High Power Laser Science and Engineering

Year: 2020

<Volume: 8, Issue: 3>

4 Article(s)

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Research Articles

Decoupling of the position and angular errors in laser pointing with a neural network method

Lei Xia, Yuanzhang Hu, Wenyu Chen, and Xiaoguang Li

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 03000e28 (2020)

Ultra-broadband near-infrared NOPAs based on the nonlinear crystals BiBO and YCOB

Mario Galletti, Hugo Pires, Victor Hariton, Joana Alves, Pedro Oliveira, Marco Galimberti, and Gonçalo Figueira

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 03000e29 (2020)

Spatiotemporal characterization of laser pulse amplification in double-pass active mirror geometry

Tinghao Liu, Qiang Liu, Zhan Sui, Mali Gong, and Xing Fu

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 03000e30 (2020)

Ultra-broadband all-OPCPA petawatt facility fully based on LBO

Mario Galletti, Pedro Oliveira, Marco Galimberti, Munadi Ahmad, Giedre Archipovaite, Nicola Booth, Emerald Dilworth, Andy Frackiewicz, Trevor Winstone, Ian Musgrave, and Cristina Hernandez-Gomez

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 03000e31 (2020)