High Power Laser Science and Engineering

Detailed Study of the Emission Mechanism for the Silicon He-α Lines in Photoionization Experiment

Han Bo, Wang Feilu, Salzmann David, Zhong Jiayong, Zhao Gang

Publication Date(Web): Nov. 27, 2020

Mandrel degradation model of combined fast and slow processes

Zhu Yu, Liu Zheng, Yu Famin, Chen Qiang, Feng Wei, Zhan-Wen Zhang, Wang Zhigang

Publication Date(Web): Nov. 26, 2020

Laboratory Overview and Specifications of the Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory

Gizzi Leonida, Labate Luca, Baffigi Federica, Brandi Fernando, Bussolino GC, Fulgentini Lorenzo, Koester Petra, Palla Daniele

Publication Date(Web): Nov. 24, 2020

A perspective on high photon flux non-classical light and applications in non-linear optics

Lamprou Theocharis, Liontos Ioannis, Papadakis Nikolaos, Tzallas Paraskevas

Publication Date(Web): Oct. 27, 2020

Strong-field effects induced in the extreme ultraviolet domain

Makos Ioannis, Orfanos Ioannis, Skantzakis Emmanouil, Liontos Ioannis, Tzallas Paraskevas, Forembski Andrew, Nikolopoulos Lampros, Charalambidis Dimitris

Publication Date(Web): Oct. 27, 2020

Photonic crystal rod based high-performance ultrafast fiber laser system

Lv Zhiguo, Yang Zhi, Li Qianglong , Li Feng, yang Xiaojun, Wang Yishan, Zhao Wei

Publication Date(Web): Oct. 27, 2020