Laser & Optoelectronics Progress

Year: 2018

<Volume: 55, Issue: 7>

61 Article(s)

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Effect of Gold Nanoparticles on Fluorescence Spontaneous Emission of Quantum Dots

Jianing Wan, Yu Lin, Ying Zhong, and Haitao Liu

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71601 (2018)

Electric-Field Control of Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect and Resistance of Au/Ti/Y2CeFe5O12 Structure

Yinlong Zhu, Jun Qin, Yan Zhang, Xiao Liang, Chuangtang Wang, and Lei Bi

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71602 (2018)

Synthesis and Optical Properties of Nano-ZnO at Low Temperature

Wei Wang, Fuchun Zhang, Junfeng Yan, Xiao Li, Xiong Zhang, and Xiaomin Li

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71603 (2018)

Imaging Systems

Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy Based on Rotating Arc-shaped Array of LEDs

Ziqiang Lin, Xiao Ma, Jinxin Lin, Jiaqi Yang, Shiping Li, and Jingang Zhong

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71102 (2018)

Ambiguity Function Based Computational Imaging Model for Focal Sweep

Shan Gao, Jun Qiu, and Chang Liu

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71103 (2018)

Realization of High Tracking Precision Using a Tip-Tilt Mirror for the 2.4-Meter Telescope-Part I: Prototype Design and Test

Yongchao Ding, Deen Wang, Baoli Lun, Chuanjun Wang, Yuxin Xin, Linxie Chen, Dongxia Hu, Wanjun Dai, Xin Zhang, Liangming Chen, Ying Yang, Qiang Yuan, Donghui Chen, and Liang Chang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71104 (2018)

Atmospheric Optics and Oceanic Optics

Accuracy Research of Commonly Used Remote Sensing Upward Longwave Radiation Products in Polar Regions

Daozhong Sun, Changdong Ji, and Chuanning Ma

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70101 (2018)

Nonlinear Optics

Conversion Method of Digital Camera Distortion Model

Chaofeng Ren and Nan Zhang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71901 (2018)

Fourier Optics and Signal Processing

Sawtooth Waveform Generation Based on Two Parallel Mach-Zehnder Modulators

Muye Yuan, Bo Liu, Tianliang Wang, and Zhikang Xu

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70701 (2018)


Excitation and Modulation Properties of Dipole and Quadrupole Modes of Plasmon in One-Dimensional System

Renglai Wu, Jun Quan, Xiyuan Yang, Shifa Xiao, and Hongjie Xue

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 72501 (2018)


Stability of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy from Microelements in Complex Granular Matters

Shuhang Gong, Dongbin Qian, Maogen Su, Dongmei Zhao, Duixiong Sun, Chao Wu, Yongqiang Wang, and Xinwen Ma

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 73001 (2018)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Influence of Elliptical Birefringence on First-Order OAM-PMD in Ring Fibers

Bingxin Shi, Xia Zhang, and Chenglin Bai

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70601 (2018)

Multi-Loop Desensitization Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensors Using Low Temperature Plasma Technology

Xiaoyu Xu, Xingying Zhu, and Shaoqing Xiao

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70602 (2018)

Simulation Analysis of Undersea Wireless Optical Communication System Based on Flat-Topped Beam

Longjie Zhou, Dong Zhou, and Wenbing Zeng

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70603 (2018)

A Defect Photonic Crystal Fiber With High Birefringence and Negative Dispersion

Kun Liao, Jianfei Liao, Yingmao Xie, Xinghua Wang, and Hua Tian

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70604 (2018)

Multifunctional Optical Fiber Sensor Based on a Hard Plastic Cladding Fiber

Yihui Hu, Hangyu Dong, Chao Jiang, Huiling Huang, and Guo Xia

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70605 (2018)

Structural Health Monitoring of Power Transmission System Based on Optical Fiber Sensor Under Transmission Line Galloping

