Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2019

<Volume: 48, Issue: 3>

26 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Inversion of Aerosol Lidar Ratio and Its Effect on Slant Visibility Based on Fernald-PSO Method

Yu-zhao MA, Jia-qi LIU, Qiang-qiang WANG, Xing-long XIONG, Meng LI, and Shuai FENG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 301001 (2019)

Sensing Performance of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Based on Cu/Graphene Composite Membrane Coated Photonic Crystal Fiber

Guo-jia HUANG, Zhi-qing PENG, Xiao-zhan YANG, and Wen-lin FENG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 306001 (2019)

SBS Fast Light with Low Pulse Distortion at Doublet Pumps in Optical Fibers

Yuan-yuan MA, Shang-lin HOU, Jing-li LEI, Dao-bin WANG, and Xiao-xiao LI

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 306002 (2019)

Data Processing of Direct Absorption Spectroscopy for Laser Gas Detection under Modulated Noise

Di WANG, Zi-yan NI, Ming-ji WANG, Yan LV, Yu-shuang LI, and Dong LI

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 307001 (2019)

Approach to Generate High-frequency Microwave Signal with Frequency Multiplication Factor Tunability by Using Cascaded Mach-Zehnder Modulators

Wen-shan CONG, Lan YU, Jiang-hai WO, Ya-lan WANG, and An-le WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 307002 (2019)

An Adaptive Multiscale Transmission Estimation Dehazing Algorithm

Yan YANG, Yi-fei LI, and Hui YUE

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 310001 (2019)

Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Based on Iterative Guided Filtering and Multi-visual Weight Information

Hao-ran ZHU, Yun-qing LIU, and Wen-ying ZHANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 310002 (2019)

Opto-mechanical System Design and Field Experimental Analysis of Hyperspectral Ratio Radiometer

Quan ZHANG, Xin LI, En-chao LIU, Yan-na ZHANG, Wen-chao ZHAI, and Xiao-bing ZHENG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 312001 (2019)

Temperature Control System of Semiconductor Device and Application for Infrared Gas Detection

Wan-hong YAN, Yan-wen ZHOU, Di YU, Zhi-wei LIU, Fang SONG, Chuan-tao ZHENG, and Yi-ding WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 312002 (2019)

Vehicular Daytime High-resolution Imaging System Based on Phase-diversity Technology

Ming MING, Tao CHEN, and Tian-shuang XU

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 312003 (2019)

Modeling and Ground-based Experimental Jitter Researches on Earth Observation Satellite

Xiao-xue GONG, Lei ZHANG, and Ming XUAN

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 312004 (2019)

Beam Homogenization of a Fresnel Lens Array with a Randomly Distributed Phase for Laser Beams

Xian-zi PEI, Yong-hao LIANG, Fei WANG, Xiao-li ZHU, and Chang-qing XIE

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 314001 (2019)

Nd3+∶Photo-thermo-refractive Glass Waveguides Written by Femtosecond Laser

Ze-yu ZHANG, Hai-tao AN, Xu WANG, Ying-wu XIE, Hua ZHANG, Qing LIU, Li-gong CHEN, and Bo YANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 314002 (2019)

Experimental Study on Laser Cat′s Eye Echoes from Optical Imaging System in the Process of CCD Damaging

Ming-xin ZHANG, Jin-song NIE, Ke SUN, Xian-an DOU, Yun-tao XIE, and Xiu-hong JIANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 314003 (2019)

Automatic Measurement Method of Attitude Based on Monocular Vision

Da-bao LAO, Hui-juan ZHANG, Zhi XIONG, and Wei-hu ZHOU

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 315001 (2019)

Hierarchical Convolutional Features via Adaptive Selection for Visual Tracking

Chang-zhen XIONG, Man-qiang CHE, and Jin-peng GE

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 315002 (2019)

Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Graphene Oxide Hole Transport Layer

Yun-xiang WANG, Ji-hua ZHANG, Yan-hua WU, Hong-hang WANG, Zi-chuan YI, Xiao-wen ZHANG, and Li-ming LIU

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 316001 (2019)

Optical Absorption of Anisotropy Hybrid Grating Thin Film Solar Cell

Ke CHEN, Qing-qing WANG, Hong-mei ZHENG, Yuan-yuan WANG, and Rui WU

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 316002 (2019)

Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of NiO/TiO2 Nanotubes by Hydrothermal Method

Zhu-mei WANG, Yue-ming LI, Run-hua LIAO, Zong-yang SHEN, and Jian-lin ZUO

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 316003 (2019)

Multi-fields Optimization Iterative Design Method for Freeform Surface in Ultra-short-focus Projection System

Bai-hua YU, Zhi-hui TIAN, Dong-qi SU, Song-tao GAO, Yong-xin SUI, and Huai-jiang YANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 322001 (2019)

Propagation Characteristics and Self-reconstruction of Radially Polarized Spiral Bessel Beam

Han-qing HU, Feng-tie WU, Run HU, and Yan-fei YANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 326001 (2019)

Propagation Characteristic of Symmetric Airy Vortex Beams

Hong-xing MAO, Yan-ping LAN, Song-tao LAI, and Yi-xian QIAN

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 326002 (2019)

Scattering Angle Distribution of Redundant Particles Inlaid Optical Dielectric Films

Lei GONG, Zhen WU, Ming GAO, Li WANG, Ya LI, and Qian WANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 329001 (2019)

Liquid Crystal Display Information Leakage Based on Different Roughness Surface Reflected

Cun-li DUAN, Wang-yun LIU, Peng-cheng ZHAO, Yu-jiao CHEN, and Su-juan ZHANG

Vol. 48, Issue 3, 329002 (2019)