Journal of Resources and Ecology

Year: 2020

<Volume: 11, Issue: 5

11 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Comparison and Analysis of Estimation Methods for Heavy Metal Pollution of Farmland Soils

Mamattursun EZIZ, Adila HAYRAT, and YANG Xiuyun

Vol. 11, Issue 5, 435 (2020)

Values of the Farmland Ecosystem Services of Qingdao City, China, and their Changes

CAI Shizhen, ZHANG Xuliang, CAO Yinghui, ZHANG Zhaohui, and WANG Wei

Vol. 11, Issue 5, 443 (2020)

Forest Ecosystem

Effects of Forest Types and Environmental Factors on Soil Microbial Biomass in a Coastal Sand Dune of Subtropical China

GAO Wei, LIN Meimei, HUANG Yongrong, HUANG Shide, YE Gongfu, and HUANG Zhiqun

Vol. 11, Issue 5, 454 (2020)

Genetic Diversity of Toona ciliata Populations based on SSR Markers

WANG Yang, YUE Dan, and LI Xinzhi

Vol. 11, Issue 5, 466 (2020)

Resource Economy

Research Article

Effect of Long-term Experimental Warming on the Nutritional Quality of Alpine Meadows in the Northern Tibet

SUN Wei, LI Shaowei, ZHANG Yangjian, and FU Gang

Vol. 11, Issue 5, 516 (2020)