• Photonics Research
  • Vol. 8, Issue 11, 11001792 (2020)
Yanan Han1, Shuiying Xiang1、2、*, Yang Wang1, Yuanting Ma1, Bo Wang1, Aijun Wen1, and Yue Hao2
Author Affiliations
  • 1State Key Laboratory of Integrated Service Networks, Xidian University, Xi'an 710071, China
  • 2State Key Discipline Laboratory of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Technology, School of Microelectronics, Xidian University, Xi'an 710071, China
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    We propose and demonstrate experimentally and numerically a network of three globally coupled semiconductor lasers (SLs) that generate triple-channel chaotic signals with time delayed signature (TDS) concealment. The effects of the coupling strength and bias current on the concealment of the TDS are investigated. The generated chaotic signals are further applied to reinforcement learning, and a parallel scheme is proposed to solve the multiarmed bandit (MAB) problem. The influences of mutual correlation between signals from different channels, the sampling interval of signals, and the TDS concealment on the performance of decision making are analyzed. Comparisons between the proposed scheme and two existing schemes show that, with a simplified algorithm, the proposed scheme can perform as well as the previous schemes or even better. Moreover, we also consider the robustness of decision making performance against a dynamically changing environment and verify the scalability for MAB problems with different sizes. This proposed globally coupled SL network for a multi-channel chaotic source is simple in structure and easy to implement. The attempt to solve the MAB problem in parallel can provide potential values in the realm of the application of ultrafast photonics intelligence.
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    Yanan Han, Shuiying Xiang, Yang Wang, Yuanting Ma, Bo Wang, Aijun Wen, Yue Hao. Generation of multi-channel chaotic signals with time delay signature concealment and ultrafast photonic decision making based on a globally-coupled semiconductor laser network[J]. Photonics Research, 2020, 8(11): 11001792
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    Category: Lasers and Laser Optics
    Received: Jul. 21, 2020
    Accepted: Sep. 3, 2020
    Posted: Sep. 8, 2020
    Published Online: Oct. 29, 2020
    The Author Email: Shuiying Xiang (jxxsy@126.com)