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Spectroscopic analysis of high electric field enhanced ionization in laser filaments in air for corona guiding
Yingxia Wei, Yaoxiang Liu, Tie-Jun Wang, Na Chen, Jingjing Ju, Yonghong Liu, Haiyi Sun, Cheng Wang, Jiansheng Liu, Haihe Lu, See Leang Chin, and Ruxin Li
We report on a systematic experimental study on the fluorescence spectra produced from a femtosecond laser filament in air under a high electric field. The electric field alone was strong enough to create corona discharge (CD). Fluorescence spectra from neutral and ionic air molecules were measured and compared with pure high-voltage CD and pure laser filamentation (FIL). Among them, high electric field assisted laser FIL produced nitrogen fluorescence more efficiently than either pure CD or pure FIL processes. The nonlinear enhancement of fluorescence from the interaction of the laser filament and corona discharging electric field resulted in a more efficient ionization along the laser filament zone, which was confirmed by the spectroscopic measurement of both ionization-induced fluorescence and plasma-scattered 800 nm laser pulses. This is believed to be the key precursor process for filament-guided discharge.
High Power Laser Science and Engineering
  • Publication Date: Mar. 14, 2016
  • Vol.4 Issue, 1 010000e8 (2016)