Photonics Research

Year: 2018

<Volume: 6, Issue: 10>

16 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Special issue on two-dimensional layered materials for ultrafast lasers.

Special Issue on Two Dimensional Layered Materials for Ultrafast Lasers (Invitation Only)

Introduction to two-dimensional layered materials for ultrafast lasers

Han Zhang, Qiaoliang Bao, and Zhipei Sun

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 1000TDL1 (2018)

Graphene-decorated microfiber knot as a broadband resonator for ultrahigh-repetition-rate pulse fiber lasers

Meng Liu, Rui Tang, Ai-Ping Luo, Wen-Cheng Xu, and Zhi-Chao Luo

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 100000C1 (2018)

Nonlinear optical properties of WSe2 and MoSe2 films and their applications in passively Q-switched erbium doped fiber lasers

Wenjun Liu, Mengli Liu, Hainian Han, Shaobo Fang, Hao Teng, Ming Lei, and Zhiyi Wei

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000C15 (2018)

Thermo-optic all-optical devices based on two-dimensional materials

Kan Wu, Yifang Wang, Ciyuan Qiu, and Jianping Chen

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000C22 (2018)

212-kHz-linewidth, transform-limited pulses from a single-frequency Q-switched fiber laser based on a few-layer Bi2Se3 saturable absorber

Weiwei Li, Jinhai Zou, Yizhong Huang, Kaijie Wang, Tuanjie Du, Shuisen Jiang, and Zhengqian Luo

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000C29 (2018)

Femtosecond mode-locking of a fiber laser using a CoSb3-skutterudite-based saturable absorber

Jinho Lee, Yoontaek Kim, Kyungtaek Lee, and Ju Han Lee

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000C36 (2018)

TiS2-based saturable absorber for ultrafast fiber lasers

X. Zhu, S. Chen, M. Zhang, L. Chen, Q. Wu, J. Zhao, Q. Jiang, Z. Zheng, and H. Zhang

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000C44 (2018)

Saturated absorption of different layered Bi2Se3 films in the resonance zone

Jun Zhang, Tian Jiang, Tong Zhou, Hao Ouyang, Chenxi Zhang, Zheng Xin, Zhenyu Wang, and Xiang’ai Cheng

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 100000C8 (2018)

Research Articles

Integrated Optics

High-efficiency and broadband four-wave mixing in a silicon-graphene strip waveguide with a windowed silica top layer

Yuxing Yang, Zhenzhen Xu, Xinhong Jiang, Yu He, Xuhan Guo, Yong Zhang, Ciyuan Qiu, and Yikai Su

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000965 (2018)

Lasers and Laser Optics

Integration of nanoscale light emitters: an efficient ultraviolet and blue random lasing from NaYF4:Yb/Tm hexagonal nanocrystals

Ya-Pei Peng, Wei Lu, Pengpeng Ren, Yiqun Ni, Yunfeng Wang, Long Zhang, Yu-Jia Zeng, Wenfei Zhang, and Shuangchen Ruan

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000943 (2018)

Passively Q-switched femtosecond-laser-written thulium waveguide laser based on evanescent field interaction with carbon nanotubes

Esrom Kifle, Pavel Loiko, Javier Rodríguez Vázquez de Aldana, Carolina Romero, Airán Ródenas, Sun Yung Choi, Ji Eun Bae, Fabian Rotermund, Viktor Zakharov, Andrey Veniaminov, Magdalena Aguiló, Francesc Díaz, Uwe Griebner, Valentin Petrov, and Xavier Mateos

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000971 (2018)


Anomalous transport of light at the phase transition to localization: strong dependence with incident angle

Ernesto Jimenez-Villar, M. C. S. Xavier, Niklaus U. Wetter, Valdeci Mestre, Weliton S. Martins, Gabriel F. Basso, V. A. Ermakov, F. C. Marques, and Gilberto F. de Sá

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000929 (2018)

Nonlinear Optics

Soliton regulation in microcavities induced by fundamental–second-harmonic mode coupling

Xiaoxiao Xue, Xiaoping Zheng, and Bingkun Zhou

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000948 (2018)

Broadband quasi-phase matching in a MgO:PPLN thin film

Licheng Ge, Yuping Chen, Haowei Jiang, Guangzhen Li, Bing Zhu, Yi’an Liu, and Xianfeng Chen

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000954 (2018)

Nonlinear distortion and spatial dispersion of intense terahertz generation in lithium niobate via the tilted pulse front technique

Baolong Zhang, Shangqing Li, Shusu Chai, Xiaojun Wu, Jinglong Ma, Liming Chen, and Yutong Li

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000959 (2018)


Sequential trapping of single nanoparticles using a gold plasmonic nanohole array

Xue Han, Viet Giang Truong, Prince Sunil Thomas, and Síle Nic Chormaic

Vol. 6, Issue 10, 10000981 (2018)