• Optoelectronics Letters
  • Vol. 16, Issue 2, 149 (2020)
Xue-yan LIU1, Jian-lei ZHANG1、*, Ya-fang YIN1, Yi YANG1, Chao ZHANG1, and Xiong-xiong WU2
Author Affiliations
  • 1School of Electronic Engineering, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xi’an 710121, China
  • 2Xi’an Institute of Applied Optics, Xi’an 710065, China
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    The visibility of the underwater image is reduced due to the backscattering and signal attenuation, especially in highly turbid media. In this paper, we propose a polarization-based underwater image restoration method using logarithmic transformation and dark channel. Logarithmic transformation is first performed while maintaining the degree of polarization of the scene to increase the details of the images. Then we calculate the backscatter value through dark channel to estimate the degree of polarization of backscatter. The restored image can be obtained by the polarimetric recovery method. The experimental results illustrate the capabilities of the proposed method.
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    LIU Xue-yan, ZHANG Jian-lei, YIN Ya-fang, YANG Yi, ZHANG Chao, WU Xiong-xiong. Underwater polarization image restoration based on logarithmic transformation and dark channel[J]. Optoelectronics Letters, 2020, 16(2): 149
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    Received: Aug. 16, 2019
    Accepted: Nov. 5, 2019
    Posted: Feb. 1, 2020
    Published Online: Dec. 25, 2020
    The Author Email: Jian-lei ZHANG (zhangjianlei@xupt.edu.cn)