Kai Xie, Hongying Zhang, Yanshuang Zhao, Ye Tian, Zhongbin Lü, Jianlin Wei, Quan Chai, Yanlei Liu, Yichen Meng, Jianzhong Zhang, Jun Yang, and Libo Yuan

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70606 (2018)

Optical Devices

Tracking Strategy of Maximum Power Point Based on Three-Stage Variable Step-Size Incremental Conductance Algorithm

Chunjuan Liu, Yunyun Sun, Zhou Mu, and Zhanshu Ma

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 72301 (2018)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Machine Vision

Denim Defect Detection Based on Optimal Gabor Filter

Qingchen Wang, Junfeng Jing, Lei Zhang, Xiaohua Wang, and Pengfei Li

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71501 (2018)

Convolution Neural Network with Multi-Resolution Feature Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition

Zhichao He, Longzhang Zhao, and Chuang Chen

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71503 (2018)

Lasers and Laser Optics

Analysis of the Influence Factors on High Precision Measurement of Laser Beam Parameter Based on Camera

Qing Xiao, Xia Liu, Jianqin Deng, Jianquan Yao, Dapeng Zhang, and Xinglong Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71401 (2018)

Trajectory Planning of Curved Surface Subdivision Robot Arm and Positioner by Laser Cladding

Jinduo Liu, Wenlei Sun, and Yong Huang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71402 (2018)

Tunable Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser Based on Digital Micromirror Device

Ce Zhang, Genxiang Chen, Yunshu Gao, Chao Yu, Min Lü, Xiao Chen, Qian Zhang, and Yiquan Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71403 (2018)

Process of Laser Cladding of 1Cr15Ni4Mo3 Powder on 30CrMnSiNi2A Steels

Kexin Zhou, Renyao Qing, Qiang Cao, Zhiqiang Zhang, Xuejun Zhang, Tao Sun, and Junfeng Huai

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71404 (2018)

Effect of Laser Shock Processing on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of TC4 Repaired Parts

Maozhong Ge, Jianyun Xiang, and Yang Tang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71405 (2018)

Temporal Point Spread Functions Measurement Based on Correlation of Chaotic Laser

Yadong Wang, Lingzhen Yang, Yongqiang Yang, Juanfen Wang, Zhaoxia Zhang, and Pingping Xue

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71406 (2018)

Structural Design of Field Installation Process Device for Optomechanical Module of Amplifier

Xiaobo Liu, Xiaodong Yuan, Zhijiang Xie, and Wei Ni

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71407 (2018)

Gain Properties of Rod Amplifier with Non-Imaging Reflector

Yongzhong Wu and Jianqiang Zhu

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71408 (2018)

Geometric Optics

Design of a Miniaturized Infrared Wide-Angle Lens

Jiawei Zhu, Qi Wang, Junhui Fan, and Xiaodong Jing

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70801 (2018)

Quantum Optics

Geometrical Quantum Discord in T-Shaped Cavity-Fiber System

Daoyong Wu and Daoming Lu

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 72701 (2018)


Temporal and Spatial Performances of Framing Camera Based on Magnetic Focusing Imaging and Electron Pulse Time Dilation

Houzhi Cai, Wenyong Fu, Yunfei Lei, Yubo Liao, Jinyuan Liu, and Jinghua Long

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70401 (2018)

Evaluation of Air Defense Missile Infrared Camouflage Capability Based on Set Pair Analysis

Hairui Zhang, Yanbin Li, Ruikang Xing, and Xinpeng Ma

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70402 (2018)

Image Processing

HEVC-SCC Adaptive Palette Mode Fast Decision Algorithm

Cheng Fang and Yu Liu

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71001 (2018)

Image Memorability Prediction Model Based on Low-Rank Representation Learning

Jinghui Chu, Huimin Gu, and Yuting Su

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71002 (2018)

Low-Rank Regularized Heterogeneous Tensor Decomposition Algorithm for Subspace Clustering

Jing Zhang, Jianpeng Fu, and Xinhui Li

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71003 (2018)

