Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2016

<Volume: 45, Issue: 5>

27 Article(s)

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Research Article

Performance Analysis of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height Measurement in Nagqu Based on Ceilometer

Xi-wei LIAO, Xiao-quan SONG, Dong-xiang WANG, Qian ZHANG, Guang-yao DAI, and Song-hua WU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 501001 (2016)

Aerosol Detection Method Based on Wide-Range Particle Spectrometer

Xian-yun LIU, Jia-yi Fang, Lei LI, and Chun-mei YUAN

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 501002 (2016)

Polarization Model of Quantized Gaussian Schell-model Fields in an Oceanic Turbulence

Ming-chao XIA, Yi-xin ZHANG, Ye LI, and Yu-qian WU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 501003 (2016)

Nonlinear Propagation Characteristic of the Short-Interval Pulse Trains and Chaotic Soliton Wavepacket Generation in Optical Fibers

Xian-tong DU, Xian-qiong ZHONG, Ke CHENG, and Jia-nan SHENG

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 506002 (2016)

Ultrasonic Detection of Metal Sheet Using Fiber Bragg Grating

Yan ZHENG, You-long YU, Yu-jie MEI, and Hui LI

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 506003 (2016)

Blind Separation Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Based on the Denoising Reduction and the Bat Optimization

Zhi-cheng JIA, Yun-yan XUE, Lei CHEN, Yan-jun GUO, and Hao-da XU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 511001 (2016)

Non-diffraction Beam Improves the Resolution Ratio of Imaging System

Zi-yan CHEN, Wei-wang HU, Feng-tie WU, Qing-zhi ZHU, and Yan-lin HE

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 511002 (2016)

Principle and Tolerance Analysis of a Rotating Parallel-mirror-pair Spectrometer

Qi-sheng CAI, Bin XIANG-LI, Yu FANG, and Zheng TAN

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 512001 (2016)

Research on System Calibration of Structured-Light Measurement Based on Neural Network

Zhao-shuai QI, Zhao WANG, Jun-hui HUANG, Qi XUE, and Jian-min GAO

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 512002 (2016)

Study of Large Field of View Compound-eye Orientation Technology

Shu-ji GUO, Li-fang SHI, A-xiu CAO, Xiang-dong WU, and Qi-ling DENG

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 512003 (2016)

Multi-Camera Calibration Based on Vanishing Point Constraint

Chao ZHANG, Hua-min YANG, Cheng HAN, and Fan YANG

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 512004 (2016)

Fisheye Camera Calibration Algorithm Optimized by Centroid Method

Tao SONG, Guang-yu CHU, Pei-guo HOU, Hai-bin LI, and Chen CHEN

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 512005 (2016)

Influence of Temperature on “Smile” in High Power Diode Laser Bars

Shu-na WANG, Pu ZHANG, Ling-ling XIONG, Zhi-qiang NIE, Di-hai WU, and Xing-sheng LIU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 514001 (2016)

Numerical Simulation of Femtosecond Laser Multi-Pulse Ablation of Ni-Ti Alloy

Yan-fei ZHANG, Lei-lei WANG, and Jin-liang GONG

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 514002 (2016)

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study of Multi-band Trace TNT Detection by Imaging

Hao LIU, Jia-ming SHI, Zhong-cai YUAN, and Yang LIU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 514004 (2016)

Influence of the Silica Films Inserted into Silicon Substrate on the Light Trapping Performance of Silver Nanoparticles

Yi-ming BAI, Ling-ling YAN, Yan-ning WANG, Lin SU, Hai LIU, Nuo-fu CHEN, and Jian-xi YAO

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 516001 (2016)

Preparation and Optical Properties of SiO2@Fe3O4@C Colloidal Nanoparticles

Chong-yang WANG, Xuan-xuan QIAO, Ai-hua SUN, Jian-jun GUO, Yue-jin ZHU, and Gao-jie XU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 516003 (2016)

Preparation of TiO2-AgNPs Surface Enhanced Raman Basal and Its Active Research

Juan-juan YAO, Shi-fa WU, Shang-zhong JIN, Hua-cai CHEN, Jing TONG, and Jian-hua DING

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 516004 (2016)

Spectral Properties of Ho3+/Tm3+ Co-doped α-NaYF4 Single Crystals

Zhi-gang FENG, Hai-ping XIA, Cheng WANG, Dong-sheng JIANG, Jian ZHANG, Shi-nan HE, Qing-yang TANG, Qi-guo SHENG, Yue-pin ZHANG, Xue-mei GU, Hao-chuan JIANG, and Bao-jiu CHEN

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 516005 (2016)

Optimal Design of High-speed SOH Electro-optic Modulator Based on SOI

Kai-li LI, Jun-ming AN, Jia-shun ZHANG, Yue WANG, Liang-liang WANG, Yuan-da WU, Jian-guang LI, Xiao-jie YIN, and Hong-jie WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 523001 (2016)

Wavelength-routed Four-port Optical Router Based on Parallel-coupled Microring Resonators

Cui-ting LI, Wen-xue ZHENG, Chuan-tao ZHENG, Da-ming ZHANG, Yi-ding WANG, and Chun-sheng MA

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 523002 (2016)

The Influence of Modulating Loss on the Nonlinear Property of the MZI-based Optical Silicon Modulator

Lin GUI, Jian-cun ZUO, Yu-feng SHAO, Qiu-dong SUN, Sheng-li WANG, and Zhi-bin ZHOU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 523003 (2016)

Recognition of Transgenic Soybeans Based on Terahertz Spectroscopy and PCA-BPN Network

Jun-yang NIE, Wen-tao ZHANG, Xian-ming XIONG, Tao CHEN, Ping-ping ZHAN, and Shan TU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 530001 (2016)

Detection on Particulate PollutantinTransformer oil Based on the Mid-Infrared Spectrum

Bin CHEN, Chao HAN, and Ge LIU

Vol. 45, Issue 5, 530002 (2016)