Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2020

<Volume: 49, Issue: 3>

27 Article(s)

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Research on High Performance Materials for Oxygen and Temperature Sensing

CAO Hui-min, ZHU Qian, LI Fa-guang, WU Chao, ZHENG Dong-yun, and ZHU Chun-nan

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0316001 (2020)

Enhanced Photoluminescence of Transferred Monolayer MoS2 via Sulfur Vapor Treatment

WANG Si-yu, XU Ying, and LIU Yu-chun

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0316002 (2020)

Luminescent Properties and Energy Transfer of Er3+, Cr3+ Co-doped BaAl2Si2O8 Phosphors

SUN Lan-lan, [in Chinese], WANG Qing-ling, HE Jiu-yang, and [in Chinese]

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0316003 (2020)


Numerical Model and Verification of Anisoplanatic Imaging Based on Time-varying Phase Screens

JIANG Ji-song and JIANG Ai-min

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0301001 (2020)

Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Analysis of Total Columns of Greenhouse Gas Based on Direct Observation and Comparison with Satellite Data in Hefei

LIU Dan-dan, HUANG Yin-bo, CAO Zhen-song, LU Xing-ji, SUN Yu-song, and TU Qian-si

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0301002 (2020)


Measurement of Quantum Yield and Image of Microchannel Plate in Near Ultraviolet Band

LI Xiao-feng, CHANG Le, QIU Yong-sheng, WU Yong-xiang, and LI Yong-chun

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0325001 (2020)

Study on the Improvement of Input Signal Utilization of MCP

LI Xiao-feng, LI Ting-tao, ZENG Jin-neng, CHANG Le, and CHEN Chao

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0325002 (2020)


Multi-channel Raman Spectral Reconstruction Based on Gaussian Kernel Principal Component Analysis

WANG Xin, KANG Zhe-ming, LIU Long, and FAN Xian-guang

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0330001 (2020)

Detection Method of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Water Based on Single Source Frequency Domain Fluorescence Lifetime

CHEN Peng, ZHAO Zhi, ZHAO Dong-dong, HAN Yang-yang, and LIANG Rong-hua

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0330002 (2020)

A Measurement Method Based on Characteristic Spectral Parameter for Determining Junction Temperature of LED

JIANG Fu-chun, HE Si-yu, LIU Yuan-hai, LIU Wen, CHAI Guang-yue, ZHAO Zhi-gang, and LI Bai-kui

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0330003 (2020)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Effect Analysis of Embedded Fiber Transmission Performance by Lamination Process

SHE Yu-lai, ZHOU De-jian, CHEN Xiao-yong, YANG Xu, TU Shan, and LAI Hua-jun

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0306001 (2020)

Demodulation of Weak Fiber Bragg Grating Using a Double Square Wave and B-spline Wavelet

DING Peng, HUANG Jun-bin, GU Hong-can, WANG Yun-yun, LIU Wen, and TANG Jin-song

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0306002 (2020)

Scale Factor Test of Resonance Fiber Optic Gyroscope Based on Biased Sawtooth Wave

LEI Ming, FANG Yuan, YU Huai-yong, YANG Yi, XIANG Qiang, and ZHANG Li-zhe

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0306003 (2020)

Photonic Analog-to-digital Conversion with Differential Encoding Based on Vector Superposition

YANG Shu-na, LIU Zhi-wei, YANG Bo, and ZENG Ran

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0306004 (2020)

Optical Design and Fabrication

An X-ray Detection Technology with Multi-curvature Bent Crystal

SHI Jun, LI Miao, LUO Lin-dong-ying, WANG Feng, YANG Guo-hong, and WEI Min-xi

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0322001 (2020)


Design of Co-aperture Wide Spectrum Compound Eye Optical System

CHEN Yang, GAO Ming, HU Xue-lei, ZHANG Xi-bin, and JIAO Yang

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0322002 (2020)

Correction Methods of Adjustment Errors for the Parallel Plate-based Lateral-shearing Interferometer

ZHOU Jian-biao, ZHANG Mu-yang, and LIANG Yan-mei

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0322003 (2020)

Optical Designand Fabrication

Design and Analysis of the Transmitted Inner Focusing Wide Spectrum Optical System

LIU Zhi-ying, LI Shu-qi, HUANG Yun-hang, and FU Yue-gang

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0322004 (2020)


Simulation and Experiment of Thermal Characteristics of a Jet Cooling Composite Ceramic Thin-disk Laser

GUO Jia-wei, JIA Kai, YANG Feng, PENG Chun, WANG Xiao-cong, LIU Xiao-xu, HAN Ju-hong, RONG Ke-peng, AN Guo-fei, CAI He, and WANG You

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0314001 (2020)

Development of Laser Beam Expanding Collimator for Cold Atom Preparation

HAO An-qing, JIA Sen, XIE Lai-yun, CAI Yong, and WANG Xian-hua

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0314002 (2020)

Lasers and Laser Optic

Passive Q-switched Cylindrical Vector Beam Fiber Laser Based on Few Mode Fiber

WANG Cheng-xin, LU Bao-le, LUO Min, CHEN Hao-wei, and BAI Jin-tao

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0314003 (2020)

Thermo-optic Effect of Optical Microsphere Cavity for Temperature Sensor Research

LIN Xiao-jun, LIN De-quan, LIAO Ting-di, DUAN Ya-fan, and HUANG Yan-tang

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0314004 (2020)

Image Processing

Deep Sea Image Enhancement Method Based on the Active Illumination

DENG Xiang-yu, WANG Hui-gang, and ZHANG Yong-qing

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0310001 (2020)

Multiple Image Encryption Method Based on Light Field Imaging Theory and Chaotic System

HAN Si-min, ZHANG Wei, ZHANG Xiang, WEI Xiao-xiao, and WAN Xin-jun

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0310002 (2020)

Underwater Optical Image Enhancement Based on Dominant Feature Image Fusion

LIN Sen, CHI Kai-chen, LI Wen-tao, and TANG Yan-dong

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0310003 (2020)


Polarization-controlled Optical Switch Based on Surface Plasmon

LI Gang, GUAN Wen-jun, ZHANG Yan-jun, LIU Yan-li, HOU Yu-long, SHAN Yan-hu, ZHANG Zhi-dong, ZHANG Bin-zhen, and XUE Chen-yang

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0326001 (2020)


A Strip Sub-wavelength Radial Polarization Grating

XU Yu-ting, XU Qi-feng, SONG Qian-yun, and HUANG Yi-fan

Vol. 49, Issue 3, 0305001 (2020)