Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2015

<Volume: 44, Issue: 6>

31 Article(s)

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Research Article

Calculation Method of Geometrical Form Factor and Its Enhancement for Off-axis Lidar System

Huan-xue WANG, Jian-guo LIU, and Tian-shu ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 601001 (2015)

Aerosol Scale Height Measured by Sun-Photometer Based on Stratified Atmospheric Algorithm

Meng-chun XU, Qing-shan XU, Chuan-yu FAN, and Yi-ping YANG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 601002 (2015)

Responsivity Calibration of a 4.2 K Silicon Terahertz Bolometer

Zhong-xin ZHENG, Yao YU, Jian-dong SUN, Xin-xing LI, Hua QIN, Xue-cou TU, and Jian CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 604001 (2015)

InGaAs-MSM Photodetector with Low Dark Current

Xin YAN, Tao WANG, Fei YIN, Hai-qiao NI, Zhi-chuan NIU, Li-wei XIN, and Jin-shou TIAN

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 604002 (2015)

Scheme of Optical Pulse Compression Reflectometry Based on Nonlinear Frequency Modulation

Yu-zhou ZHANG, Wei-wen ZOU, Xin LONG, and Jian-ping CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 606001 (2015)

Method for Measuring Relative Phase of Periodical Signal Based on Ultra-high Resolution Optical Spectrum Analysis

Yu-chen CHEN, Chang-jian KE, Song-bao YANG, Zhi-xiang LUO, and De-ming LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 606002 (2015)

Simulation of PM-fibers′ Azimuthal Alignment Based on the Image Correlation of Light Intensity

Xiao-Quan WENG, Di FENG, Huai-bo HUANG, Zhen-hua LIU, and Ning-fang SONG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 606003 (2015)

High Output Power kW Class of Pump Light by (N+1)×1 Fiber Couplers in a Cascaded Structure

Xiao CHEN, Qi-rong XIAO, Guang-yong JIN, Ping YAN, and Ma-li GONG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 606004 (2015)

Image Processing Technology Based on Color-separated Correction for Optical Imaging System with Aberrations

Yan-chao FENG, Hua-jun FENG, Zhi-hai XU, Qi LI, and Yue-ting CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 610001 (2015)

Adaptive Electronic Image Stabilization Algorithm Resistant to Foreground Moving Object

Juan-juan ZHU, Jing FAN, and Bao-long GUO

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 610002 (2015)

Haze Removal Using Dark Channel for Remote Sensing Images of Natural Disaster

Yu-quan GAN, De-sheng WEN, Le WANG, Xiao-hui GAO, and Cui-yu WEI

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 610003 (2015)

The Design and Implementation for a Range-gated ICCD

Huan HE, Jin-shou TIAN, Wen-long WEN, Jun-feng WANG, Hu-lin LIU, Xiao-feng SAI, Yong-lin WEI, Li-wei XIN, and Li-zhou LI

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 611001 (2015)

Amelioration of Intensity Correlation Array towards High-Orbit Satellite Imaging

Xi-yu LI, Xin GAO, Jia TANG, and Ling-jie FENG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 611002 (2015)

Simulation and Retrieval of Stitching Tolerances of Aspheric Sector-shaped Segment

Cun-dong LEI, Lie-hua ZHENG, and Ying CHE

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 611003 (2015)

Complete Photonic Band Gaps of Two-Dimensional Triangular Lattice Photonic Crystals Based on Copper-Coin-Shaped Air Hole

Chuan-qi LI, Qing-bin FAN, Meng-jie YANG, and Xiu-rong ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 623001 (2015)

Low Power Variable Optical Attenuator Utilizing Hybrid Integrated SiON/Polymer Channel Waveguide Platform

Qian-qian SONG, Jian-ping LEI, and Kai-xin CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 623003 (2015)

Humidity Detection Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance

Zhi-quan LI, Xiao-yun MENG, Rui-qi PIAO, Jing-jing ZHAO, Kai TONG, Er-dan GU, and When-chao LI

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 624001 (2015)

Mode and Sensing Properties of Hybrid Plasmonic Microcavity

Meng ZHANG, Gen-zhu WU, Cong WANG, Bin-bin LIU, and Da-ru CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 624002 (2015)

Tunable Photonic Bandgap Based on Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in One Dimensional Atomic Lattices

Nuo BA, Lei WANG, Xiang-yao WU, Dong-fei LI, Dan WANG, and Li-yun YAN

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 627002 (2015)

Optical Quantum Random Number Generator Based on Parity of the Number of Photons Detected in Equal Time Intervals

Qiu-rong YAN, Bao-sheng ZHAO, Hua ZHANG, Qing-hong LIAO, and Rong-ling CHEN

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 627003 (2015)

Coherent Control of the Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Inversed Y-type-four-level System

Yan GE, Xuan HUA, Lei ZHANG, Lian-zhen LIU, and Xiang-yang ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 627004 (2015)

Application of Small Slope Approximation in BRDF Calculation of Laser Scattering from Rough Surface

Hai-shan YU, Hong-guang REN, Li-jun HUO, Hao MEI, and Jing-guo ZHANG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 629001 (2015)

Implementation of Spectral Overlap Resolution Based on Wavelet Transforms and Gaussian Fitting

Fei FENG, Fu-bei WANG, Fei XIE, Qiong-shui WU, and Li-bo ZENG

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 630001 (2015)

Viscosity of Insulating Oil with Trace Water Based on the Mid-Infrared Spectral Analysis

Bin CHEN, Hong-yang WU, Chao HAN, Huan YAN, and Ge LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 630002 (2015)

Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for Detection of Hydrogen Fluoride Using Tunable Diode Laser

Yan-wei GAO, Yu-jun ZHANG, Dong CHEN, Ying HE, Kun YOU, Jin-feng XU, and Wen-qing LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 630003 (2015)

Rapid Analysing Edible Oil Using Three Dimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Zhi-qun DING, Jin-xia WANG, Hong-xia ZHAO, Pei-hong CHENG, Jin-song HU, and Hui JIA

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 630004 (2015)

Real-time Study on Erythrocyte Endocytosing Ag@AuNPs by Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering

Zhi-zhi ZHANG, Man-man LIN, Ze-sen ZHANG, Bin XU, Hui-lu YAO, and Jun-xian LIU

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 630005 (2015)

Pt and Pt/Cr Release Layer Used in Hot Slumping Glass Technology

Xin-yan YANG, Xin WANG, Sheng-zhen YI, and Bao-zhong MU

Vol. 44, Issue 6, 631001 (2015)