Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2018

<Volume: 47, Issue: 6>

30 Article(s)

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Research Article

Gluing Method of Detected Signal Based on Lidar

Chang-zhong FENG, Song-hua WU, and Bing-yi LIU

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 601001 (2018)

Simulated Experiment of the Light Intensity Influenced by Non-Kolmogorov Turbulence

Na-na ZHANG, Xin SHAN, Yan-ge ZHANG, Yang FENG, and Song GUO

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 601002 (2018)

System Analysis of Ground-based Inverse Synthetic Aperture Lidar for Geosynchronous Orbit Object Imaging

Xuan HU, Dao-jing LI, Han-chu FU, and Kai WEI

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 601003 (2018)

Optical Correlation Based Demodulator for Fiber-optic Fabry-Perot Sensor

Ke CHEN, Min GUO, Ze-lin WANG, Bo-wen LIU, Xin-lei ZHOU, and Qing-xu YU

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 606001 (2018)

New Understanding of "Mode Transition" of Coated Long Period Fiber Grating

Zheng-tian GU and Wen-bin FENG

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 606002 (2018)

Similarity Demodulation Method of Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensing System

Shuo PANG, Zheng-chun LUO, Tian-ying CHANG, Miao YU, Zhong-min WANG, Jian-dong CHEN, Yang-yang WANG, Lu GAO, and Hong-liang CUI

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 606003 (2018)

Technical Research on Optical Gain Switch in Optical Packet Switching Network

Min-xuan LI, Huan FENG, Huan WANG, and Xiao-ping XIE

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 606004 (2018)

Hyperspectral Image Classification with Combination of Sparse Characteristic and Neighborhood Similarity Metrics

Jia-min LIU, Li-mei ZHANG, Guang-yao SHI, and Hong HUANG

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 610001 (2018)

Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images Based on Non-subsampled Contourlet Transform and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set

Huai-yu CAI, Li-ran ZHUO, Pan ZHU, Zhan-hua HUANG, and Xiao-yu WU

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 610002 (2018)

Tomographic 3D Display and Imaging Optimization

Yun-feng ZHOU, Liang XU, Hai-feng LI, and Xu LIU

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 610003 (2018)

Development of Diffraction Phase Microscopy and Its Quantitative Investigation of Giardia Lamblia

Gang YANG, Qing-duo DUAN-MU, Feng LI, Li-mei YANG, and Wei HUANG

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 611001 (2018)

Real-time Imaging Distortion Correction of Large-field Objective Lens Based on CPU+GPU Hybrid Platform

Ming-jie LI, Ming-yong HU, Jian ZHANG, Ming-po CAO, and Wei WANG

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 611002 (2018)

Filtering for Drift Data of Laser Doppler Velocimeter Based on Metabolic Double Time Series Model

Qi WANG, Chun-feng GAO, Jian ZHOU, Guo WEI, Xiao-ming NIE, and Xing-wu LONG

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 612001 (2018)

Relative Pose Estimation Method in Multi-view 3D Reconstruction with Unknown Distortion

Jun-shi XUE, Qi-quan SHU, and Ning-bo GUO

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 612002 (2018)

Extraction City Road Boundary Method Based on Point Cloud Normal Vector Clustering

Wang-shan YANG, Lai-liang CAI, and Shu-dan GU

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 612003 (2018)

Analysis of the BRDF Characteristics of Dunhuang Radiometric Calibration Site in the Spring

Tan-qi YU, Wei WEI, Yan-na ZHANG, Yun-jie ZHANG, Xin LI, Xiao-bing ZHEN, and Ling SUN

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 612004 (2018)

Wavefront Reconstruction with Orthonormal Polynomials in a Sparse Subsperture Area

Qian LUO, Shi-bin WU, Li-hua WANG, Wei YANG, and Bin FAN

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 612005 (2018)

Effect of Packaging on Thermal Stressand Smile of High Power Semiconductor Laser Arrays

Tian-qi CHEN, Pu ZHANG, Bo PENG, Hong-you ZHANG, and Di-hai WU

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 614001 (2018)

Analysis of the Influence on the Characteristics of the Prism Laser Gyroscope by Temperature Disturbance

Li-na REN, Jian-ning LIU, and Ming-xing JIAO

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 614002 (2018)

Femtosecond Laser Ablation Properties of ZrO2 and Al2O3 Ceramics at Linear and Circular Polarized Light

Jun-zhan ZHANG, Yuan-min ZHANG, Yong-sheng LIU, Ying ZHANG, and Qian LIU

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 614003 (2018)

Er3+ Sensitized Tm3+-Doped Lead-free Bismuth Silicate Glass for 2.0 μm Fiber Lasers

Yong-zheng FANG, Wen-tian JIN, Guo-ying ZHAO, Min-yuan ZHAO, and Mei-song LIAO

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 616001 (2018)

Improving B1 Efficiency and Signal-to-Noise-Ratio by a Magnetoinductive Lens for 7.0 T MRI

Jie WU, Xiang SHAN, Liang-liang HU, Kai GUO, Rong-ke GAO, and Bing-nan LI

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 616002 (2018)

Preparation and Luminescence Properties of Metal Ions Li+, Na+ and Al3+ Co-doped BaF2∶Eu3+ Phosphors

Ying YE, Lin-xiang WANG, Juan TUO, and Hai-qin ZHAO

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 616003 (2018)

Controllable Breathers and Multi-peak Solitons in an Inhomogeneous Erbium-doped Fiber System

Feng-tao HE, Fei ZHAN, and Wen-juan SHI

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 619001 (2018)

Wide Tunable Contunuous-wave Mid Infrared Intro-cavity Optical Parametric Oscillator Based on Multi-period MgO∶PPLN

Shuang XING, Yong-ji YU, Yu-heng WANG, Hao-ran FAN, Yue LI, and Guang-yong JIN

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 619002 (2018)

Photoelectric Characteristics for Graphene/TiO2 Heterojunction Field Effect Photodetectors

Quan ZHOU, En-liang ZHANG, Xiang-xing BAI, Jun SHEN, Da-peng WEI, and Yue-feng WANG

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 623001 (2018)

Opto-mechanical Design of a Spectrally-continuous Radiometer for Surface Reflectance Automation Observation

Yan PAN, Xin LI, Wen-chao ZHAI, En-chao LIU, Yan-na ZHANG, Yuan CHEN, Yan-li QIAO, and Xiao-bing ZHENG

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 623002 (2018)

Photoionization and Photodissociation Study of α-pinene Using Synchrotron Radiation

Xian-yun LIU, Li XIA, Zhen-ya WANG, and Wei-jun ZHANG

Vol. 47, Issue 6, 630002 (2018)