Pei-qing ZHANG, Shi-xun DAI, Tie-feng XU, and Qin-yuan ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1216002 (2015)

Quantum Properties of Entangled Biphotons Generated via Frequency-nondegenerate Type-I Spontaneous Parametric Down-conversion

Bai-hong LI, Dou-dou WANG, Tao ZHANG, Wei LIU, and Yong-fang LI

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1227001 (2015)

The Transmission of Polarized Light of Space Attitude in Quantum Communication

Hai-ma YANG, Cai-wen MA, Jian-yu WANG, Liang ZHANG, Jin LIU, and Yuan-shen HUAN

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1227002 (2015)

Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images Based on Supervised Sparse Manifold Embedding

Hong HUANG, Ya-qiong YANG, Fu-lin LUO, and Hai-liang FENG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1228001 (2015)

The Object-based Method of Shadow Detection in High-resolution Remote Sensing Imagery

Tao SHUAI, Hong-yan ZHANG, and Liang-pei ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 12, 1228002 (2015)