Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2017

<Volume: 46, Issue: 3>

27 Article(s)

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Research Article

Measurement System for Quantum Efficiency of the Single Photon Detector Based on Correlated Photons

Xue-shun SHI, Chang-ming LIU, Kun ZHAO, and Hai-dong CHEN

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 304001 (2017)

Extraction of the Depth-of-interaction for PET Detectors Based on a Serpentine-light-path Design

Qing-yang WEI, Tian-tian DAI, Yu GU, and Xiang-dong LI

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 304002 (2017)

Experimental Study of Pulse Width Modulation in Long-wave Infrared Wireless Optical Communication

Kang GU, Zhi-yong XU, Jin-yuan WANG, Ji-yong ZHAO, and Yao ZHOU

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 306001 (2017)

Bendind Characteristics Analysis of Eccentric Core Optical Fiber

Ying ZHANG, Jun-xue ZHAO, Jun WU, and Zu-wu JIN

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 306002 (2017)

Million Frames per Second Imaging Method Based on Normal CCD Sensor

Shao-hua YANG, Bin-kang LI, Tong-ding LUO, Ming-an GUO, Lu LIU, Ming YAN, and Shuai GAO

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 311001 (2017)

Design of Pendulum Type Searching Imaging Along the Track Long-strip with High Resolution CMOS Camera

Ya-min WANG, Xiu-bin YANG, Guang JIN, Wei XU, Min WANG, and Zhao ZHANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 311002 (2017)

The Design and Implementation of CCD Refrigeration System of Imaging Spectrometer

Quan ZHANG, Shu-hua HUANG, Xin ZHAO, Fu-qi SI, Hai-jin ZHOU, Yu WANG, and Wen-qing LIU

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 311004 (2017)

A Two-step Phase-shifting Algorithm for Phase Calculation

Xiao-xuan ZHANG, Yue-min WANG, Shu-jun HUANG, Nan GAO, and Zong-hua ZHANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 311005 (2017)

Design of a Rapid MicroRNA Detection System

Yan-fei WANG, Dong-sheng YU, Hai-yan CHEN, Zhan-ying ZHANG, Wei-kai FANG, Ze-yuan LU, Yan-lei LI, Yu-feng JI, Yi-fu GUAN, Chi-dong XU, and Hai-he JIANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 312001 (2017)

Optimal Design of Optical Engine for Star Simulators Based on LCoS Splicing

Yao MENG, Guo-yu ZHANG, Gao-fei SUN, Shi LIU, and Yun-shuai ZHAO

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 312002 (2017)

Calibration Method for Standard Scattering Plate Calibration System Used in Calibrating Visibility Meter

Jian ZHANG, Guo-yu ZHANG, Gao-fei SUN, Shi SU, and Jian-liang ZHANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 312003 (2017)

Effect of Colored Noise on Optical Bistable System

Zhi-xin LU, Li ZHANG, Bing-yang ZHANG, and Yao WANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 314002 (2017)

Multi-switch States Detection System Based on Semiconductor Laser with Optical Feedbacks

Xiao-zhi XIONG, Nian FANG, Lu-tang WANG, and Zhao-ming HUANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 314003 (2017)

Propagation Characteristics of Airy Beams in the Far-field with Fourier Analysis

Yun-long WU, Jin-song NIE, Li SHAO, and Xiao-quan SUN

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 314004 (2017)

Design/fabrication and Performance Test of a Diffractive Telescope System with High Diffraction Efficiency

Ruo-qiu WANG, Zhi-yu ZHANG, Cheng-li GUO, Dong-lin XUE, Xue-jun ZHANG, and Hua LIU

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 322001 (2017)

Technology of Wavefront Retrieval for Off-axis Aspheric Surface in the Stage of Fine-grinding and Rough-polishing

Zhong-hua WU, Lv-jun YUAN, Yong-tian ZHU, Li HE, Yan KANG, Zhi-de SU, and Wei-bin KONG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 322002 (2017)

Optimization Design and Test for Large Aspect Ratio Rectangular SiC Space Mirror

Lei WEI, Lei ZHANG, Zong-xuan LI, and Dong-mei MA

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 322003 (2017)

A Kind of Hybrid Surface Plasmonic Waveguide Based on Un-flat Substrate Structure

Yan LIU, Ren-bin ZHONG, Hong DING, and Sheng-gang LIU

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 323001 (2017)

Design of Tunable Long-period Waveguide Grating Coupler Based on LiNbO3

Qing-qing LI, Ai-ling ZHANG, Hong-miao TIAN, and Zhao WANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 323002 (2017)

Epitaxial Structure of Multiple Quantum Well and Its LP-MOCVD Growth for GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs

Wei HU, Qing-gao ZENG, Si-rong YE, and Li-feng YANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 325001 (2017)

Influence of Ni/Au Buffer Layer on Intense Pulsed Emission Stability of Carbon Nanotubes

Hua-li MA, Xiao-hui YANG, Fan-guang ZENG, Lian-sheng XIA, Yi CHEN, and Huang ZHANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 331001 (2017)

Properties of Liquid Crystal Polymer Films for Electricity-responsive IR Reflective Windows

Guan-qing ZHOU, Dong YUAN, Yan-guo LIU, Xian-yu LIN, Guo-fu ZHOU, and Nan LI

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 331002 (2017)

Influence of Solution pH Value on Photoelectric Property of CdxZn1-xS Film Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition

Han-yu YAO, Hong-lie SHEN, Jing JIAO, San-yang ZHANG, Jin-ze LI, and Wei WANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 331003 (2017)

Optimization of Microstructure and Photoelectric Properties of Perovskite Thin Films

Xiu-bin GUO, Wei YU, Jing LI, and Zhao-yi JIANG

Vol. 46, Issue 3, 331004 (2017)