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Position Open for Part-time Editor to US

  • optical
  • Mar. 17, 2020
In order to meet the international development needs, further expand the overseas business, and enhance the overseas influence, the position of part-time editor to US is open now. 

        Job Title: CLP Part-time Editor to US
Number of Recruitment: 1
Working Location: US
1. To promote CLP's international visibility at related academic conferences.
2. To exhibit CLP's activities through social media to attract international publicity.
3. To solicit contributions from the worldwide scientists to CLP's journals.
To qualify as a contact editor to the US, applicants must be:
1. Highly interested in the publishing of sci-tech journals.
2. Having a PhD degree in the field of Optics and a strong background of studying and researching in the US.

        Applicants interested in this position can contact Yanfang Hu (Email: for more information.
About Chinese Laser Press (CLP)
CLP is established by Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and Chinese Optical Society in 2009, nowadays publishes eight journals and manages three online platforms. Journal publishing activities include both traditional and digital models, and the first journal can be traced back to 1964. The CLP Publishing is featured with stable operation and leading technology, collects CLP journals and partnered optics and photonics journals, and provides readers an optical publishing platform with global influence. CLP is on the way of building a modern publishing group combining traditional business and digital publishing.