Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2018

<Volume: 47, Issue: 7>

29 Article(s)

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Research Article

Experimental Study on Wind Field Simulation of Asymmetric Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer

Tong JIANG, Hai-liang SHI, Jing SHEN, Hai-shan DAI, and Wei XIONG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 701001 (2018)

Aerosol Extinction Retrieved with Optical Estimation Algorithm Based on Multi-axis Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy

Fu-sheng MOU, Jing LUO, Su-wen LI, Jia-wei WANG, Rui-rui SHI, and Min-hong WEI

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 701002 (2018)

Influence of Ag Nanowires on Optical Absorption of Different Grating Structures under Fixed Volume Ratio

Ke CHEN, Xu FANG, Hong-mei ZHENG, Rui WU, and Yuan-yuan WANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 705001 (2018)

Influence of UV-exposure on the Diffraction Characteristics of Volume Bragg Grating

Bao-xing XIONG, Gui-ju ZHANG, and Kuai-sheng ZOU

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 705002 (2018)

Propagation and Polarization Characteristics of the Radially Polarized High-order Bessel-Gaussian Vortex Beams

Yong-xin LIU, Kai-ning ZHANG, and Ji-xiong PU

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 708001 (2018)

Construction and Optimization of the Complementary Beam of Bessel Beam

Hao JIA, Xiang-hua YU, Yan-long YANG, Xing ZHOU, Shao-hui YAN, Chao LIU, Ming LEI, and Bao-li YAO

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 708002 (2018)

Generation Theory and Experimental Study of Two Stage Non-diffracting Beam

Gui-yang YANG, Guo-lu MA, and Guo-ying ZENG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 708003 (2018)

Generation of Partially Coherent Caustic Beam and Its Spatial Correlation Properties

Yan-fei YANG, Feng-tie WU, Han-qing HU, Run HU, and Qing-zhi ZHU

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 708004 (2018)

Non-casual Real-time RXD Detection for Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Sliding Array

Liao-ying ZHAO, Wei-jun LIN, Yu-lei WANG, and Xiao-run LI

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 710001 (2018)

Photocatalytical Poison Gas Filter Based on Nano-TiO2 Mesoporous Silica Composite

Jing MIAO, Fan-zhe ZENG, Lei GUAN, Chun-xiao WU, Sha-sha HAN, Zheng-quan HE, De-peng KONG, and Li-li WANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 712001 (2018)

Estimation of Zernike Coefficients for Any Wavelength Transmitted Wavefront at Defocus Position

Qi-yuan ZHANG, Sen HAN, Shou-hong TANG, Quan-zhao WANG, and Zhi-hua JIANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 712002 (2018)

Random Error Compensation Technology of MEMS Gyroscope Based on Time-varying ARMA Model

Jin-long SONG, Zhi-yong SHI, Lü-hua WANG, and Hai-liang WANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 712003 (2018)

Static Analysis and Modal Analysis of Planar Solar Concentrator

Xin-ran LIU, Ning ZHANG, Xi-ping XU, and Peng YIN

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 712004 (2018)

Experimental Investigation on Nonlinear Dynamics of a Multi-transverse Mode 1 550 nm Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Laser Subject to Parallel Optical Injection

Wen-yan YANG, Guang-qiong XIA, Yu-shuang HOU, Zai-fu JIANG, Tao DENG, and Zheng-mao WU

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 714002 (2018)

Infrared Ultra-wide Angle Image Distortion Centre Calibration Method Based on High Odd-order Polynomial Model

Bing-qi LIU, Yi-chao CHEN, and Fu-yu HUANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 715001 (2018)

Defocus Camera Calibration Based on Sinusoidal Phase Coding

Hao YANG, Ning CAI, Bin LIN, and Xiang-qun CAO

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 715002 (2018)

Optical Properties Simulating Calculation of the F or F+ Center in LuPO4 Crystal

Jin LI, Ting-yu LIU, Ming-xue FU, and Xiao-xiao LU

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 716001 (2018)

Hydrothermal Synthesis and the Study of Fluorescence Properties of AgInS2 Quantum Dots

Xiao-bo HU, Ting CHEN, Yan-qiao XU, Xiao-jun ZHANG, Wei-hui JIANG, and Wan JIANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 716002 (2018)

Experimental Study on Micro Quantitative Phase Imaging by Quadriwave Shearing Interferometry

Bo-chuan CUI, Jian-li WANG, Kai-nan YAO, and Tao CHEN

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 718001 (2018)

Design of a Single Lens Laser Triangulation Probe Based on PSD

Xin-ting ZHANG, Lei KANG, Zhi-yong AN, and Run-zhi WANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 722001 (2018)

Gravity and Support Error Separation of 1.2 m Lightweight Space Mirror

Long ZHANG, Lu YE, Jin-ping ZHANG, and Lie-hua ZHENG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 722002 (2018)

Optimum Design and Experiment Verification of Space Coaxial Reflective Secondary Mirror Support Structure

Yi SUN, Fu LI, Jian-feng YANG, and Chong-sen QIAN

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 722003 (2018)

Micro Current High Efficiency 650 nm Resonant Cavity Light Emitting Diode

Yuan-cheng WANG, Jian-jun LI, Hai-kuo WANG, Meng-huan WANG, Ze-xu YUAN, and De-shu ZOU

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 723001 (2018)

Tunable Pass-band Filter Based on One Dimensional Split Ring Resonant Structure

Hao ZHANG and Yuan-wei TONG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 723002 (2018)

Broadband Tunable Filter Based on Square Loop Metamaterial

Ya-juan ZHAO, Bi-cheng ZHOU, Han ZHANG, Ting ZHANG, Bao-yi LI, and Dong-hong WANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 723003 (2018)

Truncated Singular Value Decomposition Inversion Based on Extended Nuclear Matrix in Dynamic Light Scattering

Yu HUANG, Jin SHEN, Min XU, Cheng SUN, Wei LIU, Xian-ming SUN, and Ya-jing WANG

Vol. 47, Issue 7, 729001 (2018)