Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2018

<Volume: 47, Issue: 10>

25 Article(s)

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Research Article

Preparation and Experiment Validation for a Waveguide-gate Film Complex Detector

De-xing LIU, Yi-ning MU, De SONG, Hai-bo FAN, and Guo-yin HAO

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1004001 (2018)

High Detectivity Blue-light Organic Photodetectors with Photomultiplication at Low Voltage

Tao AN, Wei GONG, and Xin-ying LIU

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1004002 (2018)

Effect of Background Radiation on APD Multiplication Factor under the Compensation of Constant False Alarm Rate

Bing ZHOU, He-xiong LIU, Xuan HE, Yu-chen GAO, and Lei FAN

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1004003 (2018)

Infrared Small Target Detection Method Based on Curvature near the Ground

Guo-qiang ZHU, Xiang-yong MENG, and Wei-xian QIAN

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1010001 (2018)

Blind Image Deblurring via Multi-local Kernels′ Fusion

Chun-lei CHEN, Dong-yi YE, and Zhao-jiong CHEN

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1010002 (2018)

Mensuration on the Time Response Characteristic of Ultra High Speed Framing Camera Based on Scanning Method with Ultra-short Laser Pulse

Bin ZHU, Jian TENG, Yu-chi WU, Wei FAN, Shao-yi WANG, Min SHUI, Gang LI, Tian-kui ZHANG, Ming-hai YU, Fang TAN, Yue YANG, Feng LU, Yong-hong YAN, and Yu-qiu GU

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1011001 (2018)

Wavefront Reconstruction Based on Binary Complementary Modulation Modes

Bo-qing PANG, Shuai WANG, and Ping YANG

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1011002 (2018)

Measurement of the Object Defocus with Extended Depth-of-field Imaging System

Liang ZHOU, Zhao-hui LIU, Qiu-sha SHAN, and Wen-ji SHE

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1011003 (2018)

Improved Coherent Light Illumination Intensity Correlation Imaging Method

Chong LI, Xin GAO, Xi-yu LI, Chang-ming LU, and Jia TANG

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1011004 (2018)

Geometric Parameters Monitoring Technology for Space Optical Camera

Hui WANG, Wei LIU, Jian-dong YU, Ke-yan WANG, Yun-song LI, and Dan LIU

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1012001 (2018)

Measurement System of Macro-micro Composite Grating Ruler Based on Virtual Instrument

Yan-feng LI, Zhi-jun YANG, Han SUN, Xuan-shan ZHANG, Shao-wang XIONG, and Qian LI

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1012002 (2018)

Cosine Error Influence of Ground-based Solar Spectral Irradiance Meter and Its Correction Method

Zhen-hai LIU, Dong-gen LUO, Yun-jie ZHANG, Wei WEI, Yan-na ZHANG, Peng ZOU, Hao DONG, and Jin HONG

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1012003 (2018)

Dual-frequency Nd∶YAG Laser with a Detuning Twisted-mode Cavity

Jun-hong XING, Ne-jie ZHANG, Ming-xing JIAO, and Yun LIU

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1014001 (2018)

Dual-wavelength Passively Q-switched Yb∶GdYSiO5 Laser Based on WS2 Saturable Absorber Mirror

Zi-ye GAO, Jiang-feng ZHU, Shuang GONG, Jin-rong TIAN, and Zheng-mao WU

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1014002 (2018)

Generation of Tunable Chaotic Signal with Controllable Bandwidth Based on Weak-resonant-cavity Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes

Lin-jie LIU, Tao DENG, Zheng-mao WU, Zhi-fu TIAN, and Guang-qiong XIA

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1014003 (2018)

Study on Temporal-spatial Fusion Guidance Based on Laser Multiple Sub-beams Interference

Meng-yao WU, Shi-yu WANG, Peng-fei QU, Zhen GUO, De-fang CAI, and Bing-bin LI

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1014004 (2018)

Aspherical Compound Eye Optimization and Positioning Technology with Variable Focal Length

Lun LI, Yong-ping HAO, Xiao-lei DIAO, and Feng-li LIU

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1022001 (2018)

Programmable Microwave Photonic Filter Based on Fully Digital Optical Frequency Comb

Jia-qi WANG, Xi-hua ZOU, and Pei-xuan LI

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1023001 (2018)

Fitting Methods of Transmission Spectrum Envelope in Cascaded Double-ring Resonator Sensors

Chang SU, Hui-hui ZHU, Zi-wei CAO, Jian-jun HE, and Ming-yu LI

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1023002 (2018)

Entropy Squeezing of Two-level Emitter Interacting with Vibrating Graphene Membrane System

Qing-hong LIAO, Yang YE, Peng JIN, and Jun ZHENG

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1027001 (2018)

Optical Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor Based on the Fluorescence Quenching of ZnCeS

Xiao-zhan YANG, Yong LEI, Hu XIAO, and Wen-lin FENG

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1028001 (2018)

Monte Carlo Simulation and Experimental Study of Side-Scattered Lidar Echo Signals

Bing FENG, Miao HU, Peng LI, Ning HAN, Tao JIN, Jun OU, Xue-fang ZHOU, Guo-wei YANG, Yang LU, and Mei-hua BI

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1028002 (2018)

Experiments and Theoretical Calculations of VO2 Thin Films Irradiated by Pulse Laser

Zhi-wei LIU, Yuan LU, Yun-song FENG, Rui-huang LIU, and Jie HU

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1031001 (2018)

Research of Deep Ultraviolet Dielectric Reflective Filter Film

Dong-mei LIU, Hong HUANG, Xiu-hua FU, Jing ZHANG, and Gong ZHANG

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1031002 (2018)

Preparation of Ultraviolet-C to Near-infrared Broadband Anti-reflective Coating

Jing ZHANG, Zhao-wen LIN, Xiu-hua FU, Dong-mei LIU, and Gong ZHANG

Vol. 47, Issue 10, 1031003 (2018)