Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2019

<Volume: 48, Issue: 1>

25 Article(s)

About the Cover:

High Responsiveness Multiply Carbon Nanotubes-organic Red Light Detector

Tao AN and Dan LIU

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 104001 (2019)

Iterative Estimation Algorithm of Star Tracker′s Star Imaging Model

Da LIAN, Xiao-nan MAO, Xun-jiang ZHENG, Qi ZHOU, Lu-wei YU, and Xiong-chao HU

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 104002 (2019)

Relative Frequency Noise Suppression for Multi-laser System in Passive Resonator Fiber Gyros

Li-shuang FENG, Jing GAO, Hong-chen JIAO, Ning LIU, Xiao WANG, Qi SI, and Zhao-hua YANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 106001 (2019)

Polarization Analysis and Processing in Demodulation Process of 3×3 Coupler

Jun-cheng LIU, Zi-chao ZHANG, Bo YU, and Feng GAO

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 106002 (2019)

Dim Small Target Single-frame Detection Based on Structure Tensor Analysis

Gao-peng ZHAO, Lei LI, and Jian-yu WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 110001 (2019)

Improved Collaborative Algorithm Based on Spatial-spectral Joint Clustering for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection

Shi-xin MA, Chun-tong LIU, Hong-cai LI, Zhen-xin HE, and Hao WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 110003 (2019)

Poisson Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images

Bing-yang HE, Zhi-quan ZHANG, Jian-chang YANG, Chen LI, and Yu ZHANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 110004 (2019)

Correction of Ghost Artifacts for Directional Polarimetric Camera

Miao-miao ZHANG, Bing-huan MENG, Lin HAN, and Jin HONG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 111002 (2019)

Experimental Study of X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging Based on Cascaded Grating

Ji LI, Jian-heng HUANG, Yao-hu LEI, Xin LIU, and Zhi-gang ZHAO

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 111003 (2019)

Speckle Effect on Active Illuminated Intensity Correlation Imaging

Chong LI, Xin GAO, Xing QIN, Xi-yu LI, and Chang-ming LU

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 111004 (2019)

Numerical Analysis of Thermal Effect of the Detector Irradiated by Pulsed Laser Based on Relative Motion

Xiao-dong REN, Wu-hu LEI, Ling-qing ZENG, and Yong WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 114001 (2019)

Sodium Alginate Solution Transferred by Laser Induced Forward Transfer

Wen-bing WANG, Zhong-ning GUO, Zhao-qin YU, Zi-hong ZHU, and Yu DENG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 114002 (2019)

Er: fiber Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb Aimed at Measurement of Frequency of D1 Line in Li Atoms

Bing-jie RAO, Yan-yan ZHANG, Lu-lu YAN, Yue-long WU, Pan ZHANG, Song-tao FAN, Wen-ge GUO, Xiao-fei ZHANG, Shou-gang ZHANG, and Hai-feng JIANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 114003 (2019)

Two-dimensional Beam Steering in Coherently Coupled Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Arrays

Kun XU, Hai-li WANG, Xian-li WANG, Yin-xiao DU, and Meng XUN

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 114004 (2019)

Tunable Mid-infrared Broadband Absorber Based on W/VO2 Periodic Nanodisk Array

Zheng-peng LI, Yi LI, Ya-qin HUANG, Jiang-heng PEI, Rong TIAN, Jin LIU, Jian-zhong ZHOU, Bao-ying FANG, Xiao-hua WANG, and Han XIAO

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 123001 (2019)

Design and Properties Approach of an Integrated Interference Chip Made by Optical Waveguides

He-li ZHANG, Huan JIANG, Bing ZHANG, and Yi-tao REN

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 123002 (2019)

Temperature-dependent Photoluminescence Characteristics of Strained GaInP Quantum Well Structure

Tao LIN, Shao-huan NING, Jing-jing LI, Tian-jie ZHANG, Yu-peng DUAN, Nan LIN, and Xiao-yu MA

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 125001 (2019)

Stable Electron Emission from Printed Double Semiconductor Underlayer Carbon Nanotube Film Cathode

Yu-kui LI, Chao WU, Fei LIU, and Juan YANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 125002 (2019)

Modified Model of Polarized Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function on Material Surface

Jie-jun WANG, Peng WANG, Fang-yuan WANG, Song YE, and Xin-qiang WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 126001 (2019)

Influence of the Surface Deviation Axicon on the Propagation Characteristics of Non-diffracting Beam

Gui-yang YANG, Guo-lu MA, and Guo-ying ZENG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 126002 (2019)

Light Absorption Characteristics of AAO/Ag NPs Composite System

Dong-hui JIANG, Jia QU, Xin XU, Kun LIU, and Wen-jun SUN

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 131001 (2019)

Study on Planarization Layer Uniformity of Large-aperture Optical Elements Based on Ion Beam Sputtering

Shi FENG, Xiu-hua FU, Da-sen WANG, Xiao-jing LI, Feng-ming NIE, and Xu ZHANG

Vol. 48, Issue 1, 131002 (2019)