Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2019

<Volume: 48, Issue: 10>

27 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Parameter Design and Performance Analysis of Bistatic Helium Lidar System

Ting-yu PAN, Dong-song SUN, Ruo-can ZHAO, Jia-xin LAN, Yu-li HAN, Ting-di CHEN, Xiang-hui XUE, and Lei TANG

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1001001 (2019)

Numerical Simulation of Propagation Performance of Super-continuum Laser in Turbulent Atmosphere

Ya-qian LI, Wen-yue ZHU, and Xian-mei QIAN

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1001002 (2019)

Influence of Pressure of Jet on Hypersonic Flow Field Modulation Transfer Function

Xin-hai ZHAO, Shi-he YI, Hao-lin DING, Tian-ci OU-YANG, and Yang SHI

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1001003 (2019)

Achieving High-detection Organic Photodetectors Covering the Visible Range by Using a Ternary Active Layer

Tao AN, Yong-qiang WANG, and Jun ZHANG

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1004001 (2019)

Angular Momentum Detector Based on Surface Plasmons

Peng QIU, Zheng-da HU, Yan KONG, Zhi-long JIANG, Cheng LIU, and Shou-yu WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1004003 (2019)

Application of Wavelet Threshold Denoising Algorithm in Photodetector Signal Processing

Yan WU and Rong-zhu ZHANG

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1004004 (2019)

Fabrication of X-ray Absorption Gratings by Free Settling of Bismuth Nanoparticles

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], and Faiz WALI

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1005001 (2019)

Double Channel Phase-coded Microwave Signal System with Frequency Tunability

Yi-shi HAN, Sheng-chao XIE, Chen-yuan FU, Bei-si ZHAO, and Ke-ke LEI

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1006001 (2019)

Super-resolution Experimental Study of Digital Holographic Microscopy Based on POCS

Dan-qing FENG, Ai-ling TIAN, Bing-cai LIU, Fang FENG, Da-sen WANG, and Wei-guo LIU

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1009001 (2019)

Phase Measurement Based on Nonlinearity Correction and Filter of System

Nao-sheng QIAO, Yong-fu LONG, Bo YAN, Bin-fang CAO, and Xiao-qin LI

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1009002 (2019)

Real-time Detection of SF6 Leakage in Large Area Based on Quantum Cascade Laser

Feng TANG, Shun-gui LIU, Qi-shen L, Xin-tian LI, Shu-kai HE, Xiao-zhe ZENG, Ge XU, and Yun-qi YUE

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1010001 (2019)

Stable Object Tracking Method for Complex Infrared Ground Environment

Jian L, Bo DENG, and Long-cheng QUE

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1010001 (2019)

L1-2 Spectral-spatial Total Variation Regularized Hyperspectral Image Denoising

Hai-jin ZENG, Jia-wei JIANG, Jia-jia ZHAO, Yi-zhuo WANG, and Xiao-zhen XIE

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1010002 (2019)

Hydrothermal Synthesis and the Study of Fluorescence Properties of Quaternary Ag-In-Zn-S Quantum Dots

Ting CHEN, Xiao-bo HU, Yan-qiao XU, Wei-hui JIANG, Wan JIANG, and Zhi-xiang XIE

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1016001 (2019)

Effect of Purified Solvents on the Performance of Quantum Dots Synthesized at Room Temperature

Yue LI, Qi-fei XIE, Xin-zhong WANG, and Yan-hong MA

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1016002 (2019)

Data Denoising Method for Rock Identification Based on LIBS Technology

Chong WANG, Xiao-mo ZHANG, Xiang-ping ZHU, Wen-feng LUO, and Juan SHAN

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1030001 (2019)

Mineral Element Abundance Identification Based on LIBS Emission Line Selection by Loading Space Distance of Principal Component Analysis

Kai-chen GUO, Zhong-chen WU, Xiang-ping ZHU, Zong-cheng LING, Jiang ZHANG, Yun LI, and Mao-cheng QIAN

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1030002 (2019)

Research on Laser Damage Induced by Laser Plasma Based on Finite Element Method

Hui-bo YU, Yue JIANG, Xiong SHEN, Guo-ying FENG, Zhou ZHENG, Yao-feng JIA, and Jing-hua HAN

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1030003 (2019)

Preparation and Electrochromic Properties of WO3/Ag Composite Film

Zhuang MIAO, Xue YANG, Ji-kai YANG, Zhi-peng HOU, Yu-fei ZHANG, Xin WANG, and Guo-zheng WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1031001 (2019)

Epitaxial InAs Films on GaSb Substrate and Study on Optical Properties

Jian ZHANG, Ji-long TANG, Yu-bin KANG, Xuan FANG, Dan FANG, Deng-kui WANG, Feng-yuan LIN, and Zhi-peng WEI

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1031002 (2019)

Propagation of Nonlocal Vector Solitons under Gauss Barrier or Trap

Yuan-hang WENG, Hong WANG, and Pei-jun CHEN

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1048001 (2019)

Bright Solitons in Liquid Crystals with Competing Nonlocal Nonlinearities

Shao-zhi PU, Ying-jia LI, Wen-bo CONG, and Liu-yang ZHANG

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1048002 (2019)

Propagation Properties of Airy-Gaussian Beams in a Biased Photovoltaic-photorefractive Crystal

Tuo ZHANG, Wei-jun CHEN, Yi-ning MU, Chun-yang LIU, and Jun-qi PENG

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1048004 (2019)

Manipulation of Gaussian Beam Based on Fractional Schrdinger Equation

Dong-dong WANG, Feng ZANG, and Lu LI

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1048005 (2019)

Properties of Multipolar Bright Solitons in Non-local Nonlinear Coupling Medium

Ping-ping FANG, Xin-wei JIN, and Ji LIN

Vol. 48, Issue 10, 1048006 (2019)