Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2017

<Volume: 46, Issue: 12>

28 Article(s)

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Research Article

Effects of Environmental Factors on Secondary Organic Aerosol Formed from Isoprene Atmospheric Photo-oxidation Reactions

Xian-yun LIU, Li XIA, Zhen-ya WANG, and Wei-jun ZHANG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1201001 (2017)

Performance Analysis of Fluorescence Lidar with Different Excited Wavelengths

Qiang WANG, Ting-yao HE, and Deng-xin HUA

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1201002 (2017)

Denoising Lidar Signal Based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Singular Value Decomposition

Zhi CHENG, Feng HE, Xu JING, Si-long ZHANG, and Zai-hong HOU

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1201003 (2017)

Error Theory Research and Correction on Depth Acquisition Photon Counting System

Shan-shan SHEN, Rong-chen YE, and Yan CHEN

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1203001 (2017)

Multipoint All-fiber Current Sensor Using a Fiber Loop Based on Time-division Multiplexing

Jun-zhen JIANG, Hao ZHANG, You-wu HE, and Yi-shen QIU

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1206001 (2017)

Influence of Space Dusty Plasmas on the Performance of Quantum Satellite Communication

Shou-rong TANG, Min NIE, Guang YANG, Mei-ling ZHANG, and Chang-xing PEI

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1206002 (2017)

Modulating Retro-reflector Communication System Based on Speckle Detection

Zhong-yu ZHANG, Jing-yuan WANG, Zhi-yong XU, Ji-yong ZHAO, and Yi-mei WEI

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1206003 (2017)

High Precision 3D Positioning System Design Using Visible Light Communication Based On Ant Colony Algorithm

Xing-bang WU, Shang-shen WEN, and Jun HUA

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1206004 (2017)

Scheme of the Microwave Photonic Radar Architecture Based on Mutual Optical Fiber Dispersion

Yuan-jun CUI, Wei-wen ZOU, Si-teng ZHANG, Shu-guang LI, Yuan-yuan JIANG, and Jian-ping CHEN

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1206005 (2017)

Feature Extraction Based on Pyramid Match Kernel Algorithm with Adaptive Partitioning

YAN-di LI, Xi-ping XU, and JIA-qi WANG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1210001 (2017)

Application of Super-resolution Technique Based on Sub-pixel Scanning in High-resolution X-ray Microscopy

Jing ZOU, Xing-jie GENG, Ke-liang LIAO, Lin-yan XU, and Xiao-dong HU

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1211001 (2017)

Target Reconstruction of Streak Tube Imaging Lidar Based on Gaussian Fitting

Qing-yu YUAN, Li-hong NIU, Cui-chun HU, Lei WU, Hong-ru YANG, and Bing YU

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1211002 (2017)

Theoretical Stray Light Analysis of Side-baffled Sky Brightness Photometer

Ming-zhe SUN, Hong-xin ZHANG, Wei-xin LIU, and Li-dong XIA

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1211003 (2017)

Flash X-ray Diffraction Imaging System and Study on Experiment Approach

Bo TANG, Dong-wei HEI, Ge MA, Liang SHENG, Fu-li WEI, Jing-tao XIA, Jian-hui LUO, and Hai-sheng ZHOU

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1211004 (2017)

Modeling and Simulation Analysis for Crosstalk Effects and Secondary Spots of Laser Irradiation on TDI-CCD Camera

Hang YUAN, Xiao-rui WANG, Dan-cui LI, Xiong-xiong WU, and Ke LI

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1214001 (2017)

Identification Method of the Optical Target Aperture by Laser Active Interference Fringe Spacing

Cong-miao SHAN, Hua-yan SUN, Yan-zhong ZHAO, Jian-biao CHEN, and Shuai LI

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1214002 (2017)

Effect of Two-color Laser Wavelength on Intense Terahertz Generation

Ze-you CHEN, Wen-hui FAN, Xu CHEN, Ling DING, and Chao SONG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1214003 (2017)

Efficient Ultrawideband Linear Polarization Conversion Based on Cross-shaped Structure Metasurface

Zhen-hua FANG, Chun-rong LUO, and Xiao-peng ZHAO

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1216001 (2017)

Complex Refractive Index and Extinction Performance of Reduced Graphene Oxide in Optical Bands

De-yue MA, Xiao-xia LI, Yu-xiang GUO, and Yu-run ZENG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1216002 (2017)

Multi-objective Integrated Optimization Design of Φ210 mm Ultra-light SiC Mirror

Lei ZHANG, Shan-liang KE, Lin LI, Xue-zhi JIA, and Yi-min DU

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1222001 (2017)

Design of Cylindrical Lens Grating Based on Free-form Surface for Naked-eye 3D Display

Xiao-ting ZHANG, Fang-ping CHEN, Lv-qing YE, Xiao-yan WANG, Zhi-hui CAI, and Qi-ren ZHUANG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1222002 (2017)

Tunable Narrowband Filter Based on Guided Mode Resonance

Xu-wei HEI, Ling-xuan ZHANG, Ji-hong LIU, Zhi-qiang GE, Si-qi LI, Xing-yi LI, Guo-xi WANG, Lei-ran WANG, and Wen-fu ZHANG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1223001 (2017)

Designof the Laser Beam Splitter with Large Diffraction Angle Based on Rayleigh-Sommerfeld Intergral

Guang-yi WANG, Hui PANG, Jia-zhou WANG, Man ZHANG, Xin LIU, Li-fang SHI, Xiang-dong WU, and Qi-ling DENG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1223002 (2017)

Instantaneous Microwave Frequency Measurement with Ultra-wide Range and High-resolution Based on Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

Lin-bing PAN, Ling-ke JIANG, Yue WANG, Wei DONG, Xin-dong ZHANG, and Sheng-ping RUAN

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1226001 (2017)

Arbitrary Three Dimensional Polarization Direction Control at Focal Field of a Microscope Objective

Xiao WANG, Feng YANG, and Jian-hua YIN

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1226002 (2017)

Development of Wavelength Separation Coating in 1 064 nm Laser and Far-infrared Common-window Imaging System

Xiu-hua FU, Bing SUN, Jing ZHANG, Shi-fu XIONG, Kai GUO, and Hong-yan JIANG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1231001 (2017)

Influence of Pulse Sputtering Power on the Structural and Optical Properties of SiCx Thin Films Containing Silicon Quantum Dots

Fei ZHAO, Wen YANG, Jing-hui MO, Zhi-heng ZHANG, and Pei-zhi YANG

Vol. 46, Issue 12, 1231002 (2017)