Advanced Photonics

News and Commentaries

When light explores space and time

Olivier J. F. Martin

Vol. 1, Issue 5, 050501 (2019)


Robust and rapidly tunable light source for SRS/CARS microscopy with low-intensity noise 

Heiko Linnenbank, Tobias Steinle, Florian Mörz, Moritz Flöss, Han Cui, Andrew Glidle, and Harald Giessen

Vol. 1, Issue 5, 055001 (2019)

Research Articles

Single-shot fourth-order autocorrelator

Peng Wang, Xiong Shen, Jun Liu, and Ruxin Li

Vol. 1, Issue 5, 056001 (2019)

Uniform-velocity spacetime crystals

Zoé-Lise Deck-Léger, Nima Chamanara, Maksim Skorobogatiy, Mário G. Silveirinha, and Christophe Caloz

Vol. 1, Issue 5, 056002 (2019)

Resolution limit of label-free far-field microscopy

Evgenii Narimanov

Vol. 1, Issue 5, 056003 (2019)