Review of Optics: a virtual journal

Year: 2019

Volume: S, Issue: 1>

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About the Cover:

Review of Optics: a virtual journal, started in 2019, is a virtual review journal, and it contains high-quality review articles from journals that published by Chinese Laser Press independently or along with its partners. Review of Optics is published quarterly. It aims to provide readers an alternative way to quickly look through high quality review papers. The scope of Review of Optics covers the full area of optics and photonics and relevant interdisciplinary topics, and meanwhile is in accordance with its source journals: Advanced Photonics, Chinese Optics Letters, High Power Laser Science and engineering and Photonics Research. 

Semiconductor UV Photonics

AlGaN nanocrystals: building blocks for efficient ultraviolet optoelectronics

Xianhe Liu, Kishwar Mashooq, David A. Laleyan, Eric T. Reid, and Zetian Mi

Vol. S, Issue 1, 06000B12 (2019)

Quantum Photonics

Sensing and tracking enhanced by quantum squeezing

Chuan Xu, Lidan Zhang, Songtao Huang, Taxue Ma, Fang Liu, Hidehiro Yonezawa, Yong Zhang, and Min Xiao

Vol. S, Issue 1, 06000A14 (2019)


Petawatt and exawatt class lasers worldwide 

Colin N. Danson, Constantin Haefner, Jake Bromage, Thomas Butcher, Jean-Christophe F. Chanteloup, Enam A. Chowdhury, Almantas Galvanauskas, Leonida A. Gizzi, Joachim Hein, David I. Hillier, Nicholas W. Hopps, Yoshiaki Kato, Efim A. Khazanov, Ryosuke Kodama, Georg Korn, Ruxin Li, Yutong Li, Jens Limpert, Jingui Ma, Chang Hee Nam, David Neely, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Rory R. Penman, Liejia Qian, Jorge J. Rocca, Andrey A. Shaykin, Craig W. Siders, Christopher Spindloe, Sándor Szatmári, Raoul M. G. M. Trines, Jianqiang Zhu, Ping Zhu, and Jonathan D. Zuegel

Vol. S, Issue 1, 03000e54 (2019)

Semiconductor UV Photonics

Review of encapsulation materials for AlGaN-based deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes

Yosuke Nagasawa and Akira Hirano

Vol. S, Issue 1, 08000B55 (2019)

Research Articles

Review on TNSA diagnostics and recent developments at SPARC_LAB

Fabrizio Bisesto, Mario Galletti, Maria Pia Anania, Massimo Ferrario, Riccardo Pompili, Mordechai Botton, Elad Schleifer, and Arie Zigler

Vol. S, Issue 1, 03000e56 (2019)


Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers for data communication and sensing

Anjin Liu, Philip Wolf, James A. Lott, and Dieter Bimberg

Vol. S, Issue 1, 02000121 (2019)

Silicon Photonics

Coupling strategies for silicon photonics integrated chips [Invited] 

Riccardo Marchetti, Cosimo Lacava, Lee Carroll, Kamil Gradkowski, and Paolo Minzioni

Vol. S, Issue 1, 02000201 (2019)


Review of gallium-oxide-based solar-blind ultraviolet photodetectors

Xuanhu Chen, Fangfang Ren, Shulin Gu, and Jiandong Ye

Vol. S, Issue 1, 04000381 (2019)

Imaging Systems, Microscopy, and Displays

Optofluidics in bio-imaging applications

Sihui Chen, Rui Hao, Yi Zhang, and Hui Yang

Vol. S, Issue 1, 05000532 (2019)

Lasers and Laser Optics

Whispering-gallery mode hexagonal micro-/nanocavity lasers [Invited]

Yue-De Yang, Min Tang, Fu-Li Wang, Zhi-Xiong Xiao, Jin-Long Xiao, and Yong-Zhen Huang

Vol. S, Issue 1, 05000594 (2019)

Optical and Photonic Materials

2D-material-integrated whispering-gallery-mode microcavity

Lu Wang, Xuefei Zhou, Shuo Yang, Gaoshan Huang, and Yongfeng Mei

Vol. S, Issue 1, 08000905 (2019)

Optical Devices


Nonlinear polaritons in metamaterials with plasmon-induced transparency [Invited] 

Zhengyang Bai, Qi Zhang, and Guoxiang Huang

Vol. S, Issue 1, 012501 (2019)


Transformation optics from macroscopic to nanoscale regimes: a review

Jingjing Zhang, John B. Pendry, and Yu Luo

Vol. S, Issue 1, 014001 (2019)

Photonic tractor beams: a review

Weiqiang Ding, Tongtong Zhu, Lei-Ming Zhou, and Cheng-Wei Qiu

Vol. S, Issue 1, 024001 (2019)

Nonlinear optics in all-dielectric nanoantennas and metasurfaces: a review

Basudeb Sain, Cedrik Meier, and Thomas Zentgraf

Vol. S, Issue 1, 024002 (2019)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Photonic microwave filters with ultra-high noise rejection [Invited]

Xihua Zou, Peixuan Li, Wei Pan, and Lianshan Yan

Vol. S, Issue 1, 030601 (2019)

Visible light positioning: moving from 2D planes to 3D spaces [Invited]

E. W. Lam and T. D. C. Little

Vol. S, Issue 1, 030604 (2019)


Photonic implementation of boson sampling: a review

Daniel J. Brod, Ernesto F. Galvão, Andrea Crespi, Roberto Osellame, Nicolò Spagnolo, and Fabio Sciarrino

Vol. S, Issue 1, 034001 (2019)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

A tutorial on laser-based lighting and visible light communications: device and technology [Invited]

Yujian Guo, Omar Alkhazragi, Chun Hong Kang, Chao Shen, Yuan Mao, Xiaobin Sun, Tien Khee Ng, and Boon S. Ooi

Vol. S, Issue 1, 040601 (2019)

Optical Devices

Optically controlled phase array antenna [Invited]

Nuannuan Shi, Wei Li, Ninghua Zhu, and Ming Li

Vol. S, Issue 1, 052301 (2019)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Optical-fiber-based powerful tools for living cell manipulation [Invited] 

Xiaotong Zhang, Shitai Yang, and Libo Yuan

Vol. S, Issue 1, 090603 (2019)

Underwater Wireless Optical Communication

Image Processing

Progress of three-dimensional light-field display [Invited] 

Qungang Ma, Liangcai Cao, Zehao He, and Shengdong Zhang

Vol. S, Issue 1, 111001 (2019)

Optics at Surfaces