Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2016

<Volume: 45, Issue: 7>

34 Article(s)

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Research Article

Effect of the Atmospheric Turbulence on the Performance of Free Space Quantum Communication

Min1 NIE, Kun GAO, Guang YANG, Mei-ling ZHANG, and Chang-xing PEI

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70701001 (2016)

De-noising Method for Mie Scattering Lidar Echo Signal Based on Wavelet Theory

Zhi-rong ZHOU, Deng-xin HUA, Rong YANG, Qing YAN, Hao CHEN, and Yue-hui SONG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70701002 (2016)

Space Environment Effects and 1/f Noise Discrimination Method on Mn-Co-Ni Type Infrared Detectors

Wei HU, Yi-qi ZHUANG, Jun-lin BAO, and Qi-feng ZHAO

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70704001 (2016)

The Application of Geometric Positioning for Chang′E-3 Moon-based Extreme Ultraviolet Camera

Wei YAN, Xin REN, Jian-jun LIU, and Jian-qing FENG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70704002 (2016)

Analysis of Accuracy of Scalar Diffraction Theory and Effective Medium Theory for Sinusoidal Grating

Wei-min WANG, Dong-sheng RUAN, and Xu-feng JING

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70705001 (2016)

Study of a Viewpoint Controllable Liquid Crystal Grating

Zi-hang CHU, Yong-ai ZHANG, Lin-chang HE, Tao JIN, Xiong-tu ZHOU, Tai-liang GUO, and Lan YANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70705002 (2016)

Multi-probe Fiber Thermometer Based on Sapphire-ruby Fiber Sensing Head

Jian-jia SU, Pei-pei JIANG, Wei CUI, Bo WU, and Yong-hang SHEN

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70706001 (2016)

Dynamic Strain Sensor System Using Fiber Bragg Grating-Tuned Semiconductor Fiber Ring Laser

Chuan-yi TAO and He-ming WEI

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70706002 (2016)

High-Resolution Multiplexed Fiber Bragg Grating Wavelength Interrogation System Based on Tunable LD

Wei CUI, Jian-jia SU, Pei-pei JIANG, Bo WU, and Yong-hang SHEN

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70706003 (2016)

High Precision Fiber Length Measurement Technique Based on Modulation Phase Shift Method

Xing-bang ZHU, Quan-she SUN, Xiang-liang ZHENG, Zhong HAN, and Zhi-ming LIU

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70706004 (2016)

The Design of a High Quality and Minimum Wavelength of Ultra-low-loss Tapered Optical Fiber

Jian-hui LI, Yong-tang ZHANG, and Fang WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70706005 (2016)

In-fiber Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Based on Cascading Fiber Air Bubble for High Sensitivity Liquid Refractive Index Measurement

Hui-dong LI, Hai-wei FU, Min SHAO, Xu YAN, and Zhen-an JIA

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70706006 (2016)

De-noising Technology of Radar Life Signal Based on Lifting Wavelet Transform and Improved Soft Threshold Function

Xiu-fang YANG, Ruo-jia WANG, Pei-pei WANG, Yu-xiang YANG, Wei SHAO, and Jian WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70707001 (2016)

Improvement of Mura Based on the Maximum/Minimum Bilinear Interpolation Method

Zhi-hu LIANG, Xiao-ning ZHANG, Jun-feng YUE, Zhen-tao TU, Tai-jun HUANG, Peng-fei LIANG, and Li-min WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70710001 (2016)

Autofocus Window Adjustment Based on Simplified Focus Model

Di WU, Hua-jun FENG, Zhi-hai XU, Qi LI, and Yue-ting CHEN

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70710002 (2016)

Research on Dynamic Tracking and Compensation Method for Hyperspectral Interference Imaging

Tao YU, Bing-liang HU, Xiao-hui GAO, Ru-yi WEI, Juan-juan JING, and Xiao-hua HOU

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70710003 (2016)