Dual-Modal Emotion Recognition Based on Facial Expression and Body Posture in Video Sequences

Mingxing Jiang, Min Hu, Xiaohua Wang, Fuji Ren, and Haowen Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71004 (2018)

An Improved Image Inpainting Algorithm Based on Total Variation Model

Shanshan Du and Chao Han

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71005 (2018)

Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on NSCT and Guided Filtering

Jiao Li, Yanchun Yang, Jianwu Dang, and Yangping Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71007 (2018)

Motion Blurred Image Blind Deconvolution Based on Multichannel Nonlinear Diffusion Term

Wanxia Zhu, Guodong Wang, Zhenkuan Pan, and Guojia Hou

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71008 (2018)

Study of Underwater Material Recognition Technology

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71010 (2018)

[in Chinese]

Xueying Han, Qi Wang, and Naixin Ge

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71011 (2018)

Single Sample Face Recognition Based on Improved Center-Symmetric Local Binary Pattern and Bit-Plane Decomposition

Huixian Yang, Fei Zhang, Yong Chen, Jian Liu, and Tongtong Zhou

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71012 (2018)

Multi-Scale Keypoint Detection Based on SHOT

Yongjie Jia, Fengguang Xiong, Xie Han, and Liqun Kuang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71013 (2018)

Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution Method Based on Spatial Spectral Joint Sparse Representation

Meng′en Xu, Baoling Xie, and Guoming Xu

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71014 (2018)

A Multi-Focus Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Depth Learning

Qingjiang Chen, Yi Li, and Yuzhou Chai

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71015 (2018)

Physical Optics

Influence of Distance Between CdSe Quantum Dot and Gold Nanoparticle on System Fluorescence

Ying Zhang, Zhongchen Bai, Zhaoling Huang, Qi Zhao, Man Peng, and Shuijie Qin

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 72601 (2018)


Optical Design of Two-Photon Endoscopy Objective with High Collection Efficiency

Danlei Wu, Lishuang Feng, and Aimin Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71801 (2018)

Diffraction and Gratings

Optical Analysis of Moiré Fringes of Concentric-Circle Gratings

Zhongsheng Zhai, Zhuang Cheng, Yanhong Zhang, Xiangdong Zhou, Qinghua Lü, and Xuanze Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70501 (2018)

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Remote Sensing Inversion of Soil Organic Matter Based on Broad Band and Narrow Band Comprehensive Spectral Index

Mandi Zheng, Heigang Xiong, Juanfeng Qiao, and Jingchao Liu

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 72801 (2018)

On-Orbit Monitoring Test and Analysis of Ultraviolet Radiation of Spacecraft Engine Plumes

Yunfei Jin, Houmao Wang, and Yongmei Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 72802 (2018)

Instrumentation, Measurement and Metrology

Bridge Deformation Detection and Data Processing Based on 3D Laser Scanning

Xiaolong Deng and Shizhu Tian

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71201 (2018)

Measuring Relative High-Speed Rotation of Wheel with Low-Speed Camera

Yipeng Zhao, Tiejun Li, Ning Wang, Xuzhi Wang, Jinyue Liu, and Shijie Guo

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71202 (2018)

On-Machine Surface Shape Measurement of Reflective Mirrors by Ultra-Precision Turning Based on Fringe Reflection

Shanchuan Shao, Xiaoping Tao, and Xiaokun Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 71203 (2018)


Research Progress in Organic Photomultiplication Photodetector

Xiuyun Gao, Ye Zhang, Yanxia Cui, Yanzhen Liu, Guohui Li, Linlin Shi, and Yuying Hao

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70001 (2018)

Development and Application of Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography

Wentao Yao and Wanrong Gao

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70002 (2018)

Solar Simulators Based on Light Emitting Diodes

Shi Su, Guoyu Zhang, Lingyun Wang, Yiwen Wang, Jiqiang Wang, and Lihui Wang

Vol. 55, Issue 7, 70003 (2018)