Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2015

<Volume: 44, Issue: 3>

34 Article(s)

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Study and Fabrication of Broad Band-pass Filters in Infrared Therapy Apparatus

Dong-mei LIU, Shuang LIU, Xiu-hua FU, Jing ZHANG, and Song-lin HE

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 331001 (2015)

Design and Fabrication of a Broad Spectrum and Wide Angle Beam Splitter in Smart Glasses Imaging System

Xiu-hua FU, Yu-shuai ZHANG, Yang KOU, Xu-na LI, Dong-mei LIU, Jing ZHANG, and Guang-hui LI

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 331002 (2015)

Effect of Preforming Pressure to Precursor on the Property of Exfoliated Graphite

De-yue MA, Xiao-xia LI, Yu-xiang GUO, and Ji-jin ZHAO

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 331003 (2015)

Imaging Systems

Infrared Image Sequence Complexity Analysis Based on Multi-attribute Decision Making

Li-yong QIAO, Li-xin XU, and Min GAO

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 311001 (2015)

Optical System Design of Multispectral Space Camera

Xu-yang LI, Hong-wei YI, and Hao-cheng QI

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 311002 (2015)

Separable Compressive Imaging with Deterministic Matrices

Cheng ZHANG, Hong CHENG, Fen ZHANG, and Sui WEI

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 311003 (2015)

Point Spread Function of Pinhole Imaging System for Deviating from Center of Incident γ-Ray

Qing-li MA, Shi-biao TANG, and Yan-hua WU

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 311004 (2015)


Characteristic Analysis of Noise Factor in the Periodic Stripe Long Range Surface Plasmon Polaritons Structure

Zhi-quan LI, Lei YAN, Jia-liang GUO, Jun ZHU, and Ling-ling ZHAO

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 319001 (2015)

Brillouin Scattering Parameters of Different Modes in Multimode Optical Fibers

Yong-qian LI, Xu ZHAO, Li-juan ZHAO, Li MA, Xiao-juan LI, and Qi AN

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 319002 (2015)

Reflection Band Gap in Thue-Morse Quasicrystal Containing Anisotropic Left Handed Material

Yong-qiang KANG, Peng GAO, Hong-mei LIU, and Chun-min ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 319004 (2015)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Spreading and Wander of Partially Coherent Beam through Atmospheric Turbulence in a Slanted Path

Xi-zheng KE, Mei-miao HAN, and Ming-jun WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 306001 (2015)

Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Using Cantilever Beam of Qual Strength for Slope Sliding Displacement Monitoring

Chao GAO, Bang LIU, Yong-cai GUO, and Zheng-wei ZHU

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 306002 (2015)

Design and Performance of a Low-loss Chalcogenide Hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fiber at 4.3 μm

Yang-jian DONG, Shi-xun DAI, Pei-qing ZHANG, Yong-xing LIU, Pei-long YANG, and Xun-si WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 306003 (2015)

Optical Receiving Antenna for Indoor Visible Light Communication Based on Holographic Mirror

Long-hui WANG, Tian LAN, Zhen-min SHEN, Xiang LI, and Guo-qiang NI

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 306004 (2015)

Output Characteristics of Bidirectional Feedback Brillouin-Raman Fiber Laser

Wan-zhuo MA, Tian-shu WANG, Peng ZHANG, Chun-ying ZHAO, Jing ZHANG, Xin LIU, Mei KONG, and Hui-lin JIANG

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 306005 (2015)

Optical Device

Studying of Output Power Combining for Cascaded Travelling-wave Photodiode Arrays

Hua-feng WEN, Qiu-hua NIE, Tai-jun LIU, Tie-feng XU, Xiang-yue YING, Kevin CLARK, and Ying-feng LI

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 323001 (2015)

Sub-micron Chalcogenide Glass Ridge Waveguides with Anomalous Dispersion and Its Application to Optical Phase Conjugation

Lin-er ZOU, Song-chao YAO, Bao-xue CHEN, and Iso MAMORU

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 323002 (2015)


A Method to Improve Fringe Contrast in Time-average Digital Holography for Vibration Measurement

Wen XIAO, Xu-hong ZHANG, Feng PAN, Lin CONG, and Yan LI

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 309001 (2015)

New Methods of Removing Background and Applications in In-line Digital Holography

Xiu-pin WU and Wan-rong GAO

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 309002 (2015)

Design of Waveguide Holographic Configuration for Display

Yu-jie LIU, Quan-xin DING, Wen-qiang LI, and Zhan-jun YAN

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 309003 (2015)


Scattering Spectra of Gold Nanorods Trapped by a Single Laser Beam

Hai-dong DENG, Hai LI, and Zi-zheng GUO

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 329001 (2015)

Light Scattering Properties of Semitransparent Coatings on Rough Substrate Based on Surface Generation Method

Yi LV, Jun GAO, Ling-mei WANG, and Chi WANG

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 329002 (2015)


Simulation of the Rough Target′s Signal in Synthetic Aperture Ladar

Wen-jia DANG, Xiao-dong ZENG, Chang-qing CAO, Zhi LAI, Zhe-jun FENG, and Tian-tian LI

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 304001 (2015)

Seasonal Requirement of the Infrared Camouflage Paint′s Emissivity

Zi-jian HE, Jia-ming SHI, Jia-chun WANG, Zhong-cai YUAN, Da-peng ZHAO, Zhi-dan LIN, and Yue-yue FENG

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 304002 (2015)

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Super Resolution Optic Three-dimensional Imaging Based on Compressed Sensing

Feng WANG, Jian-jun LUO, Xing-jia TANG, Li-bo LI, and Bin-liang HU

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 328001 (2015)

Super Resolution ISAR Imaging in Receiver Centered Region Area in Bistatic Radar

Long ZHANG, Tao SU, Zheng LIU, Xiao-hui HE, and Yong-qiang DUAN

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 328002 (2015)

Analysis of Underlying Surface Impact on Non-synchronous Alternative Spectral Calibration

Ai-jun XU, Juan YUAN, Wen-juan ZHANG, Zheng-chao CHEN, Ya-qiong ZHANG, and Hai-wei LI

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 328003 (2015)

Humidity Sensor Based on Waist-enlarged Fiber Tapers Cascade Structure

Yun-shan ZHANG, Xue-guang QIAO, Min SHAO, Hai-wei FU, Hui-dong LI, and Na ZHAO

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 328004 (2015)


Applied Research of Dual-wavelength Shearography for Flaw Detection of Composite Material

Yuan GUO, Qi MAO, Xiao-tian CHENG, Quan WU, and Wei ZHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 312001 (2015)

Selection of Sampling Points in Two Dimensional Lateral Shearing Interferometry

Hong-jun WANG, Cong ZHANG, Ai-ling TIAN, and Bing-cai LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 312002 (2015)

Research on Generating Device of Infinite Low Light Level Weapon Sight Target Simulation

Zuo-jiang XIAO, Xiao-xue GUO, Hai-bin ZHU, Zhi-gang XU, and Zhi-yong AN

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 312003 (2015)

Achromatism about Negative Refractive Index Lens

Bo ZHANG, Qing-feng CUI, Chang-xi XUE, Ming-xu PIAO, and Chun-yan YU

Vol. 44, Issue 3, 312004 (2015)