Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2019

<Volume: 48, Issue: 12>

31 Article(s)

About the Cover:

An TFET Photodetector with High Responsivity Based on SOI: Design and Simulation

WANG Xue-fei, XIE Sheng, MAO Lu-hong, WANG Xu-fei, and DU Yong-chao

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1248001 (2019)

Optical Response Analysis of Tapered Coupled Ridge Waveguide Transistor Detector

XIE Hong-yun, GUO Min, MA Jia-jun, GAO Jie, CHEN Liang, MA Pei, LIU Xian-cheng, and ZHANG Wan-rong

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1248002 (2019)

Orbital Angular Momentum Modes Generator and Multiplexer Based on Silicon Waveguides

CAO Heng-ying, CHEN He-ming, and BAI Xiu-li

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1248003 (2019)

I-V and C-V Characteristics of Graphene/Silicon Photodetector

FANG Xin-yu and CHEN Jun

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1248004 (2019)

Ultra-sensitive Bio-sensor Based on Trapped Mode All-dielectric Metasurface Coating with Graphene Layer

DENG Xue-song, FANG Ming, REN Xin-gang, HUANG Zhi-xiang, and WU Xian-liang

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1248005 (2019)

Detection Efficiency Measurement of Silicon Single-photon Avalanche Detector Traceable Using Standard Detector

LIU Chang-ming, SHI Xue-shun, ZHANG Peng-ju, ZHUANG Xin-gang, and LIU Hong-bo

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1248006 (2019)

Effect of Different Oxygen Content of Tantalum Oxide on Electrochromic Properties of Tungsten Oxide

YANG Hui-dong, XIA Jin-hui, PENG Si-ran, ZHANG Jing-yan, BAO Fei-xiong, and LIU Ya-qing

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1216001 (2019)

Experimental Study on Contract Sensitivity for Fresnel Microprisms

FU Ming-lei, FAN Ting-chao, EUGENE Antonov, LU Chun-xiao, ZHANG Wen-qi, LAI Jin-sheng, and DMYTRO Manko

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1211001 (2019)

Design of X-ray Microscope Employing Toroid Mirrors Working at Grazing-incidence

CUI Ying, HE Jun-hua, WU Bing-jing, YAN Ya-dong, and XU Rui-hua

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1211002 (2019)

Design of Refractive Diffraction Hybrid Annular Aperture Ultrathin Imaging Optical System

MENG Yu-tong, PIAO Ming-xu, and WANG Qi

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1211003 (2019)

Biosensor Based on Cladding-etched 81° Tilted Fiber Grating Coated with Graphene Oxide

WANG Ya-jie, LUO Bin-bin, SHI Sheng-hui, JIANG Shang-hai, WU De-cao, WU Sheng-xi, LU You-ming, WU Tao-jiang, and ZHAO Ming-fu

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1206001 (2019)

Temperature Error Modeling and Real-time Compensation of Fiber Optic Gyroscope Based on PSO-SVR

HUANG Chun-fu, LI An, QIN Fang-jun, and WANG Zhi

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1206002 (2019)

Digital Correlation Phase Discrimination Algorithm for Doppler Acceleration Measurement

JING Ya-dong, WANG Ke-ning, FENG Jia-shuang, ZHANG Xiong-xing, and WANG Wei

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1206003 (2019)

Preparation and Performance Optimization of Inkjet-printed Vertical Organic Phototransistor

ZHANG Guo-cheng, ZHANG Ping-jun, HE Xing-li, and ZHANG Hong

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1223001 (2019)

Study on Resolution Improvement of Microchannel Plate

LI Xiao-feng, CHANG Le, ZENG Jin-neng, LI Ting-tao, ZHAO Heng, and TANG Wen-mei

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1223002 (2019)

Process Research of Optical Inverted Cone for Interlayer Coupling

LIU Jun-cheng, SUN Tian-yu, JIA Hui-min, WANG Xiao, TANG Ji-long, FANG Dan, FANG Xuan, WANG Deng-kui, ZHANG Bao-shun, and WEI Zhi-peng

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1223003 (2019)

Design and Test of Flexible Supporting Structure for Ultra-light Mirror

SHAO Meng-qi, ZHANG Lei, LI Lin, WEI Lei, and JIA Xue-zhi

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1222001 (2019)

Optimal Design of Cam Curve Structure of the 30× Continuous Zoom System

PENG Jian-wei, SHI Kui, LEI Yang-jie, MEI Chao, and WU Li

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1222002 (2019)

Measurement of 2D Temperature Distribution of Flame Using CT-TDLAS

ZHOU Wang-zheng, WANG Zhen-zhen, YAN Jun-jie, ZHANG dan, TSUJIMOTO Kazuma, KAMIMOTO Takahiro, and DEGUCHI Yoshihiro

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1214001 (2019)

High-temperature LDAs Pumped Compact Nd: YAG Laser

ZHONG Jian-qi, QU Ya-chen, ZHANG Xiao-jing, YANG Bo-da, JIN Liang, MA Xiao-hui, and ZOU Yong-gang

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1214002 (2019)

Broadband Optical Frequency Comb Generation Based on a Current-modulated 1 550 nm-VCSEL Subject to Optical Injection

LI Gui-ying, YANG Wen-yan, WU Zheng-mao, and XIA Guang-qiong

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1214003 (2019)

Experimental Study on Scintillation Index of Vortex Beam Propagation in Underwater Turbulence

LU Teng-fei, LIU Yong-xin, and PU Ji-xiong

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1214004 (2019)

Spectral Scattering Characteristic of Non-spherical Mars Dust Particles

YANG Yu-feng, HAN An-li, QIN Jian-hua, and WANG Zhao-lei

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1229001 (2019)

Influence of Water Characteristic Parameters on Threshold Value and Gain of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

XU Jin, GUO Yang-ning, HU Fen, LUO Ning-ning, ZHANG Yu-bao, SHI Jiu-lin, and HE Xing-dao

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1229002 (2019)

Characteristic Analysis of Target Laser One-dimensional Range Profiles Based on Heterodyne Detection

CHEN Jian-biao, SUN Hua-yan, ZHAO Yan-zhong, and SHAN Cong-miao

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1228001 (2019)

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Space Target Luminosity Measurement Based on Video Remote Sensing Satellites

MA Yan, MA Chi, XIE Yan-hao, and WANG Fang

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1228002 (2019)

Research Article

Amplitude Inversion Model and Application of Internal Solitary Waves of the Northern South China Sea Based on Optical Remote-sensing Images

NING Jing, WANG Jing, ZHANG Meng, CUI Hai-ji, and LU Ke-xiao

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1228003 (2019)

Adaptive Positioning for Blade Repair of Complex Curved Surface Based on Speckle Measurement

WANG Tao, LI Zhan, QIAO Wei-lin, WANG Sheng, and WU Jun

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1212001 (2019)

Surface Robust Reconstruction Method for High Lightand Weak Textured Objects

QIAO Yu-jing, ZHANG Si-yuan, and ZHAO Yu-hang

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1212002 (2019)

Modified Adaptive Real-time Filtering Algorithm for MEMS Gyroscope Random Noise

FU Jun and HAN Hong-xiang

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1212003 (2019)

Nonlinear Optimization Method for Reconstruction of the Off-axis Aspherical Surface by Profile Measurement

LEI Wei-zheng, YUAN Lü-jun, KANG Yan, and SU Zhi-de

Vol. 48, Issue 12, 1212004 (2019)