Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2017

<Volume: 46, Issue: 4>

33 Article(s)

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Research Article

Research on High Micro Element Density Silicon Photomultiplier Based on Epitaxial Quenching Resistance

Jian-quan JIA, Jia-li JIANG, Bai-cheng LI, Rui-heng WANG, Kun LIANG, Ru YANG, and De-jun HAN

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 404001 (2017)

Key Fabrication Technology of Polymer Photonic Crystal Fiber for Terahertz Transmission

Qi Chen, Depeng Kong, Jing Miao, Xiaoyang He, Jian Zhang, and Lili Wang

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 406001 (2017)

A Temperature and Glucose Solution Concentration Sensor Based on Etched Optical Fiber

Jian MA, Yu ZHENG, and Hai-hu YU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 406003 (2017)

Experimental Research on DFB Fiber Laser Hydrophone Towed Line Array

Bo TANG, Jun-bin HUANG, Hong-can GU, and Xin MAO

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 406004 (2017)

Hyperspectral Image Classification Method Based on Adaptive Fusion of Spatial Information

Jian-shang LIAO and Li-guo WANG

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 410001 (2017)

Improved Fourier Domain and Wavelet Domain Deconvolution Algorithm

Ze PAN, Zheng TAN, and Qun-bo L

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 410002 (2017)

Fast Anomaly Detection Algorithm for Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Line-by-line Processing

Li-ting FU, He DENG, and Chun-hong LIU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 410003 (2017)

Real-time Multi-spectral Imaging System Based on Multi-channel Narrow-band Filter and Color Image Sensor

Cheng-sheng LIAO, Zheng WU, Li-bo ZENG, and Qiong-shui WU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 411001 (2017)

Analysis of Image Consistency for Framing Camera and Improvement of Framing Method

Hong-bo XIE, Chun-lun FANG, Lei YANG, Min JIANG, Qing-bin MENG, and Chen-sheng MAO

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 411002 (2017)

Multiple Targets Real-time Intersection of Optic-electronic Theodolite

Jing WU, Xiu-qin SU, and Min GUO

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 411003 (2017)

Experimental Research on Depth-resolved Spectrally Encoded Imaging

Jiu-ling LIAO and Wan-rong GAO

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 411004 (2017)

Effects of Small-scale Surface Roughness and Absorption on Refractive Index Measurement by the Brewster-angle and Critical-angle Techniques

Xiao-bao ZHANG, Hui LUO, Zhong-qi TAN, Wen-bin LIU, and Su-yong WU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 412001 (2017)

Multi-feature Parameter Neural Network Analysis Technique Based on Terahertz Nondestructive Testing

Jiao-jiao REN, Li-juan LI, Dan-dan ZHANG, Xiao-li QIAO, and Zi-peng XU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 412002 (2017)

Radiometric Calibration Based on Low-temperature Area Blackbody for Infrared Systems with High Dynamic Range

Qi-jie TIAN, Song-tao CHANG, Yan-feng QIAO, and Feng-yun HE

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 412003 (2017)

Properties of Waveguide in Fused Silica and Quartz Crystal Fabricated by Cu2+ Ion Implantation

Xiu-hong LIU, Hai-yan HAN, Qiao-fen ZHU, Yan-bin HUANG, and Zhao DONG

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 413001 (2017)

Controllable Fano Resonance Based on Coupled Square Split-Ring Resonance Cavity

Yue SHI, Guan-mao ZHANG, Hou-lin AN, Nan HU, and Meng-qi GU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 413002 (2017)

Characteristics of External Optical Feedback in Distributed Feedback Fiber Lasers Array

Ge-yang HAO, Guo-jun WU, Pei L, Hao WANG, and Bo LIU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 414001 (2017)

Research on the Relative Tolerance Function in Non-periodic Optical Superlattice

Li-juan ZHANG and Li-ming ZHAO

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 419001 (2017)

Quantum Effects on Negative Refraction Index of Mesoscopic Left-Handed Transmission Line in Thermal Fock State

Hong-wei GUO, Shun-cai ZHAO, Xiao-jing WEI, and Jing JIA

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 419002 (2017)

Fly-eyes Lens System Design Based on the Multiplex Conjugate Imaging Principle for the CF-LCoS Projection with LED Illumination

Peng LIU, Qin-xiao LIU, Hai-yang ZHOU, Cheng JIANG, and Fei-hong YU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 422001 (2017)

Analysis of Relationship between Surface Error and Optical Power of PAL

Zhi-ying LIU, Yu TIAN, Dan LI, Chang-xi XUE, and Chuang LI

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 422002 (2017)

Design of Crossed-asymmetric Czerny-Turner Spectrometer Optical System

Guo XIA, Su WU, Chan HUANG, Ming-yong HU, and Shi-qun JIN

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 422003 (2017)

Study on Chromatic Aberration Correction of 10 Meter Large Aperture Membrane Diffractive Primary Lens

Zhi-bin REN, Jia-sheng HU, Hong-lang TANG, and Xin JIN

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 422004 (2017)

Research on Angel Lobster-eye Focusing Optical System Applied in Soft X-ray Detection

Hui-jun HU, Juan SONG, Wen-bin LI, Shu-kun SUN, Dong-dong JIN, Wen-cong WANG, and Si-pei SHAO

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 422005 (2017)

Tunable Optoelectronic Oscillator Based on Planar Waveguide Resonator

Meng CHEN, Chen-yang XUE, Jun TANG, Wen-yao LIU, Yong-qiu ZHENG, Kun QIAN, and Cheng-feng XIE

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 423001 (2017)

Comparison and Optimization of Phase Locked Loop and Injection Locking Techniques for Optoelectronic Oscillators

Jun-chao ZHENG, Tao JIN, Hao CHI, Guo-chuan TONG, Xiang ZHU, and Tian-hao LAI

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 423002 (2017)

Study on Preparation of Transparent Shielding Film Based on PET Substrate

Xiu-hua FU, Gui-xin GUO, and Yu-bing LIU

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 431001 (2017)

Optical Absorption of Cosine Grating Silicon Thin Film Solar Cell

Ke CHEN, Rui WU, Hong-mei ZHENG, and Yuan-yuan WANG

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 431002 (2017)

Synthesis of Magnetic Fluorescent CdTe@Fe3O4/P(NIPAM-co-AA) Polymeric Composite Microsphere by Amide Condensation Reaction

Gui-mei SU, Gong-zheng WANG, Zi-wei GONG, Jiao-jiao WANG, and Run-yang MO

Vol. 46, Issue 4, 431003 (2017)