Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2020

<Volume: 49, Issue: 7>

21 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Optics at Surfaces

Laser Speckle Suppression Based on Tunable Metasurface

CHENG Jin, ZHOU Shun, SUN Xue-ping, PU Xin-xin, SUN Qi-liang, XU Ying-shun, and LIU Wei-guo

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 724001 (2020)

Aluminum-graphene Structure Based on Phase Modulation Employed for Biosensing

LI Yong-ping, LIU Jun-xian, and YUAN Yu-feng

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 724002 (2020)


Luminous Properties of near Infrared Excited Upconversion Luminescent Materials Based on NaYF4

LI Dong-dong, YANG Tian, MA Xin-yu, HAN Dong-dong, and SHE Jiang-bo

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 716001 (2020)

Crystallization Mechanism of Photo-thermal-refractive Glass in SiO2-Al2O3-ZnO-Na2O(F, Br) System

XU Zi-wei, XIONG Bao-xing, CAO Zhao-wen, and ZOU Kuai-sheng

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 716002 (2020)

Imaging Systems

Calibration Methods of Amplitude-division Polarization Imaging Camera

LI Song, ZHANG Ran, CHEN Yong-tai, and CHU Jin-kui

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 711001 (2020)

Compressed Multi-spectral Ghost Imaging Using Push-broom Based on Superposing Detected Signals

LI Mei-xuan, WANG Xue, WANG Hong, LIU Xiao-han, LIU Ming, and SONG Li-jun

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 711002 (2020)


Inductive Charge Readout for Far Ultraviolet Photon Count Imaging Detector

SONG Ke-fei, HAN Zhen-wei, HE Ling-ping, and NI Qi-liang

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 725001 (2020)

Study on the Relationship between Noise Factor and Working Voltage of Microchannel Plate

LI Xiao-feng, LI Jin-sha, CHANG Le, LI Jiao-jiao, ZENG Jin-neng, and WU Yong-xiang

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 725002 (2020)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Study on Preparation and Properties of High Temperature Regenerated Fiber Bragg Gratings

LIU Ri-zhao, CHEN Ming, ZHENG Jia-jin, LIU Li, ZHU Yong-gang, CHEN Huan-quan, and WEI Wei

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 706001 (2020)

Superluminal Propagation Induced by Forward Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Small-core Photonic Crystal Fibers

WU Dong-ming, HOU Shang-lin, LEI Jing-li, WANG Dao-bin, and LI Xiao-xiao

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 706002 (2020)


Nonlinear Reconstruction for Off-axis Fresnel Digital Holography with Deep Learning

LIU Hang, XIAO Yong-liang, TIAN Jun-long, LI Hong-xing, and ZHONG Jian-xin

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 709001 (2020)

Image Processing

Image Dehazing Method Based on Light Field Depth Estimation and Atmospheric Scattering Model

GAO Jun, CHU Qing-tian, ZHANG Xu-dong, and FAN Zhi-guo

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 710001 (2020)

Ship Detection Method in Remote Sensing Image Based on Feature Fusion

SHI Wen-xu, JIANG Jin-hong, and BAO Sheng-li

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 710004 (2020)

Algorithm of Space Target Quick Acquisition in the Complex Background of the Sky

YANG Yuan-zhao, YU Lu-wei, MAO Xiao-nan, YAN Xiao-jun, and ZHENG Xun-jiang

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 710005 (2020)

Physical Optics

Antenna Array Initial Condition Calibration Method for Integrated Optical Phased Array

ZHANG Qi-hao, ZHANG Ling-xuan, LI Zhong-yu, WU Wei, WANG Guo-xi, SUN Xiao-chen, ZHAO Wei, and ZHANG Wen-fu

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 726001 (2020)

Instrumentation, Measurement and Metrology

Realizations of Luminance Units in Range of 10~200 000 cd/m2

Lü Liang and JIANG Xiao-mei

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 712001 (2020)

Deformation Measurement of Thin-walled Part Based on Binocular Vision

XING Li, ZHANG Hong-zhi, CHEN Xi, and WANG Gang

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 712002 (2020)

Error Measurement and Compensation of Multi-channel Fringe Projection System

WEN Hao, MENG Zhao-zong, GAO Nan, and ZHANG Zong-hua

Vol. 49, Issue 7, 712004 (2020)