Chinese Optics Letters

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  • Vol.17, Iss.11—Nov.1, 2019 • pp: 110601- Spec. pp:
  • Vol.17, Iss.10—Oct.1, 2019 • pp: 100002- Spec. pp:
  • Vol.17, Iss.11—Nov.1, 2019 | Reviews

    Image processing

    Progress of three-dimensional light-field display [Invited]

    Qungang Ma, Liangcai Cao, Zehao He, and Shengdong Zhang

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111001 (2019)

    Vol.17, Iss.11—Nov.1, 2019 | Research Articles

    Fiber optics and optical communications

    Hollow-core fiber-based Raman probe extension kit for in situ and sensitive ultramicro-analysis

    Hao Cai, Xingtao Yu, Qian Chu, Zhiqiang Jin, Bo Lin, and Guanghui Wang

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 110601 (2019)

    Power-efficient heterodyne radio over fiber link with laser phase noise robustness

    Yuancheng Cai, Xiang Gao, Yun Ling, Bo Xu, and Kun Qiu

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 110602 (2019)

    Saturation behavior of a one-pump fiber optical parametric amplifier in the presence of the fourth-order dispersion coefficient and dispersion fluctuation

    N. Othman, K. G. Tay, N. S. Mohd Shah, R. Talib, H. Pakarzadeh, and N. A. Cholan

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 110603 (2019)

    Improvement on refractive index sensing by exploiting the tapered two-mode fibers

    Fang Fang, Bing Sun, Zuxing Zhang, Jing Xu, and Lin Zhang

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 110604 (2019)


    Pixel super-resolution lensless in-line holographic microscope with hologram segmentation

    Mingjun Wang, Shaodong Feng, and Jigang Wu

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 110901 (2019)

    Imaging systems

    Application of reflectance transformation imaging for the display of handwriting traces

    Wei Wei, Lihua Huang, Xinran Zhu, Liqing Ling, Kai Guo, and Huijie Huang

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111101 (2019)

    Lasers and laser optics

    Fabrication and packaging for high-Q CaF2 crystalline resonators with modal modification

    Mengyu Wang, Yu Yang, Lingjun Meng, Xueying Jin, Yongchao Dong, Lei Zhang, Wenbin Xu, and Keyi Wang

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111401 (2019)

    4 × 40 GHz mode-locked laser diode array monolithically integrated with an MMI combiner

    Huan Wang, Lu Guo, Wu Zhao, Guangcan Chen, Dan Lu, and Lingjuan Zhao

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111402 (2019)

    High peak power 1.0 μm and tri-wavelength 1.3 μm Nd:ScYSiO5 crystal lasers

    Qiangguo Wang, Na Cui, Yongping Yao, Lihua Meng, Lei Li, Lulu Dong, Huiyun Zhang, Shande Liu, and Dehua Li

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111403 (2019)

    1514 nm eye-safe passively Q-switched self-optical parametric oscillator based on Nd3+-doped MgO:PPLN

    Heyan Liu, Yongji Yu, Dehui Sun, Hong Liu, Yuheng Wang, Hao Zheng, Dan Li, and Guangyong Jin

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111404 (2019)

    Laser diode partially end-pumped electro-optically Q-switched Yb:YAG slab laser

    Qian Gao, Hengli Zhang, and Javed Fayyaz

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111405 (2019)


    Upconversion luminescence, intrinsic optical bistability, and optical thermometry in Ho3+/Yb3+: BaMoO4 phosphors

    Xin Liu, Ruoshan Lei, Feifei Huang, Degang Deng, Huanping Wang, Shilong Zhao, and Shiqing Xu

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111601 (2019)

    White light emission from Er, Pr co-doped AlN films

    Xiang Li, Xiaodan Wang, Hai Ma, Feifei Chen, and Xionghui Zeng

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111602 (2019)

    Reconfigurable continuous-zoom metalens in visible band

    Yuan Cui, Guoxing Zheng, Ming Chen, Yilun Zhang, Yan Yang, Jin Tao, Taotao He, and Zile Li

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 111603 (2019)

    Optical design and fabrication

    Stitching swing arm profilometer test for large aperture aspherics

    Ling Xiong, Erhui Qi, Xiao Luo, Feng Zhang, Donglin Xue, and Xuejun Zhang

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 112201 (2019)

    Quantum optics

    High efficiency continuous-variable quantum key distribution based on QC-LDPC codes

    Ying Guo, Kangshuai Wang, Duan Huang, and Xueqin Jiang

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 112701 (2019)

    Thin films

    Effect of annealing on the damage threshold and optical properties of HfO2/Ta2O5/SiO2 high-reflection film

    Jianing Dong, Jie Fan, Sida Mao, Yunping Lan, Yonggang Zou, Haizhu Wang, Jiabin Zhang, and Xiaohui Ma

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 113101 (2019)

    Ultrafast optics

    Generation of femtosecond dual pulses by a transverse standing wave in a volume holographic grating

    Xiaoyan Wang, Xiaona Yan, Kailong Jin, Ye Dai, Zuanming Jin, Xihua Yang, and Guohong Ma

    Vol. 17, Issue 11, 113201 (2019)

    Vol.17, Iss.10—Oct.1, 2019 | Research Articles

    Atomic and Molecular Physics

    Micro-fabrication and hermeticity measurement of alkali-atom vapor cells based on anodic bonding

    Lu Zhang, Wendong Zhang, Shougang Zhang, and Shubin Yan

    Vol. 17, Issue 10, 100201 (2019)


    Impulse response of Ge2Sb2Te5-based ultrafast photodetector integrated with SOI waveguide

    Vibhu Srivastava, Prateek Mishra, and Sunny

    Vol. 17, Issue 10, 100401 (2019)

    Fiber optics and optical communications

    A compact complex-coefficient microwave photonic filter with continuous tunability

    Jinwang Qian, Zhennan Zheng, Mingzheng Lei, Chunqi Song, Shanguo Huang, and Xinlu Gao

    Vol. 17, Issue 10, 100601 (2019)

    All-fiber few-mode erbium-doped fiber amplifier supporting six spatial modes

    Zhenzhen Zhang, Cheng Guo, Liang Cui, Yichi Zhang, Cheng Du, and Xiaoying Li

    Vol. 17, Issue 10, 100604 (2019)

    Lasers and laser optics

    Temperature dependence of spectral and laser properties of Er3+/Al3+ co-doped aluminosilicate fiber

    Qiang He, Fan Wang, Zhiquan Lin, Chongyun Shao, Meng Wang, Shikai Wang, Chunlei Yu, and Lili Hu

    Vol. 17, Issue 10, 101401 (2019)

    Dynamic image acquisition and particle recognition of laser-induced exit surface particle ejection in fused silica

    Yangliang Li, Chao Shen, Li Shao, and Yujun Zhang

    Vol. 17, Issue 10, 101402 (2019)


    Effect of reduction co-sintering on the photoluminescence properties of phosphor in glass in boro-bismuthate glass

    Qiaoyu Zheng, Yang Li, Wenjuan Wu, Jun Zou, Bobo Yang, and Mingming Shi

    Vol. 17, Issue 10, 101601 (2019)