Compact Three-dimensional Fingerprint Acquisition System Based on a Single Camera with a Biprism

Bao-li LU, Yu-liang LIU, and Xin-wei WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70710004 (2016)

Phase-shifting Calibration Method of Wavelength-shifting Interference Measurement

Ai-ling TIAN, Di MA, Da-sen WANG, Jian LIU, Bing-cai LIU, and Xue-liang ZHU

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70712001 (2016)

Optimization Design of Spectrophotometer Based on Real Time Calibration of Dual Optical Path

Kun YUAN, Shu-qin ZHANG, Yi-ping WU, and Shang-zhong JIN

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70712002 (2016)

Crystal Thermal Effect Simulation of Tm:YAG Laser

Yu-cheng YAO, Dan-lin LIU, Chu-yun HUANG, Guo-wang XU, and Bei WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70714001 (2016)

The LIBS Plasma Characteristics of Different Surface State of TP347H Steel

Yuan DAI, Jun LI, Wen-sheng LI, Xuan DONG, and Ji-dong LU

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70714002 (2016)

Fabricating and Testing of the Large Off-axis Convex Aspheric Surface

Li-gong ZHENG, Xiao-kun WANG, Dong-lin XUE, Rui-gang LI, Feng ZHANG, Zhong-yu ZHANG, and Xue-jun ZHANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70722001 (2016)

Catadioptric Null Compensating Test

Long ZHANG, Wen-qi HU, Lie-hua ZHENG, and Pei-ming HAO

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70722002 (2016)

Design of the Φ330 mm Primary Mirror Assembly of Spaceborne Video Camera

Zong-xuan LI, Li-na XING, and Peng XIE

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70722003 (2016)

Optical System Design and Optimization of Compact Image Replicating Imaging Spectrometer

Pei-pei MA, Yang-yang LIU, Qun-bo L, Lin-lin PEI, and Yu FANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70722004 (2016)

Non-dispersive Infrared SF6 Gas Sensor Based on RBF Neural Network

Yu XUE, Jian-hua CHANG, and Xi XU

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70723001 (2016)

Optical Switch Based on Microfluidic Bistable Oscillator

Wen-ting WU, Zhong-cheng LIANG, Le ZHANG, Rui ZHAO, and Mei-mei KONG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70723002 (2016)

Effect of Different Packaging of Phosphor on the Encapsulation Efficiency of Multi-chips LED

Yan-ting CAO, Chao CHEN, Pei LIANG, and Jie HUANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70723003 (2016)

Electrical Control of Photoluminescence Spectrum of Monolayer MoS2

Ya-li WANG, Zi-yuan LIN, Yang CHAI, and Sheng WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70730001 (2016)

HP-β-CD Reduced the Interference of the Micellization on Spectrum Quantitative Analysis of SDBS and Betaine Complex Systems in Water

Dong-po SHI, Xian-qing YIN, Yan-cheng ZHENG, Wu CHEN, and Jia-xin FU

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70730002 (2016)

Detection of Amino Acid Solutions Using Metallic Grating for Terahertz

Ying WU, Bo SU, Ning FAN, and Cun-lin ZHANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70730003 (2016)

Effect of Temperature on Fluorescence Spectra of Milk Powder

Bin-qing WU, Man-ping YE, Ya-rong SHI, Xiao ZHEN, Chun-liu ZHAO, and Hua-cai CHEN

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70730004 (2016)

Depolarised Dichroic Mirror for the 355nm Ultraviolet Laser System

Qiu-hui ZHUANG, Guo-jun LIU, Xiu-hua FU, Zi MA, and San-qiang WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70731001 (2016)

Reduction of Low-frequency Noise in Phononic Crystal Plates with Composite Locally Resonant Structures and Thin Membrane

Jia-long ZHANG, Hong YAO, Jun DU, Jiu-long JIANG, Ya-ke DONG, and Peng-shan QI

Vol. 45, Issue 7, 70731002 (2016)