Photonics Research

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  • Vol.8, Iss.7—Jul.1, 2020 • pp: 1064-1139 Spec. pp:
  • Vol.8, Iss.7—Jul.1, 2020 | Research Articles

    Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

    Phase demodulation method based on a dual-identical-chirped-pulse and weak fiber Bragg gratings for quasi-distributed acoustic sensing

    Guanhua Liang, Junfeng Jiang, Kun Liu, Shuang Wang, Tianhua Xu, Wenjie Chen, Zhe Ma, Zhenyang Ding, Xuezhi Zhang, Yongning Zhang, and Tiegen Liu

    Vol. 8, Issue 7, 07001093 (2020)

    Imaging Systems, Microscopy, and Displays

    Computational 4D imaging of light-in-flight with relativistic effects

    Yue Zheng, Ming-Jie Sun, Zhi-Guang Wang, and Daniele Faccio

    Vol. 8, Issue 7, 07001072 (2020)

    Great enhancement of image details with high fidelity in a scintillator imager using an optical coding method

    Huijuan Xia, Yanqing Wu, Lei Zhang, Yuanhe Sun, Zhongyang Wang, and Renzhong Tai

    Vol. 8, Issue 7, 07001079 (2020)

    Lasers and Laser Optics

    Widely tunable ultra-narrow-linewidth dissipative soliton generation at the telecom band

    Chang Kyun Ha, Ki Sang Lee, Dohyeon Kwon, and Myeong Soo Kang

    Vol. 8, Issue 7, 07001100 (2020)

    Optical and Photonic Materials

    Ultrapure and highly efficient green light emitting devices based on ligand-modified CsPbBr3 quantum dots

    Dongdong Yan, Shuangyi Zhao, Huaxin Wang, and Zhigang Zang

    Vol. 8, Issue 7, 07001086 (2020)

    Optical Devices

    Ultrabroadband and sensitive cavity optomechanical magnetometry

    Bei-Bei Li, George Brawley, Hamish Greenall, Stefan Forstner, Eoin Sheridan, Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, and Warwick P. Bowen

    Vol. 8, Issue 7, 07001064 (2020)