• Advanced Photonics
  • Vol. 3, Issue 4, 044002 (2021)
Yan Jin1, Lin Zhou1、2、*, Jie Liang1, and Jia Zhu1、*
Author Affiliations
  • 1Nanjing University, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Artificial Functional Materials, Nanjing, China
  • 2Nanjing University, Key Laboratory of Intelligent Optical Sensing and Manipulation, Ministry of Education, Nanjing, China
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    Dynamic plasmonics with the real-time active control capability of plasmonic resonances attracts much interest in the communities of physics, chemistry, and material science. Among versatile reconfigurable strategies for dynamic plasmonics, electrochemically driven strategies have garnered most of the attention. We summarize three primary strategies to enable electrochemically dynamic plasmonics, including structural transformation, carrier-density modulation, and electrochemically active surrounding-media manipulation. The reconfigurable microstructures, optical properties, and underlying physical mechanisms are discussed in detail. We also summarize the most promising applications of dynamic plasmonics, including smart windows, structural color displays, and chemical sensors. We suggest more research efforts toward the widespread applications of dynamic plasmonics.
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    Yan Jin, Lin Zhou, Jie Liang, Jia Zhu. Electrochemically driven dynamic plasmonics[J]. Advanced Photonics, 2021, 3(4): 044002
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    Category: Reviews
    Received: Mar. 25, 2021
    Accepted: Jun. 7, 2021
    Published Online: Jul. 1, 2021
    The Author Email: Zhou Lin (linzhou@nju.edu.cn), Zhu Jia (jiazhu@nju.edu.cn)