Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2016

<Volume: 45, Issue: 9>

26 Article(s)

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Photoluminescence Properties of Freestanding Porous Silicon Filled with CdS Nanoparticles

Zheng-wei XING, Hong-lie SHEN, Jin-ze LI, San-yang ZHANG, Jia-le YANG, Han-yu YAO, and Yu-fang LI

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 916001 (2016)

Quantification of Photon Upconversion in Holmium and Ytterbium Doped Waveguide-typed Germanate Glasses

Xue-mei ZANG, Ya-meng TIAN, Xin ZHAO, Zhi-qiang WANG, and Hai LIN

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 916002 (2016)

Imaging Systems

Design of the Probe of Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography for Endoscopic Imaging

Hai-yi BIAN, Wan-rong Gao, and Jiu-ling LIAO

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 911001 (2016)

Intensity Spread Function Analysis of Single Compressive Sensing Ghost Imaging

Yi CHEN, Xiang FAN, Yu-bao CHENG, Zheng-dong CHENG, and Zhen-yu LIANG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 916002 (2016)


Design of Dispersion Flattened and Dispersion Decreasing Fiber in Mid-infrared Region

Pei-long YANG, Shi-xun DAI, Bao-hua LUO, and Jun-li WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 919002 (2016)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Inter-link Multi-user Interference in Non-line-of-sight Ultraviolet Communication Network

Peng SONG, Fei SONG, Yun-hong LI, Jian-yu WANG, and Yang-yu XIONG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 906001 (2016)

Fourier Analyses for Fringe Signals of Fiber Grating Based on Mach-Zehnder Interferometer

Hai-yun CHEN, Cheng CHEN, Bao-jin PENG, and Qiu-ping HUANG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 906002 (2016)

Optical Device

Dual-microring Resonator Sensor for Nanoparticle Detection

Yu-bo LI, Ping-yuan YUE, Jian-qi CHEN, Bing WEI, Ping HE, Jian-yi YANG, and Ming-hua WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 923001 (2016)

Design and Research of Polarization Optical Splitter Based on Fluorine Doped Dual Core Photonic Crystal Fiber

Feng-tao HE, Li SUN, Zhan-qiang XI, and Yong-lan HAN

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 923002 (2016)

Stability of Phase Compensator in Near-infrared Polarized Interferometer

Zheng-mao XIE, Wen-bo QI, Guo-jun WU, and Jun-hua HE

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 923003 (2016)

Reliability Assessment of LED Based on Kolmogorov-Smirnov Check

Yun-yun XIA, Shang-sheng WEN, and Fang FANG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 923004 (2016)


Simulation Analysis of 2 μm InGaAsSb/AlGaAsSb Laser Diode with Dual Waveguide

Ning AN, Xing-wei HAN, Cheng-zhi LIU, Cun-bo FAN, Xue DONG, and Qing-li SONG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 914001 (2016)

High Power Optical-carried Radio Frequency Signal Fiber Power Amplification

Ying KANG, Li-jun CHENG, Su-hui YANG, Chang-ming ZHAO, Hai-yang ZHANG, and Tao HE

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 914002 (2016)

Difference Frequency Generation Wildly Tunable Continuous Wave Mid-infrared Radiation Laser Source Based on a MgO∶PPLN Crystal

Ze-yu ZHANG, Guo-shen ZHU, Wei WANG, Tao DUAN, Song YANG, Qiang HAO, Biao HAN, Xiao-ping XIE, and He-ping ZENG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 914003 (2016)

Study of Effective Nonlinear Refractive Index Coefficients of Two-dimensional Triangular-lattice Photonic Crystals

Ke-tao ZHOU, Zhi-xiang TANG, Wei YI, Rong PAN, Jin PAN, and Zheng ZHOU

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 919001 (2016)

Quantum Optics

Majorana Fermions Detection Based on the Coherent Optical Spectrum of a Quantum Dot

Hua-jun CHEN and Xian-wen FANG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 927001 (2016)

Research on the Lasing Performance of a Quantum Dot-Microcavity System with Pure Dephasing

Xing CHEN, Li-guo QIN, and Qin WANG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 927002 (2016)

Influences of the Ice-water Mixed Clouds on the Performance of Quantum Satellite Communication

Min NIE, Jia-ming REN, Guang YANG, Mei-ling ZHANG, and Chang-xing PEI

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 927004 (2016)


Compensation for Center Offset Error in Annular Subaperture Stitching Interferometry

Bing LI, Xiao LIU, Xiao-qing KANG, and Fen GAO

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 912001 (2016)

Ultraviolet Spectral Responsivity of Silicon Trap Detectors Traceable to a Cryogenic Radiometer

Chang-ming LIU, Xue-shun SHI, Hai-dong CHEN, Yu-long LIU, Kun ZHAO, Cheng-ping YING, Kun-feng CHEN, and Li-gong LI

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 912002 (2016)

Light Soaking in Situ and Thermally Induced Transport Mechanism of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

Jin-jing YE, Jian ZHOU, Jie-yu BIAN, and Qian-chen SUN

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 912004 (2016)

Fringe Position Measurement Based on Spatial Optical Path Difference Modulation

Chang-Sheng SUN, Yong-Tian ZHU, Zhong-Wen HU, Teng XU, and Rong MEI

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 912005 (2016)

Influence on the 30 m Telescope Tertiary Mirror Performance by the Internal Vibration

Qi-Chang AN, Jing-xu ZHANG, and Fei YANG

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 912006 (2016)

Ultra-lightweight Design of 610 mm Circular Primary Mirror Supported in Centre

Qi-hong BAO, Wei SHA, Chang-zheng CHEN, and Jian-yue REN

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 912007 (2016)

Online Detection of Airborne Molecular Contamination with Optical Microfiber and Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Zheng-hao ZHU, Yan-fei HAO, Ming-ying SUN, Xiang-yang PANG, Zhi-gang LIU, and Jian-qiang ZHU

Vol. 45, Issue 9, 912008 (2016)