• High Power Laser Science and Engineering
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Kaneyasu Yumi, Nagai Keiji, Cadatal-Raduban Marilou, Golovin Daniil, Shokita Satoshi, Yogo Akifumi, Jitsuno Takahisa, Norimatsu Takayoshi, Yamanoi Kohei
Author Affiliations
  • Osaka Daigaku
  • Tokyo Kogyo Daigaku
  • Massey University
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    Resorcinol/formaldehyde (RF) foam resin is an attractive material as a low–density target in high power laser plasma experiments because of its fine network structure, transparency in the visible region, and low Z element (hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen) composition. In this study, we developed disk–shaped RF foam and deuterated RF foam targets with from 40 µm to 200 µm thickness and ~100 mg/cc density having a network structure from 100 nm to a few µm cell size. By deuteration, the polymerization rate was drastically slowed down due to kinetic isotope effects. These targets were used in high power laser experiments where a MeV proton beam was successfully generated.
    Manuscript Accepted: Mar. 17, 2021
    Published Online: Mar. 17, 2021